Seth Harp responds to RNC 2012


Seth Harp responds to RNC 2012

Seth Harp Opposes the RNC Growth and Opportunity Project Report:

I appreciate the efforts of Chairman Reince Priebus and the members of the Republican National Committee who worked to produce The Growth and Opportunity Project Report.

However, I must stand in opposition to the premise of this report.

It is clear, should these recommendations become RNC policy, that the grassroots activists, who are the heart and soul of the Republican Party, will have their voices diminished – if not eliminated. This is wrong and will lead to even greater electoral defeats in 2014 and 2016.

Regardless of the intentions, this report is dead on arrival with the grassroots. Many in the grassroots see it as an effort by establishment donors to control the nominating process. This report is a validation of the very charges the report purports to correct.

A shorter primary season and fewer debates are exactly opposite what the Republican Party needs. Republican candidates benefit from earned media and an informed electorate. As opposed to having fewer primaries and debates, the RNC should welcome more debates and more grassroots events. Most voters are not establishment donors, they are hard working people who, in many cases, are exposed to their candidates only via free debates and grassroots events.

The concept of a regional primary cluster, in the beginning of the process, will give an inappropriate advantage to wealthy, self-funding candidates. The fact is, to cluster multiple states early in the process is to artificially drive up the cost of running a national campaign. Grassroots candidates will suffer a disadvantage imposed on them by the RNC.

There is zero justification for the RNC to even consider dictating to any state how they will hold and conduct their individual nominating process. The very idea the RNC, as a collective body based in Washington D.C., would direct the grassroots in any given state on how they conduct their local nomination process is an affront to the very concept of liberty and states’ rights.

The pattern throughout the Growth and Opportunity Project is clear – it appears the RNC is trying to control the entire Republican political process from Washington D.C.

The Chairman is quoted as saying, “the ultimate aim should be shortening the primary season generally, which also limits the amount of slicing and dicing that goes on in our party.”

Here is a direct question for the Chairman: What is wrong with a little – or even a lot – of “slicing and dicing” – at the end of the day should not as many Americans have the right to see a battle tested candidate?

The ideas contained in this report appear to be a declaration of war on the conservative, grassroots, coalition partners of the Republican Party. The current RNC might not understand it, but Seth Harp does. I stand with the Rand Paul Republicans, the Tea Party, Georgia Conservatives in Action, Georgia Right to Life, Georgia Carry, the National Rifle Association, Americans for Prosperity, and all true grassroots coalitions in opposing this attempt by the establishment to destroy the voice of grassroots activist and leaders.

Is the RNC really ready to go to war with the grassroots? In the end, won’t this depress voter turnout? Implementation of this flawed report would mean nuclear war with the grassroots. I will stand with and fight for the grassroots.

Join me in keeping Georgia RED and our voice on the RNC conservative and pro-grassroots.

Seth Harp: Listening to the Grassroots / Supporting A More Inclusive GA GOP:

At their county convention, the Coweta County Republican Party passed a resolution calling for the State GOP to switch from a primary system to a caucus/convention system such as those in Iowa, Utah, and Virginia.

My commitment to the grassroots of the GA GOP is if I have the honor of serving you as your state GOP Chair, your GA GOP state Executive Committee will hold public meetings streamlined via the internet to consider this resolution in multiple locations across Georgia. At these working sessions, we will invite all grassroots Republicans to comment on the idea.

Should the process move forward we will have multiple hearings and votes at the various districts and the following state convention.

While there is much to study from a cost and legal perspective, I welcome the concept of the Georgia Republican party moving to an inclusive, transparent, and grassroots led caucus process.

Caucuses force citizens to do more than merely vote. It creates a process to encourage citizens to be more active in the process and more informed. A strong case can be made that our state benefits from better informed voters. Caucuses also open the process up to the grassroots allowing for greater diversity in the process of deciding our nominees.

I am committed to creating a Georgia Republican Party that is open and transparent to all with our efforts.

Join me and Keep Georgia RED.

All the best,

Seth Harp

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