Facebook, Twitter become new public safety tool


Facebook, Twitter become new public safety tool

Social media started out largely as a hangout for young people. But as it evolved to reach wider audiences across generations, law enforcement agencies have latched on as well.

“In general, as a police department, we have to keep up, and Twitter and Facebook have become almost the norm as a communication tool,” Cpl. Kevin Holbrook, Gainesville Police Department spokesman and member of the community relations unit, said.

The Hall County Sheriff’s Office has noticeably bolstered its social media presence since bringing Deputy Chad Mann on board in his new role as Community Service Officer and back-up public information officer.

“This is a social society, and now, one that feeds off what they see online,” Mann said. “What social media has done is given us another dimension where people can find out public information where they haven’t received it in the past. It’s opened up a door to communicate with the public without having to relay information by phone or face-to-face.”

Mann said social media is a two-way street: It facilitates both getting information to the public, and the potential for the public to inform law enforcement.

via Facebook, Twitter become new public safety tool.

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