Bob Barr: No New Taxes


Bob Barr: No New Taxes

Via email:

American small businesses are being threatened once again as Congress begins to consider an online sales tax regulation that is unfair and job-killing. The Internet Tax hurts a full spectrum of Americans ranging from small business owners and employees throughout Georgia, middle class families, retired Americans, and retail investors.

During the time I served in the House, I proved to be a leader against this transaction tax by chairing a Judiciary Subcommittee hearing in opposition to the proposed regulation. The Internet Tax cripples job creators and families throughout Georgia and America. Take a stand against the unnecessary tax burden on small businesses by donating $50 today!

Protecting online small businesses ensures a preservation of competition and quality of products and services that is necessary to our economy. In our current economic climate, tightening the leash on the job creating sector of the Internet is counterintuitive and unfair. Upon my return to Congress I will fight against legislation that is harmful to Georgia and the American


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