Negative mail in Senate District 21


Negative mail in Senate District 21

From the Cherokee Tribune:

Despite the positive talk from both candidates, a number of negative mailers about both candidates have hit voters’ mailboxes in recent days.

Both candidates when asked about the mailers said that negative advertisements put out against them contain false information.

Jerguson said his campaign has provided factual information in mail-outs, while his opponent has not.

“My opponent’s rhetoric is factually false. It’s really sad that someone would have to fabricate falsehoods in order to win an election,” he said.

Jerguson declined to elaborate.

Beach said advertisements painting him as a “big tax-and-spend guy” are untrue.

“It’s sad that it has to come to that. His attacks on me are false. I have never voted for a tax increase. When I was on the (Alpharetta) City Council, I voted for the strongest homestead exemption in the state of Georgia,” he said.

TSPLOST, the failed transportation penny sales tax, has been an issue of contention between the candidates, with Beach serving as a representative on the Georgia Department of Transportation’s State Transportation Board and Jerguson having voted in favor of creating the TSPLOST but later pulling his support.

“(Jerguson) voted four times for the TSPLOST and put it on the ballot. He was on the roundtable that picked the project list. He voted for the largest tax increase in the state of Georgia. I’ve never been in the legislature to vote on that,” Beach said.

Beach touted his accomplishments on the transportation board as something that sets him apart from the opposition.

“I have a proven track record of getting things done. There’s the $17.1 million interchange at Ridgewalk Parkway, Commerce Boulevard that’s going to create hundreds of jobs being associated with the new hospital, the Sixes Road improvements,” he said.

Jerguson said his record in the Legislature is proof of what he will do if elected to the state Senate.

“Certainly, I stand on my record of acting in the best interest of Cherokee County. I’m a conservative, and my conservative principles have been displayed over the last six years in the state Legislature,” Jerguson said.

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