Adoptable dogs for February 21, 2013


Adoptable dogs for February 21, 2013


Please help today. We are begging you to help Dixie Dog Rescue by making an online donation today. This one’s personal for us because Dixie Dog Rescue helped Gwinnett County Animal Shelter Inmate 28406 become Dolly, our coonhound. In turn, Dolly has helped our 13-year old Roxy regain some of her youth, strength, and quality of life.

Dixie Dog Rescue has taken in an injured young lab mix who was found alongside a road with a complex leg fracture, and care for her leg is estimated to cost between $3000 and $4000. Your willingness to donate today can make the difference between life and euthanasia for this poor, one-year old soul.

Dixie Princess Xray


I don’t ask y’all for anything, but now I’m asking you to donate right now, $100, $25, or even $5 to help give this young neglected dog a life. We made our donation.

The following dogs are not injured. They are healthy and ready for adoption.


WaltonRoxie2Roxie is a one-year old Pittie mix who weighs 42 pounds and is available for adoption from the Walton County Animal Shelter. “Come on guys!  Life is Good! Let’s Play!”  “Roxie” is the typical, excited, playful pittie! She loves people without exception. In her kennel, in the runs, on the leash, wherever, she’s ready to play. She did great with other dogs. Immediately upon introduction she was ready to play. She was even trying to initiate play with those that didn’t right away. “Come on and play!” She was playful with the big unneutered male. She was playful with the bossy female.  There were no raised hackles, no growling, and no nipping observed.


“Roxie” sits on command.  She pulls on the leash and needs a little work, but that isn’t hard for a smart Pittie. Though a tad thin, “Roxie” looks in overall good health. She’s about 1 year old and has good coat, skin, teeth, ears and eyes. She tested heartworm negative on 2/14/13 and was vaccinated and dewormed. She was surrendered by her owner, so she is ready for immediate adoption or rescue.

WaltonAllieAllie is a two-year old, 42# mixed breed who is available for adoption from the Walton County Animal Shelter.

“Alley” is a sweet girl that adores her love and affection! She wants to love you, and be loved by you… and she wants all your affection for herself!  “Alley” was so silly. When we were out in the pen together with several other dogs, she wanted to stay sitting right at my feet so she could intercept any petting the other dogs might get and keep it all for herself! She loves being with people so much she’ll walk in between your legs if she can! “Alley” is so gentle when approaching people and will probably be good with kids. She bows her head and gently walks up to you, wagging her funny three-quarter-length tail. She loves to flop over and get those good belly rubs. Ally does well on the leash. Her occasional tugging is easily stopped with a little correction. She only occasionally jumps up on people, and is so gentle when doing so; mainly to get up higher so she can be petted! “Alley” did well interacting with three other dogs in the outdoor pens. She’s more assertive with other dogs than she is with people, but we didn’t see any aggression. WaltonAbbie “Abbie” is a cute little thing that came in to the shelter last weekend. She is so excited to be here with people and other pups to play with! She’s a petite girl at just 21 pounds. She’s about 8-10 months old. She did great playing with other dogs and has a submissive side if the other dogs want to play boss, so she shouldn’t have any trouble fitting in a home with other dogs. She looks good as far as her health goes. Her eyes, ears, teeth, coat and skin all look good.  She was found running around and was picked up by a Sheriff deputy on 2/16/13, but no owner has come looking for her. She was vaccinated (distemper/parvo) and dewormed (pyrantel) on 2/20/13 and is ready for adoption or rescue.


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