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LG Casey Cagle: An Honor

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From LG Casey Cagle 

Georgia Politics Republican Lt Gov Casey Cagle

An Honor


Election day is almost here. I am sure you are just as excited as I am that the election will soon be over. I need your support once again in this year’s election. I have tried to remain positive in this cycle and if you missed my last positive ad you can view it here ->

There is much more to elections than ads though. It’s about who will be your next leader for Georgia. It’s about leaders who will lead this state to success. In my view, leaders are servants who represent your values and ideas on your behalf.

I would be honored to continue to be your voice in Atlanta. We have faced some tough times together but Georgia is turning the corner. As we grow our way out of this recession, I am committed to keeping a balanced budget without raising taxes and focusing government to efficiently accomplish the core functions we need without expanding and intruding on our personal freedoms.

Ensuring that every child has a quality education system preparing them to compete in a 21st Century economy is a goal that has captured my heart. That is why I have created the college and career academy network and have fought to fund 29 academies in Georgia. By embracing innovative solutions in education we can transform the way we equip our students to compete in the 21st Century global economy and lead them on a path to success and good paying jobs.

It is an incredible honor to serve as your Lieutenant Governor. Being raised by a single mother and seeing the sacrifices she made has inspired me to make the most of the opportunities the people of Georgia have entrusted me with. Working together, we can ensure that our children and grandchildren get to experience the same American dream that you and I have been blessed to receive.Continue Reading..


Rep. Rob Woodall: Let Your Voice Be Heard

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From Congressman Rob Woodall

Rob Woodall

Tuesday is Election Day

My goal with the District Connection is to connect what is happening in Congress with what is happening right here at home, and to take what is happening here at home and apply it in Congress.  This week, more than any other during the year, it is easy to connect the dots.  Tomorrow is Election Day in the State of Georgia. If you aren’t one of the record number of Georgians who have taken advantage of the early voting opportunities in our state during this midterm election, I hope you’ll take a few minutes tomorrow to visit your polling place and cast your vote on Tuesday. Not only are Georgia’s local and state races important, but the balance of the U.S. Senate is up for grabs.  It’s essential that Georgians take their right to vote seriously and make their voices heard.

India had more than two-thirds of its eligible voters turnout for parliamentary elections earlier this year.  That’s more than 500 million voters and the largest display of democracy that the planet has ever seen.  With a total population of less than 320 million, America won’t break India’s record of individuals participating, but we should set our sights on exceeding its percentage turnout.  As you’ve heard me say before, America isn’t run by 51% of Americans; it’s run by the 51% who care enough to show up.  That’s us right here in Georgia! Continue Reading..


Several New Polls Show David Perdue Pulling Away

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From David Perdue US Senate 

2 Nov group

Several New Polls Show David Perdue Pulling Away

Four new polls show that Georgians are excited to elect David Perdue to the U.S. Senate on November 4th because his message of bringing a new direction to Washington is resonating with voters across the state. Below is a snapshot of the most recent polls showing Perdue surging ahead:

Commenting on the latest poll results, Perdue spokesman Mark Bednar said: “The momentum and support for David Perdue continues to grow in the final days of the campaign. Several of the latest polls confirm what we’ve known all along: Georgians want a new direction in Washington and are ready to send David Perdue to the United States Senate. Continue Reading..


Gov. Nathan Deal: Unisys To Create Up to 700 Jobs in Richmond County

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From Governor Nathan Deal

3 Nov Deal Augusta


Deal: Unisys to create up to 700 jobs in Richmond County

Global Fortune 1000 information technology company to locate service center in Augusta

Gov. Nathan Deal today announced that Unisys, a $3.5 billion global provider of information technology and services, plans to locate a new service center in Augusta, creating up to 700 jobs over the next five years.

