Randy Evans – GA RNC Committeeman: Report / Spring RNC Meeting


Randy Evans – GA RNC Committeeman: Report / Spring RNC Meeting

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From Randy Evans - Georgia RNC National Committeeman

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The Republican National Committee, which is the governing body of the national Republican Party, met in Los Angeles, CA the week of April 8. The RNC is comprised of 168 members plus officers. Each state elects a National Committeeman, National Committeewoman, and the State Chairman from each state is also a voting member. Thus the 50 states make up 150 of the 168 voting members. The other 18 members are from 5 American territories and the District of Columbia. In the past, the RNC had two official business meetings each year, however now the RNC holds 3 a year, the third in conjunction with a meeting of the State Chairmen.

The spring 2013 RNC meetings kicked off Tuesday night with an informal member’s dinner to get acquainted. The dinner was hosted by RNC Secretary Demetra DeMonte from Illinois. The dinner was held at The Grill Restaurant and had no formal program. It was simply an opportunity for RNC members to discuss the upcoming meeting and the issues that would be confronting the body.

On Wednesday April 10, various committees met to prepare reports for the body to adopt. These meeting included the Budget Committee, Rules Committee, and Resolutions Committee. The budget committee was asked to propose an amended budget to move $8.3 million from an anticipated year end surplus of $16 million over to field operations. This would ensure that Chairman Reince Priebus’ plan to spend an additional $10 million a year on national field offices and staff is fully funded.

The Resolutions Committee met and recommended several resolutions for approval by the full Committee.  In the afternoon, there was a several hour meeting that afternoon of the Rules Committee to consider major changes to the RNC rules. Virginia National Committeeman Morton Blackwell raised issues arising out of the RNC rules adopted at the 2012 Republican National Convention. Specifically, Rule 16(a)(2) was considered by most as anti-grass roots.

The Committee voted to recommend that the full Committee repeal and replace Rule 16(a)(2).  To be effective, the full Committee would have to pass the recommended rule with 75% of the votes of the 168 Members of the RNC.  Georgia supported the replace and replacement of Rule 16(a)(2).

On Thursday there was series of panels on different topics as well as meeting of the state chairmen. In addition, the Republican National Lawyers Association joined with the Tennessee Republican Party to honor Tennessee Republican National Lawyer and now General Counsel John Ryder – see photo.  That night there was a dinner at Fox Studios at which Colonel Allen West was the featured speaker.

Friday was the general session the RNC. During the general session, a new General Counsel was confirmed. The committee also approved a Texan as the National Finance Chairma, Ray Washburn, from Dallas.

The major order of business was taking up the rule change regarding Rule 16 (supported by Chairman Priebus – see photo) which clarified and ensured that neither the Republican nominee nor the RNC could remove delegates chosen by the states. That rule change passed unanimously.

That evening the RNC hosted a dinner at the Ronald Reagan Museum and Library. David Horwitz was the featured speaker. The RNC concluded on Saturday with a breakfast at which Congressman Darrell Issa spoke – see photo.

The next meeting of the RNC is anticipated to be at the end of summer, probably in Boston.

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