Seth Harp announces for GAGOP Chairman


Seth Harp announces for GAGOP Chairman

Via email:

Dear Fellow Republican:

Like you, I am proud to be a conservative. I love Georgia, America, and our Constitution.

Together, we worked hard this past election cycle to try and elect Governor Mitt Romney and Representative Paul Ryan. And while we came up short nationwide, we are thankful Georgia remained red, but we share a deep concern about the Obama Administration and how their policies will translate to Georgia.

Georgia needs a strong and united Republican Party to both advance our conservative values and oppose the liberal agenda.

Like you, I am thankful for the service of our outgoing state Chair, Sue Everhart. Sue has worked tirelessly to support our candidates and grow the grassroots of our Georgia Republican Party. As we move forward to the 2014 and 2016 election cycles, we are faced with the task of selecting our next state Chair for the Republican Party in Georgia.

I believe Georgia Republicans deserve a Chairman who will manage your State Party with the highest level of professional ethics, integrity, and objectivity. I believe Republicans in Georgia deserve a Chairman dedicated to working with, and listening to, the grassroots of our Party.

We need a Chairman who knows it is the grassroots who deserve to have their values and their concerns placed at the top of the agenda because without the grassroots, there is no Republican Party in Georgia.

After much prayer and with the full support of my family, I am pleased to announce my candidacy to serve you as your next Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party.

If, like me, you want a Chairman who understands the point of our Party is to elect solid conservatives and promote principles which advance limited Constitutional government, and, if like me, you want a Chairman who understands we must unite together to advance our values to defeat liberals – then I ask for your vote and support in my campaign to advance a conservative Reagan agenda across Georgia and on the board of the Republican National Committee.

Over the next several weeks, I will be reaching out to you so I can listen to your ideas and, together, we can send a message to the Republican National Committee and Republicans across Georgia – the Georgia Republican Party stands for unity, conservative values, and puts principles ahead of politics.

God Bless America.

All the Best,

Seth Harp

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