Dates for sales tax holiday announced |


Dates for sales tax holiday announced |

Mark Aug. 9 and 10 on your calendar as opportune times to buy back-to-school stuff — including computers.

That’s two days when merchants won’t be charging sales tax on clothes, shoes, school supplies and computers.

There are limits, of course.

Shoes can’t cost more than $100 a pair, same with each item of clothing. The cap on school supplies is $20 per item, and it’s $1,000 on computers and computer accessories.

But with more than a million children heading back to school, shoppers, collectively, can see big savings. It’s estimated that shoppers save in excess of $10 million when they don’t have to pay 6 to 8 percent sales tax for these two days each year.

Georgia’s had an annual sales tax holiday for more than a decade. There were no sales tax holidays in 2009, 2010 and 2011, when state officials said they just couldn’t afford it.

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