Cherokee Tribune – County OKs tax rate


Cherokee Tribune – County OKs tax rate

CANTON — The Cherokee County Board of Commissioners voted Thursday night to adopt the full county tax rate for fiscal 2014.

In a 3-0 vote, with commissioners Jason Nelms and Brian Poole absent, the commission approved the total tax rate of 29.797 mills for the county, which includes 9.947 mills for county government and 19.85 mills for the Cherokee County School District.

The Board of Commissioners voted earlier this month to roll back the county rate from 9.999 mills in 2013 to 9.947 mills in an effort to offset the recent increase in property values around the county.

County Manager Jerry Cooper praised the board Thursday night for its efforts in the past decade to keep taxes down.

“Many, many counties in the metro area maintained their millage rate over the years, never rolled the millage rate back to offset inflationary cost increases; you have on the other hand, rolled back the millage rate,” Cooper told the board. “You should be commended for what you’ve done over the years.”

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