Cherokee Tribune – Board may mull if Marlow violated ethics code


Cherokee Tribune – Board may mull if Marlow violated ethics code

Cherokee County Board of Education Chairwoman Janet Read is calling for a code of ethics hearing to decide whether Board Member Kelly Marlow violated ethics policy when she requested a SACS investigation.

The chairwoman’s request is on the unofficial draft of the July 24 school board agenda, obtained through an open records request by the Tribune, and calls for the board to vote on whether to convene the hearing to decide if Marlow should be censured.

In the draft, Read said Marlow’s complaint to SACS violated board ethics policy related to governance structure and conduct as a board member.

“It is with a heavy heart that I write this message,” Read said in the email obtained by the Tribune. “After an extensive review of Board Ethics Policy (BH) and several discussions with the school board attorney and much thought and consideration, I am requesting the following item be included on the agenda for the July 24 Called School Board Meeting: Request for Censure of School Board Member Kelly Marlow.”

Read wrote in her email to the board that she sent her request in advance to allow “additional time to reflect.”

For a code of ethics inquiry to take place, the board must allow the hearing by a two-thirds vote. If approved, Marlow would be given 30 days’ notice before the hearing.

In the case of an ethics hearing, the school board attorney would represent the board and Marlow would be allowed to bring her own legal representation. A hearing officer would conduct the hearing, a court reporter would document the proceedings and Marlow would be allowed to present witnesses. The hearing would be open to the public.

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