Savannah arena site consideration spurs outcry |


Savannah arena site consideration spurs outcry |

A lot has changed since 2006.

That was the last time Chatham County voters approved paying an extra penny per dollar to pay for a range of road, drainage and recreational projects.

At the time, county officials estimated $445 million would be raised from the six-year special purpose local option sales tax by the time it expires next September.

About $80 million was supposed to go toward the construction of a new civic arena, which was to be paired with a public safety headquarters.

City officials were eyeing a site north of Gwinnett Street and west of Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, near Interstate 16, for the facility as a way to spur economic development in communities such as Carver Heights and Cloverdale.

Then the economy tanked and the amount of expected sales tax revenue has been reduced to about $362 million.

To make up for cuts to other projects, the City Council in 2010 shifted funds from the arena, which is now slated to receive only about $22 million.

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