“With our top-ranked business climate and highly skilled workforce, more global technology companies such as this one are choosing to call Georgia home,” said Deal. “Our state will be able to provide Unisys with the support it needs to remain competitive in the marketplace and, in turn, this company will provide our citizens with high-quality, good-paying jobs. Georgia’s technology sector is thriving, and I’m confident that we have all the necessary resources for Unisys to successfully serve its customers around the world.”

Unisys will initially use the center to provide services to the U.S. Army, which recently selected Unisys for the Army Enterprise Service Desk, a single point of contact for Army personnel who need help desk or other end user IT support services. The company expects to hire approximately 250 employees within the first year and will work with the Fort Gordon Cyber Center of Excellence to recruit IT professionals, including Georgia veterans, for the center. Unisys expects that it will also serve commercial clients through the new facility.

Unisys is seeking to occupy a 60,000-square-foot plus facility in Augusta and is currently finalizing the precise location.Continue Reading..


Gov. Nathan Deal: Georgia ranked No. 1 state in U.S. for business

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From Governor Nathan Deal

Deal Leadership

Governor Nathan Deal: Georgia ranked No. 1 state in U.S. for business

Site Selection names Georgia’s business climate ‘best in the nation’ for a second consecutive year

Gov. Nathan Deal announced today that Georgia, for the second consecutive year, has been ranked the No. 1 state in the nation for business by Site Selection magazine, one of the nation’s top economic development trade publications.

“Making Georgia the best state in the nation to do business was a strategic goal I set on day one of my administration,” said Deal. “This time last year, when Site Selection named our state No.1, I vowed that I would work to keep us in that top spot, and that is exactly what we’ve done. Georgia’s business climate has topped that charts multiple times now, and people are taking notice. Not only are more businesses expanding or relocating here, but more people are moving to our state to take advantage of the new job and investment opportunities being created. Receiving this ranking for the second year in a row confirms that what we’re doing here in our state is in fact working.”

The magazine releases its annual rankings each November. Fifty percent of the annual business climate rankings are determined by a survey of corporate site selectors. The other 50 percent is based on an index of seven criteria: performance in Site Selection’s annual Competitiveness ranking; total New Plant Database compliant facilities in 2013; total new facilities in 2013 per capita; total 2014 new projects year to date; total 2014 projects year to date per capita; state tax burdens on mature firms and on new firms according to the Tax Foundation and KPMG Location Matters analysis.Continue Reading..


VIDEO – Joni US Senate: Squeal

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From Joni Ernst US Senate


VIDEO – Scott Brown US Senate – Dad

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From Scott Brown US Senate 


Adoptable Georgia Dogs for November 3, 2014


Mississippi is a young 44-pound female Boxer mix, really a puppy still, who loves being outside, loves kids and has a lot of energy! Mississippi is available for adoption from Barrow County Animal Shelter in Winder, Ga.


Vino is a 56-pound Boxer mix male who is friendly and shy and is available for adoption from Barrow County Animal Shelter in Winder, Ga.


Raku is a young Black Lab mix male called by a volunteer the sweetest, most affectionate and enthusiastic pup! Raku is available for adoption from Barrow County Animal Shelter in Winder, Ga.


Ammo is a small 17-pound Miniature Pinscher mix male who is loving, enthusiastic, likes kids, seems very playful! Ammo is available for adoption from Barrow County Animal Shelter in Winder, Ga.

Golden Amber

Amber is a young female Golden Retriever mix who weighs about 55 pounds. There’s nothing about her that looks like anything less than a purebred Golden Retriever. Adoptions are pending, but she is still available for adoption from Barrow County Animal Shelter in Winder, Ga.


Georgia Politics, Campaigns, and Elections for November 3, 2014

Bacon, Barrow, Candler, and Evans Counties were created on November 3, 1914 when voters approved Constitutional Amendments – prior to these Amendments, Georgia was limited to 145 counties. On the same day, Carl Vinson was elected to Congress from Georgia, becoming the youngest member of Congress at the time. Vinson would eventually become the first Member of Congress to serve more than fifty years. Vinson’s grandson, Sam Nunn would serve in the United States Senate.

