From BJ VanGundy


From BJ VanGundy

Between a funeral last week and the District Conventions, I failed to post several messages from BJ VanGundy about his campaign for Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party. With an apology, here they are:


April 23, 2013

I want to first say “Congratulations!” to the elected and re-elected District Chairman and officers from this past weekend.  Some conventions went pretty quickly.  Others took a bit longer, but in the end the folks elected have a chance to do good by their “constituents” – the Republican activists in their district. I’m proud to call them all friends and I look forward to working with them all as the Georgia GOP Chairman in just a little over three weeks from now.
The foundation that our District and County Chairs provide to our party’s efforts can never be understated.  They organize important party functions and maintain a strong connection with our party activists on a daily basis.  To that end, they serve an important role that any successful State Chairman has to rely on.  That is why I’m proud to announce further endorsements for our campaign:

LizHausmannLiz Hausmann
Former Fulton County GOP Chairman

As a former Fulton GOP chairman, I appreciate the importance of a strong grassroots infrastructure in helping get Republicans elected. If we are to continue to increase our Republican victories in Georgia, we need a strong Chairman who can mobilize the grassroots and attract new voters to the GOP. BJ Van Gundy will be that Chairman.


KenCarrollKen Carroll
8th District GOP ChairmanBJ Van Gundy will make a fine GAGOP Chairman. I have the privilege of serving with BJ on the state executive committee and find him to be forthcoming, dependable and a true believer in the conservative cause. His vision for the future of the state party is far-seeing and will improve both the state of Georgia and the Republican Party.


BarryDoublesteinBarry Doublestein
Former 11th District GOP Chairman
I have known BJ for many years.  When I served as Chairman, BJ made me look good when he served as First Vice Chairman of the Gwinnett Republican Party.  BJ is one of the hardest workers I know and someone who practices what he preaches about conservatism.  He is as solid a man as one could hope for leading the Georgia Republicans, and will make a fine State Chairman.

Mike SeigleMike Seigle
4th District GOP Chairman
The 4th Congressional District is one of the most diverse districts in the state. If we are going to broaden our base, we need a State Chairman who has experience working in diverse and minority communities. BJ will help the GOP become the Great Opportunity Party in order to attract voters to our Party without having to change what we stand for.  BJ Van Gundy doesn’t just talk to the talk — he walks the walk.


Megan SedaMegan Seda
12th District GOP 1st Vice Chairman
BJ recognizes that being the Chairman of the GAGOP requires full-time dedication. While serving as 2nd Vice Chairman, he has always been accessible and easy to work with, and he will work to improve the GAGOP’s use of technology.  We can count on BJ to bring in younger voters to the GOP and build a strong Republican base for the future.

Hayden Collins Radio Program Interview
BJ recently had the opportunity to join Hayden Collins on his program to discuss the campaign for GAGOP Chairman and his plans to make the GOP the Great Opportunity Party for all Georgians.
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