Casino Gambling and Abortion Politics among Georgia Republicans


Casino Gambling and Abortion Politics among Georgia Republicans

I wrote in this morning’s Georgia Politics email that

Assuming that Pro-Life supporters are less likely to support casino gambling under any circumstances, I suspect that opposition to casino gambling is a little overstated here, but in any case, there isn’t the widespread opposition I would have expected.

And here’s an insight from our survey of the statewide Republican Primary ballot questions.

Among respondents, support for casino gambling to fund education in Georgia is 26 points lower among those who describe themselves as “Pro-Life” than among those who call themselves “Pro-Choice.”

Among self-described Pro-Lifers, allowing casino gambling in Georgia is favored by about 32% and opposed by nearly 59% of respondents.

Among self-described Pro-Choicers, casino gambling carries 57.5% support and just under 29% opposition.

I have noted that the Personhood Amendment is on this year’s GOP Primary ballot and Pro-Life organizations are working their supporters to maximize turnout. These results suggest that Pro-Lifers’ success in turning out their voters will impact the casino gambling question, and that describing oneself as Pro-Life is predictive of overall social conservatism.

Not exactly brain surgery, but that’s what I know today.

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