The Brian Laurens Effect in State House District 21


The Brian Laurens Effect in State House District 21

A wave of revulsion swept across Georgia as it became apparent that Republican political consultant Brian Lauren was able to elbow his way past a Democrat to make the second round of the Special Election to succeed State Rep. Sean Jerguson.

I support Scot Turner for the House District 21 seat, and I don’t want my opposition to Brian Laurens to detract from his efforts. So I’ve been mostly silent, sometimes only quiet, about why I do not trust Brian Laurens and why I don’t think the voters should either.

And it’s not just me. But for those of you wondering why I can’t support Laurens for any elected office, here’s a sample:

let’s deal with that first issue: whether Brian Laurens can be trusted to tell the truth when it comes to politics. Or whether in fact, Brian Laurens has a documented history of lying about politics. This is really Brian’s problem: his reputation in Georgia politics.

People have asked whether Brian Laurens is truthful or a liar in the political arena before. We’ll be discussing that over the coming days. has compiled a compendium of the public misdeeds by Brian Laurens, probably because he’s noticed, like I have, a spike in Google search traffic related to that candidate. PV concludes:

ANY candidate that knows about this and allows this bullshit to happen over and over and over with Brian Laurens has even less class than Brian Laurens has. Brian Laurens is a sneaky and duplicitous sociopath…but, what’s the candidate’s excuse for not being able to recognize this and disengage himself from Laurens?

The Perspicacious Conservative put it more gently when she publicly told Brian Laurens that he’s not ready for leadership yet, but holds out the possibility that he may someday mature to where he deserves a chance.

I think we are all tired of dismissive and condescending males who think they have a shoe-in to public office because of who they know.  I think it’s clear that Mr. Laurens is not cut out forthis office at this time. Maybe after a little growing and a little humility, things will be different.

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