Georgia Republican Assembly responds to RNC 2012 Post-mortem


Georgia Republican Assembly responds to RNC 2012 Post-mortem

“The Georgia Republican Assembly agrees we need to change the way we message and we are focused on building strong coalitions among the various factions of grassroots conservatives. However we do not believe we need to change our values or distance the GOP from it’s conservative base in order to win elections…quite the contrary.”

“The problem with the forensics report from the RNC is that it was written by the very people that have lost the last two Presidential elections with their poor, reactionary messaging, and disconnect from the grassroots. Since when do we ask perpetrators to perform an autopsy on the victim?”

“A good example from the last election is Romney’s debate performances. After the first Presidential debate, Mitt Romney got a huge bounce in the polls, because he came off as a strong, bold, conservative leader. The next two debates he appeared weak…even conciliatory to Obama at the National Security debate (didn’t even mention Benghazi). People did not see a clear difference between the two at that point and went with what they already knew.”

“We must lead on messaging and be pro-active, instead of reactive to the Democrats who clearly lead the message in 2012. Another example is the “War on Women”. We let the dems win this battle. While they brought out women to speak against us, we brought out men who said there is no war on women. We should have showcased as many conservative women we had available and saturated the networks stating that it was the Democrats who are sexist, belittling women by insinuating our issues are based on birth control and abortion. Women care about jobs, the economy, opportunity, and the future of our children. The very people that authored this report missed the mark election after election!”

“Bold conservatism wins elections if it is articulated in a positive manner and by a candidate that people relate to. Now more than ever, it is time for a changing of the guard at the RNC, and seeing how conservatives felt so united under leadership like that shown by Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and Marco Rubio, the base will unite to bring about that positive change, and it will not be dictated by Washington.”

Julianne Thompson, President
Georgia Republican Assembly

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