The Chicago Tribune published the infamous “Dewey Defeats Truman” headline on November 3, 1948. Ultimately, Democrat Truman won 303 electoral votes to 189 for Republican Dewey.

Laika, a female Siberian Husky mix who was found stray on the streets of Moscow, was launched into space aboard Sputnik 2 on November 3, 1957.

On November 3, 1968, Democrat Lyndon B. Johnson was elected President over Republican Barry Goldwater.

On November 3, 1970, Jimmy Carter was elected Governor of Georgia.

Democrat Cynthia McKinney became the first African-Amercian female elected to Congress from Georgia on November 3, 1992.

On November 3, 1998, Democrat Thurbert Baker was elected Attorney General and Michael Thurmond was elected Commissioner of Labor, becoming the first African-Americans elected to statewide executive office in Georgia.

Georgia Politics, Campaigns, and Elections

Bill Lee, who served forty-two years in the State House of Representatives, serving Clayton County, has died.

The representative from Forest Park had built up enough respect and prestige during his 42 years in the house that Speaker of the House Tom Murphy made him chairman of the powerful House Rules Committee. In that position, he decided which legislation came to the House floor for a vote by the full body.

“Because he was the chairman of the Rules Committee, he was the second most powerful person in the House,” said former state Rep. Ron Dodson, who was Lee’s hand-picked successor in the legislative body.

Lee, who served in the House from 1956 until 1998, died Wednesday, according to his obituary which ran in Friday’s Clayton News Daily. He was 88.

FoxNews writes that the GOP appears poised for big wins nationally:

Republican Senate candidates are pulling away in the final days of key races, according to polls released this weekend.

Republicans are either leading in Georgia, Kentucky and Louisiana or will likely win runoff elections, according to a NBC/Marist poll released Sunday.

In addition, the Republican nominee in Iowa, Joni Ernst, now has a 7-point lead over Democratic challenger Rep. Bruce Braley, according to a Des Moines Register poll released Saturday.

Most polls have shown until now that the four races have essentially been deadlocked in the closing weeks.

The GOP needs to win a net total of six Senate seats to take control of the chamber, with essentially only the West Virginia and Montana contests apparently in hand.

National leadership of both major parties see this year’s elections breaking in favor of Republican candidates, according to the New York Times:

Republicans entered the final weekend before the midterm elections clearly holding the better hand to control the Senate and poised to add to their House majority. But a decidedly sour electorate and a sizable number of undecided voters added a measure of suspense.

The final drama surrounded the Senate, which has been a Democratic bulwark for President Obama since his party lost its House majority in 2010. Republicans need to gain six seats to seize the Senate, and officials in both parties believe there is a path for them to win at least that many.

Continue Reading..


GA GOP Chairman: David Perdue Is Right For Georgia

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From The Georgia Republican Party 

2 Nov Tour


In the final debate before Election Day, conservative businessman David Perdue proved once again that he’s the right person to represent Georgia in the United States Senate. During the debate hosted by WSB-TV of Atlanta, Perdue highlighted his record of success in the private sector and his commitment to representing the state’s strong conservative values in Washington.
“Michelle Nunn isn’t fooling anyone,” said Georgia Republican Party Chairman John Padgett. “Her false commercials and lofty rhetoric can’t hide the fact that she’s President Obama’s handpicked candidate for the United States Senate.  If elected, she will serve as nothing more than a rubber stamp for the Obama and Reid failed agenda that is threatening Georgia’s future.

“Thankfully, Georgians have a clear choice at the ballot box on Tuesday.  David Perdue is a bold leader who will fundamentally reform the federal government and faithfully represent our values in Washington.  David has a proven record that we can trust and a vision for our country’s future that we can all embrace.  Continue Reading..