GAGOP Proposed Resolution on “Election Reform”


GAGOP Proposed Resolution on “Election Reform”

A Resolution Supporting Election Reform in the Republican Primary System

WHEREAS, during the past few years, it has become all too clear that the grassroots have been discriminated against in the current Republican nominating process in Georgia; and

WHEREAS, the power of Big Money and Big Media has made it increasingly difficult for the people’s voice to be heard; and

WHEREAS, it is only fitting and proper that the Republican Party pay its own way and not ask the hard pressed taxpayers of Georgia to pay for private political party primaries; and

WHEREAS, the system of nomination by convention commonly known as the “Virginia Plan” is a far more accountable and accessible system than the current system; and

WHEREAS, the Virginia Plan will greatly increase the influence of the grassroots; grow the Republican Party’s base of volunteers, members, and participants; and

WHEREAS, the Virginia Plan will create a shorter election season; a less expensive primary process; and a far more inviting process to citizens seeking to serve in public service; and

WHEREAS, our party risks permanent minority status unless we return to our core values and become a truly representative party.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT the 2013 Georgia Republican Party Convention calls upon the State Committee to begin the process of researching and preparing reforms to the nomination process to be recommended to Georgia General Assembly by 2014.

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  • jcamp0712 says:

    The “Convention Nominating System” is nothing like what has been described here. Candidates campaign at the grassroots level in neighborhoods or precients at the county level where they acquire delegates and move on to the district where they acquire delegates and finally to the state level where they are nominated. Scoccer Moms or Military Personnel can cast absentee ballots at the county level if they choose. The costs of running a campaign are reasonable and once nominated the candidates campaign costs are the responsibility of the Local, District or State Republican Party. Once elected the candidate is not obligated to any special interests groups but to the general population who elcted him or her in the general election. People are sick of being harrased by robo calls and endless signs on the roads and people in their faces all the time during election season. Never to see or hear from them until elction time again.