Marietta City Council puts the “fight” into “redistricting fight”


Marietta City Council puts the “fight” into “redistricting fight”

Marietta City Council member Anthony Coleman pled guilty assaulting his colleague, Annette Lewis in an argument over redrawing city council lines.

Coleman, who entered his plea before Cobb State Court Judge Irma Glover Wednesday, was sentenced to 12 months probation, a $600 fine, an anger management evaluation, and 80 hours of community service.

Coleman’s attorney, Thomas Browning, said Coleman decided against a jury trial because it would have been too destructive to the city and the council.

No word on whether fistfights between council members are destructive to the city and council.

The incident took place Sept. 22 after redistricting meeting in which Ward 1 council member Lewis presented a proposed redistricting map that would meet a federal requirement of creating a majority black district.

The district she proposed would be on the opposite end of town from Coleman’s current Ward 5. Such a redistricting could cost Coleman, who is black, his council seat because he could end up in a redrawn district that is not majority black.

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