Congressman Lynn Westmoreland: Two Birds, One Stone: Replace Sequestration Cuts with ObamaCare Cuts


Congressman Lynn Westmoreland: Two Birds, One Stone: Replace Sequestration Cuts with ObamaCare Cuts

Lynn west

The countdown to March 1st has come and gone, and sequestration has happened. And I know many of you are all asking the same question: “Now what?”

I know there are some of you out there who are worried about the impact it might have on your paycheck or what it could mean for other areas of your life.  Unfortunately, we are still uncertain what President Obama’s sequestration will mean.  But there are options out there to replace the sequester with meaningful spending cuts, including H.R. 607 a bill that was introduced last month that I am a cosponsor of.

H.R. 607 would eliminate the sequester and replace the spending cuts by delaying implementation of the Affordable Care Act, known by most of you as ObamaCare, until 2016.  The money it saves will offset the arbitrary across-the-board cuts under sequestration, saving taxpayers over $130 billion dollars – plenty of money needed to cover the $85 billion in cuts under sequestration.

Congressional Democrats and President Obama may not want to admit that ObamaCare is just a horrible law, but no one can deny that the president’s administration is absolutely not prepared to implement ObamaCare by January of 2014.  So, we can kill two birds with one stone – replace the sequester and avoid the impending health care disaster when ObamaCare goes into effect before it is ready.  Now that’s what I call a win-win.

House Republicans voted twice to replace the sequester and seven times to repeal ObamaCare. We know that the sequester is not the best way to start the necessary spending cuts the federal government needs to start leading us out of the crushing debt we are currently under.  That’s why I am a cosponsor of H.R. 607.  It replaces the sequester with responsible cuts – simply delaying the implementation of a law that the administration isn’t prepared for.  I’m working with my colleagues in the House to bring this bill to a vote.  And if President Obama thinks the sequester is such a devastating problem like he’s been saying on the campaign trail the last two weeks, he should consider offering his support for this bill as well.

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