Cherokee County Sheriff Roger Garrison endorses Ed Lindsey for Congress


Cherokee County Sheriff Roger Garrison endorses Ed Lindsey for Congress

Cherokee County Sheriff Roger Garrison Endorses Conservative Reformer Ed Lindsey for Congress

EdLindseyRogerGarrisonCherokee County Sheriff Roger Garrison announced yesterday that he is endorsing conservative reformer and Georgia House leader Ed Lindsey for Congress. Lindsey is a conservative Republican candidate for the 11th Congressional District being vacated by Phil Gingrey who is running for US Senate.

Sheriff Garrison’s endorsement: “Our country is off track. Our freedoms are in jeopardy. We need a Representative in Congress who will shrink the size and fundamentally reform an out of control federal government. I believe Ed Lindsey is the kind of conservative reformer and leader we need in Congress. He has an unmatched, proven record of problem solving leadership in the State House that gives me the confidence to back him. I am proud to endorse and support conservative reformer Ed Lindsey for Congress.”

Georgia House Majority Whip Ed Lindsey thanked the Sheriff for his strong support: “Politicians full of empty hot air and angry rhetoric do not help Sheriff Garrison perform his job of protecting our families. They don’t help protect the freedoms and opportunities of our hard working citizens. What Sheriff Garrison and the people of the 11th District demand in Washington is a proven conservative reformer and partner who will actually get the job done protecting and advancing our shared conservative values. I am honored to have the Sheriff’s support and I am working hard every day to build a campaign in every corner of our district to earn the support of other like-minded common sense conservatives. Together, we will not just win an election. We will change Washington and get America back on track.”

The Lindsey for Congress Team continues to grow. To join the fight to truly reform Washington and save your family’s future, please visit

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