​DeltaWing Wants To Make A $15k Electric Three-Wheeler For Car-Sharing


​DeltaWing Wants To Make A $15k Electric Three-Wheeler For Car-Sharing

In 2001, Don Panoz proposed a little-known electric car-sharing program for his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. He even had charging stations installed at his offices. Over a decade later Panoz and DeltaWing Technologies are considering a similar scheme, but this time it involves a custom electric three-wheeler that could cost around $15,000.

DeltaWing, led by Panoz, has approached both the State of Georgia and the city of Atlanta to consider an EV-based car-sharing program for the city’s employees. The thrust of the program is to allow city workers in the suburbs use the company’s proposed EV to drive to the nearest public transportation station, take a train or bus into Atlanta, then use another one of the electric three-wheelers to run around town on city business. It’s something that some employees are already doing using both Zipcar and Enterprise’s carsharing program.

But DeltaWing thinks it has the potential for broader adoption.

“We think the car sharing program can be expanded to the public, or private citizens could purchase and own these city cars,” Gary Fong of DeltaWing told Jalopnik. “This could be a way for in-town residents to have inexpensive transportation and either reduce or eliminate car ownership.”

But right now, this is little more than Panoz being Panoz, some talks with the state and city, some new partnerships, and very rudimentary design. “We do not have a launch date,” says Fong. “But many things are in motion.”

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