Guest Post from Greg Williams: An Open Letter to Ron Paul Supporters


Guest Post from Greg Williams: An Open Letter to Ron Paul Supporters

Greg Williams co-chairs the Fulton County GOP’s Bucksprings Breakfast and blogs about Georgia and national politics at Greg’s List. The following is a guest blog that originally ran on his site.

Dear Ron Paul Revolutionary:

I wanted to take this moment to thank you for your active participation recently in the Georgia Republican Mass Meetings and County Conventions. With your help, we were able to set new records for length of convention at the Fulton, Dekalb, Gwinnett & Cobb County meetings.

Since many of you are claiming to be involved at the grassroots level, I do want to let you know that us Republicans meet a lot more than twice a year at borrowed public school venues on Saturday mornings (and afternoon as it turned out).

For instance, in Fulton County alone, there are at least four monthly GOP breakfasts, conveniently located in South Fulton, Midtown, Sandy Springs (I co-chair the Bucksprings Breakfast) and Roswell/Alpharetta.

These breakfasts are usually held on Saturday mornings from around 8:30 to 10:30 and you can hear all sorts of cool speakers, like Congressman Tom Price, Public Service Commissioner Chuck Eaton, Senator Johnny Isakson, Secretary of State Brian Kemp, Attorney General Sam Olens and many others. You also get to meet anywhere from 30-100 fellow Republicans, many of whom share your views on the Constitution, Monetary Policy and other Conservative principles.

We may not all agree on foreign policy, but I assure you won’t be bombed by any Neocons at a GOP event. After all, we save that shi* for the Middle East.

For those in the 18-40 crowd, there are also myriad Young Republican organizations that offer a wide range of activities and bring back the halcyon days of imbibing pints at pubs discussing politics.

There are literally dozens of opportunities for you to get involved and you can feel just as comfortable in your birkenstocks or your formal dress shoes. We’re pretty laid back.

Do you own a small business? If so, networking with fellow GOP’ers can be a big boost to your business, as we LIKE keeping money in Conservative circles.
According to The Free Dictionary, (As a conservative, I realize this definition isn’t really “free”, it cost someone time and money to post)

grass roots–
pl.n. (used with a sing. or pl. verb)
1. People or society at a local level rather than at the center of major political activity. Often used with the.
2. The groundwork or source of something.

Now look at that definition for a minute. Read it slowly, comprehend it.

Grassroot politickin’ at the local level means going to events BESIDES the County Conventions. The four metro counties mentioned previously all offer ample opportunity during the course of the year for you to become involved, as a volunteer, attendee, or just another voice in the Big Tent Republican Party.

I promise we will not refer to you as a “Paulbot”, “Ronulan”, “Paulinista” or any other condescending term if you show up at one of our events.

We may throw in some tin foil though.

Who knows, you may even want to run for county or district office.

Grassroots politicking is NOT showing up once a year and attempting to hijack a convention through sheer numbers and harassing tactics. You may not like all the folks in the Georgia Republican Party, but every single one of them at the county conventions has put in loads of non-compensated volunteer time over the years building our Party at the local, state and national levels.

Though we may not see eye to eye on every issue, we NEED your ENERGY and your NUMBERS. Please don’t be content with banging away on a keyboard posting anti-Fed rants on Facebook.

Tune in, Turn on, Log off. We need you. Join us, and together we will rule the Galaxy. (just kidding, we will merely take back the country from the grip of the commies, progressives and other leftists).

Is the schism beyond repair? For the sake of the country, let’s patch the Big Tent together for the November election as it may be our last chance to beat back the leftist swine.

So, Domo Arigato, Ron Paul Robotos?

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  • ProfG says:

    Wow, so you’re saying that ALL of those non-Paul people at the County Convention go to ALL of those wonderfully interesting and fascinating and oh-so-useful County GOP meetings every month?

    Really? Wow, it must be hard to find a restaurant big enough to hold those breakfast meetings, then. I mean, since you’re being so condescending towards the Paul supporters about the GOP meeting more than once a year, you MUST be implying that all of those others DO attend all of those non-convention meetings.

    Otherwise, I would be able to call BS on your snide little rant here.

    The good thing is, the Paul supporters ARE the future of the GOP in Georgia. And I for one will be so incredibly happy to see the party-over-principle, faux conservative hacks unceremoniously dumped overboard as a result. Good riddance.

  • a1rf0rce1 says:

    Mr. Williams – from my perspective, there is also a group of die hard Republicans (or at least claim to be), that also only show up at Conventions and rarely attend our monthly meetings. Although I am not a Ron Paul supporter, you should be happy that these individuals show up once a year. I always get an ear full from regular Republicans who I have never seen at any of our meetings. When they do show up, they have no idea what the procedures are, how a slate of delegates are selected or how to challenge the seated individuals. Many of the monthly visitors to our meetings don’t know these procedures, either. However, I am happy for every little bit of support we get from anyone with similar core values of the Republican Party. If you want to drive away part of our support and see Obama elected again, then keep on schooling these people in your view of how they should act. There is no place for this type of snobbery in our Party. And we wonder why our membership numbers aren’t higher. If you don’t like Ron Paul, that is fine, but remember he is running as a Republican with our Party’s consent.

  • Greg Williams says:

    Prof G, I have already responded to you on my site, but I do appreciate the “cut and paste” efficiency you have shown here, demonstrating you are indeed a conservative when it comes to original thought.
    AirForce 1, thanks for your input, I reject the “snobbery” notion–I became active in the local party in 2008 and faced some of the same hurdles that many RP supporters face, the trust hurdle being the main one. You can’t go to one meeting, say “No one talked to me, those guys suck” and expect to go to County conventions with the expectation of being taken seriously. “Establishment” base word is “establish”, which means one needs to establish themselves in the Party before they should expect to be a delegate. It still amazes me that all the RP supporters bash the GOP yet that’s the flag they want to fly when they run for office. Change happens gradually and just as in anything else, one has to earn their stripes in politics.