Charter School Amendment Passes, Gov. Deal urges passage by voters


Charter School Amendment Passes, Gov. Deal urges passage by voters

The Georgia Senate passed House Resolution 1162, referred to as the Charter School Amendment bill, which will put before voters in November the question of whether to amend the Constitution.

The most recent version of the bill available on the State House website phrases the question:

“( ) YES  ( ) NO   Shall the Constitution of Georgia be amended to allow state or local approval of public charter schools upon the request of local communities?”

All persons desiring to vote in favor of ratifying the proposed amendment shall vote “Yes.” All persons desiring to vote against ratifying the proposed amendment shall vote “No.” If such amendment shall be ratified as provided in said Paragraph of the Constitution, it shall become a part of the Constitution of this state.

In a press release, Gov. Nathan Deal encouraged Georgia voters to pass the Amendment:

With final legislative passage of the charter school amendment today, Gov. Nathan Deal encouraged Georgians to vote for it this November.

“The General Assembly has acted wisely and courageously to give Georgians the choice to implement true local control: parental choice.

We must encourage innovation and the pursuit of excellence in our schools. Starting a state-chartered school is not done easily or without lots of hard work, but we need a system that allows for this option.

State-chartered schools help students trapped in underperforming schools and aid communities that want to invest in new and imaginative ways of learning for their children.

Approving this amendment will simply restore the process for creating state-charted schools that existed before the state Supreme Court struck down the state’s system for granting charters, and I hope Georgians will cast their vote for protecting and promoting schools that have a strong record of student achievement.”

There’s more available at the usual suspects.

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