GAGOP Debate, Round Two: BJ Van Gundy v. John Padgett


GAGOP Debate, Round Two: BJ Van Gundy v. John Padgett

BJ Van Gundy Speaking at GA GOP Debate

BJ Van Gundy: “Thank you, this is for John Padgett. I think a lot of people in this room have probably seen the video of the Clarke County Convention from last year and what happened in the ten minutes immediately as it finished.”

“My question is, John, what would you have done differently, possibly, after that convention, or would you have done anything differently.”

John Padgett Speaking at GA GOP Debate

John Padgett: “Well, first of all, let me be clear. At that convention, I was a delegate. I was only a delegate. I wasn’t an officer of the convention. I wasn’t on any committee of the convention. I wasn’t there serving as Secretary of the Georgia Republican Party, I was a delegate.

“Now, in the last two-and-a-half-three months, Seth and Alex and I have gone all over this state and we’ve made every effort to talk to every group when we’ve been together to bring this party together and to be sure that this party is on the right footing for the next several years and everybody is included in the party and welcome in the party.”

“Those of you who’ve heard me talk before understand that I’ve said the same thing, haven’t changed my story, been the same story I’ve been telling since I got in this race.”

“Now BJ, the fact that you’re losing this race does not justify your attempts to divide this party… bringing negativity into this race, and it speaks volumes about how you would chair this party.”

Julianne Thompson: “BJ will get a rebuttal.”

BJ VanGundy: “Frankly, I’m not aware of the negativity. What I do want to say is that at the very end of that convention, the chairman of that convention said, ‘if you have any questions, please talk to John Padgett, the state Secretary of the Party.’ That’s why people went to talk to him. The chairman said that at the convention.

Again, the only editing to this clip was noise removal and normalization of sound levels.

BJ Van Gundy v John Padgett GAGOP Chair Debate

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