The Creation of a Senate Candidate | Metro Spirit


The Creation of a Senate Candidate | Metro Spirit

It’s a sweltering May Wednesday in Washington, D.C., almost as hot as Augusta, and Congressman Paul Broun has made the move from his House office to the choicer real estate on the Senate side of the Capitol. It’s a move he’s looking to make politically too, but on this hot afternoon, Broun has arrived to address the Zionist Organization of America, a prominent pro-Israel group. He looks comfortable as he steps up to the podium, like being in front of the activists, lobbyists and journalists here on the Senate side is just where he wants to be.

“I am a Bible-believing, evangelical Christian,” Paul Broun booms, to thunderous applause from his mostly Jewish audience.

Sen. Rand Paul has spoken. Rep. Michele Bachmann has spoken. And so begins her colleague from Georgia’s tenth district, Dr. Paul Broun — touted as her replacement as the most firebrand Republican in Congress. His words echo in the spacious, marble room, one of the most magnificent in the Capitol. The guests, from silver-haired eminences wearing yarmulkes to young Congressional aides, are already won over.

With his deep, slow drawl, even slower when he’s driving home an applause line, Broun explains why it’s vital that the US support Israel.

“I think the only vestiges of God’s blessing on this country today are because we have continued to bless Israel,” he says. “And it must never cease!”

“I don’t say so — God says so” is a handy motto for Broun’s governing philosophy. God’s prescriptions for the running of government, as outlined in the Bible, are a tireless theme for him. So is the Constitution… “as originally intended by our Founding Fathers.

He says he thinks that no one on the Supreme Court, except conservative justices Antonin Scalia and Samuel Alito, understands this. This nation has rejected God and the Constitution, Broun believes, and if we don’t turn back, this country is doomed. So Broun, who has represented Georgia’s 10th since 2007, is foregoing a sure-thing reelection to the House to instead seek higher office next year. Broun has announced he is running for Senate to fill the seat of retiring senator Saxby Chambliss.

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