BJ VanGundy: Grassroots is not a buzzword, it’s a philosophy


BJ VanGundy: Grassroots is not a buzzword, it’s a philosophy

I received the following email from B.J. VanGundy in his campaign for Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party and want to point out two things he does right. First, he includes information on all the district conventions. Second, he includes a listing of upcoming GOP events at which he’ll appear.

Hit the link to see his email.

Via email:


This election for GAGOP is more important than simply winning the Chairman’s position. The real importance is placing the Republican Party in a position to win elections for years to come. Platitudes and empty promises are not what you deserve. Republicans in this state deserve a leader of the party with a plan to succeed, which is why I have done my best to detail my agenda for building the Great Opportunity Party for all Republicans across this state.

“Grassroots” is not a buzzword for me. The activists of our party are the foundation of our successful efforts going forward. I am the only the candidate with a detailed plan to build partnerships that last.  It is why C.H.A.R.G.E has endorsed my campaign. It’s why I see a key place at the table for the Tea Party and similar organizations. Patriots will always help us win elections and protect our conservative ideals in government. I promise that both myself and the GAGOP staff will respect these and other grassroots organizations. The important thing going forward is that all of us that love this Country and Constitution are pulling in the same direction.

As your chairman, I am committed to:

  • Build consistency and predictability into the GAGOP operations with effective meetings that provide an opportunity for input from Grassroots organizations;
  • Use a strong committee structure that will help to set the GAGOP agenda for success;
  • Develop a broad-based coalition network to diversify our grassroots partners and build toward future success.

Please take some time to visit my website to learn what I’ll be committed to as your GAGOP Chairman.

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