RIP: David Cutbirth, of Reidsville, Georgia


RIP: David Cutbirth, of Reidsville, Georgia

David “Cutty” Cutbirth, 62, of Reidsville, Georgia, has died. Cutbirth served as Chairman of the Tattnall County Republican Party and was the Press Secretary for Ray McKinney’s Congressional Campaign against Congressman John Barrow (D-Augusta).

Cutty worked on over 30 campaigns for local, state and federal campaigns including the 1976 Ronald Reagan campaign, a U.S. Senate race, and four congressional races.

After graduating college in 1977, he worked as news anchor and reporter for three Northwest Washington radio stations, winning two professional journalism awards for reporting.

He served as public information officer for the Washington State House and Senate Republican caucuses from 1986 until 1992, and worked for Congressman Jack Metcalf (R-WA). Cutbirth was a delegate from Georgia to the 2008 Republican National Convention.

After growing up in Iowa and serving in the U.S. Navy, David settled in Washington State where he lived and worked for 30 years, eventually moving to Georgia, where he was active in our Republican Party.

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