Public Service Commissioner Stan Wise on his primary opponent


Public Service Commissioner Stan Wise on his primary opponent

From an email I received:

PSC Commissioner Stan Wise Releases “To Tell The Truth” Video on Opponent

(Atlanta, July 2, 2012) The re-election campaign of Public Service Commissioner Stan Wise today released a video ad highlighting opponent Pam Davidson’s truth and ethical lapses.

Entitled “To Tell the Truth,” the video is a spoof on the old game show that has run nearly every decade since the 1950s. The show featured panelists who must distinguish truth from lies while interviewing contestants.

The spot is set to the music used for the theme show between 1969 to 1978. The lyrics open with: “It’s a lie, lie, you’re telling a lie. I never know why you don’t know how … to tell the truth.”

Davidson, running on an ethics platform, is taken to task for claiming education degrees she has not earned, lobbying for green energy subsidies at the expense of higher electricity rates, endorsing a Democrat after she lost the PSC Republican Primary in 2008 (despite signing the GOP Loyalty Oath), and a series of ethics lapses, including:

  • Trying to keep the public in the dark about the state of her financial affairs by failing to report tax liens and multiple court judgments on her financial disclosure (she amended it after a reporter contacted her),
  • Failure to file multiple campaign disclosure reports during her 2008 run for the PSC (the reports still have not been filed); and
  • Owing current fines to the Campaign Finance Commission for late and missing reports dating back twelve years.

Having garnered 48% of the vote in her race for an open seat on the PSC in 2008, Commissioner Wise is not taking Davidson for granted and is using social media to inform voters of what he perceives to be Davidson’s character and ethical weaknesses.

“Being lectured by Ms. Davidson on ethics feels a bit like getting marital advice from John Edwards,” said Wise.

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