OOPS! – Marion County omits Superior Court Judge from ballots


OOPS! – Marion County omits Superior Court Judge from ballots

From the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer:

A judge has signed an order authorizing the Marion County Board of Elections to re-issue more than 100 ballots cast in early voting that didn’t include a Superior Court judge race.

Anthony Dixon, the county elections supervisor, said a voter noticed the race between Judge Art Smith and challenger LaRae Dixon Moore wasn’t on the ballot. Dixon said 107 votes had been cast in early and absentee voting; there are 4,684 registered voters in Marion County.

“It was human error, there’s no doubt about it,” Dixon said. “It had nothing to do with computers.”

A spokesman for the Georgia Secretary of State confirmed the error and said it was attributable to the local elections board.

“We’re still wrestling with where the blame should be laid,” Dixon said, “but we know it’s laid at the foot of the elections process, which is guided by human beings.”

Dixon said officials are still working out a plan to re-issue the ballots. He said the board plans to send new ballots in self-addressed stamped envelopes to affected voters.

“We’re going to do it that way and the voter who doesn’t feel comfortable with that, we’re going to ask them to come in,” he said. “And the voter that doesn’t’ feel comfortable coming in, we’re just going to keep talking to them until they do.”

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