New poll results for Senate 2014


New poll results for Senate 2014

Conservative Intelligence Briefing reports on a poll for the 2014 Senate race in Georgia that began when Senator Saxby Chambliss announced he will not run for reelection.

In the Republican primary election for the open seat of Senator Saxby Chambliss, the race is wide open.  The field is stacked with Members of Congress.  In a state with 14 congressional districts, a Congressman’s statewide name identification is low and his support is confined early on to his district.  However, if the field has 6 credible candidates, 35% could win the primary.

Congressmen Paul Broun, Phil Gingrey, Tom Price, and Jack Kingston are bunched in a pack at 19%, 18%, 17% and 13% respectively.  The buzz-worthy candidates of state insiders, Ross Tolleson and Kelly Loefler, have no name identification and therefore no support at this stage.

Among Very Conservative voters, Price leads with 25% followed by Broun at 23%.  Among Somewhat Conservative voters, Price leads again with 23% and Kingston comes in second at 19%.

No one is saying the 70-year-old former Senator and war hero, Max Cleland is interested in running.  But if he did, he would lead a Democratic primary race with 20%, followed by Cathy Cox at 13%.  Congressmen Sanford Bishop and John Barrow register 11% and 9% respectively.  Moderate (34%) and Liberal (30%) voters alike prefer Cleland.  Cox does best with Liberal voters at 16%.

In a number of hypothetical general election matchups, Max Cleland proved the strongest Democratic candidate.  Kingston get closest at 26% to 39% for Cleland.  The former Senator’s name identification stands at 90% while the Republican congressmen varying from 53% to 55% in terms of name ID.

Public funding for a new stadium for the Atlanta Falcons is a tough sell with 20% in support and 66% opposed.  Sixty-seven percent of voters are either A Lot or A Little Concerned that no women serve in statewide or federal office in Georgia.


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