Michelle Nunn mulling Senate bid in 2014?


Michelle Nunn mulling Senate bid in 2014?

This may very well be the Republican version of “Kelly Loeffler would make a great candidate,” which is to say a daydream by political opportunists consultants and hobbyists.

But it should give Republicans pause to consider what a Nunn candidacy would bring to the table for Democrats.

  • A recognizable name statewide
  • Likely connections to well-heeled Atlantans through her work with Hands On Atlanta
  • Likely connections to wells of DC political money through her father, former United States Senator Sam Nunn
  • No real political history, a tabula rasa.

Of course the Democratic Party primary is likely to push her far to the left, enough to damage a candidate for the General Election.

Unless…as Jim Galloway tells it:

State Democratic Party Chairman Mike Berlon said Tuesday that he expects the party to settle on a single candidate within the next four to six weeks.


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