Ron Daniels: Half the man he used to be and much more


Ron Daniels: Half the man he used to be and much more

From the Macon Telegraph:

Ron Daniels is about half the man he used to be, and he couldn’t be more thankful.

Daniels said he was inspired to lose about 200 pounds by realizing how much he wanted to live a long life with his best friend. He and Maggie were married two months ago.

“I don’t know that I’ve ever told her straight on, but I felt like I had a real reason to live and planned to be long living, something that made me happy, and something that made me happy was motivation to, ‘Hey, I’ve got to get myself in shape,’” Daniels said.

He spoke as Maggie Daniels looked on in his new law office at the Burke Lasseter firm in Warner Robins, which hired him as a part-timer this year and then made him a full-time associate partner. He also graduated from law school and passed the bar this year.

It’s been a busy year for Daniels, 26. The newlyweds and Maggie’s family plan to join together for Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday, when she won’t be working a nursing shift. Ron Daniels said her family has long been drawing him in.

“It would’ve been intimidating, but if I had not asked Maggie to marry me, I think they would have adopted me,” he said.

Ron and Maggie Daniels still talk like the newlyweds they are, but they’ve only been a couple for about three years. But they knew each other back at Dodge County High School, when they were on the debate team together. Neither one is willing to say the other is the better debater — though Ron offers an extended, lawyerific, jargon-filled answer that leaves little doubt he’s sure he’s the better one.

He said his successes have made him more thankful when he realizes how far he’s come since he was a little boy in Rhine who went on to become a lawyer.

“It didn’t strike a chord that I was accomplishing things that I should be thankful for,” he said.

And now Ron is thankful. Maggie is as well, but she said they would never have succeeded as a couple at Dodge County High. They had to find themselves first.

“I’m very lucky to have him, very, very lucky,” she said. “He’s kind of the yin to my yang.”

She paused. “He’s my soul mate.”

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