The Race for the GA GOP: Meet BJ Van Gundy


The Race for the GA GOP: Meet BJ Van Gundy

BJ Van Gundy


An open letter to Delegates (and my family) from BJ Van Gundy:

So we’re finally here at the end of the “campaign season” for our Party’s elections. As hard as we push to elect Republicans to public office, we’d all like to think this is our time to take a deep breath and relax. There are other places you’d like to be than on a convention floor early Saturday morning. In many ways, I share the same feeling but know that NOW is when the truly hard work begins. However, it also speaks to what you see as the needs of the Party and how we need to move ahead with our message of opportunity. For that alone, I think you deserve a great deal of gratitude. So from me — thank you.

With this, a somewhat last opportunity provided by the Georgia Pundit to address this campaign, I wanted to take a bit of a different approach and give you some further insight into my motivation for running.

You’ve heard all the speeches, seen some of the debates on YouTube, received numerous email messages and have countless pieces of mail on you counter. What I don’t think any of those things really do justice in sharing is the role our families play in a campaign such as this. I can honestly say that win or lose in Athens, I’ll still be the luckiest man in the world. My wife is amazing. My children are blessings that I can’t thank God enough for. I cannot ever begin to express how important they are to me in what I do.

First let me tell you a bit about my wife Christy. She is truly the heart and soul, and CEO, of our household. Our oldest daughter Whitney was about 3 years old when I came home from work on a Friday evening, after having listened to Dr. Laura lecture me one more time, and asked my wife to stay home with Whitney rather than working. She didn’t have to be told twice and had me sign a contract so I wouldn’t back out come Monday morning. We have never looked back or regretted that decision. A couple of years ago, and 3 additional children later, I got a license plate for Christy’s minivan that sums up my feelings and appreciation for everything she does. It simply says: UBERMOM. Thanks Christy.

My children are four people I cannot stop gushing over, either. My oldest daughter, Whitney, will be a competition cheerleader in her Freshman year at Columbus State University next season. My second daughter, Avery, had her own campaign for class vice president this year and has proven to be a brilliant musician and leader in her JLC class. I attend as many games as I possibly can for my sons, Cardin and Reagan, who is named after…well, you know who. I actually try to be that father that embarrasses his kids because I dote on them so much.

Be careful about giving me a chance to talk about any of them further. I could go on and on.

None of this is to say that you should vote for me specifically because I love my family. Each of the candidates you have express their affection in ways that I admire and respect deeply. But remember this. When you cast your ballot, recognize that you have a deeper motivation for what you do as a political activist than just being active in politics. Maybe it’s your family that stands above the rest, or maybe this is a career that you just enjoy having.

Whatever your motivation, ensure that your vote reflects an honest assessment of what you need in the Republican Party and what it helps you accomplish outside of it. The Chairman we have leaving Athens will have a herculean task ahead of him as we transition into the future.

God. Family. Liberty. Career. None of these things exist in a bubble. Let them motivate you to make the best choices for GAGOP officers you can this weekend. More importantly, let them inspire you to protect our conservative values afterwards. As an American and a Georgian, you deserve that much.

BJ Van Gundy Two

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