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Adoptable Georgia Dogs for May 11, 2015


This is Snowbird, a young female Labrador Retriever/American Bulldog mix. She is housebroken and crate trained. Loves to cuddle but extremely submissive to male people. When she is inside she just wants to cuddle but outside she enjoys running and hiking. Will happily run next to golf cart, horse, or four wheeler.

Does fine with horses and dogs of all sizes. Birds, cats and other small animals if it runs she will chase. If not corrected possibly kill longer the chase. Enjoys playing with dogs but is not obsessive has yet to meet a dog she can’t make a friend.

Does well off leash, is food motivated. Is trained with vibrating collar. If she doesn’t understand she will just lay at your feet and play dead.

Snowbird is available for adoption from Georgia Canine Rescue and Rehabilitation in Cochran, GA.


Pearl is a young Labrador Retriever and Shepherd mix, a very sweet girl about 6 months old. She is good with other dogs and never meets a stranger. She is a lab/shepherd mix. If interested in bringing this beauty home please contact her rescue group at [email protected]

Pearl is available for adoption from Georgia Canine Rescue and Rehabilitation in Cochran, GA.


Jaxon is a 5-6 month old male Jack Russell Terrier mix. He is super sweet and good with other dogs! If interested please contact his rescue group at [email protected] and/or 478-271-4277

Jaxon is available for adoption from Georgia Canine Rescue and Rehabilitation in Cochran, GA.

Golden Retrievers Imported from Turkey

Adopt A Golden Atlanta has rescued 36 purebred Golden Retrievers from Turkey in what is called the largest-ever  purebred rescue across borders.

Multiple news outlets report the Adopt a Golden organization helped bring 36 purebred golden retrievers from Istanbul, Turkey, to Alpharetta in the largest international golden rescue ever Saturday.

The dogs arrived at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport late Saturday night after a 12-hour flight and seven-hour layover and were taken to Pet Lodge pet resort.

Each dog was abandoned by its owner when the golden retriever, once a status symbol for Turkey, stopped being popular.

The dogs have never heard English and have their own interpreter. They will be available for adoption in early June after an adjustment period.


Meet The Tea Party’s New Favorite Candidate | Georgia Public Broadcasting

NPR — Conservatives have found their candidate for one of 2016′s most important Senate races: Florida Congressman Ron DeSantis.

Soon after he launched his bid Wednesday, a trifecta of deep-pocketed Tea Party-aligned groups the Senate Conservatives Fund, the Club for Growth and FreedomWorks all signaled they would back the two-term congressman in his bid to succeed Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., who’s running for president.

Florida is an important state in 2016 for many reasons. It will not only be a crucial part of any White House campaign, but it will also be critical in the battle for control of the Senate. While Republicans won the majority in 2014, two years later they will find themselves almost entirely on defense, defending 24 seats several in blue-leaning states President Obama carried compared to the just 10 Democrats are defending. Democrats need to flip just five seats to take back the Senate.

So with few GOP primaries where they can make a mark, the trio of conservatives groups quickly circled their wagons around DeSantis, who won a competitive GOP primary for a new seat in 2012. The race sets up what could become the most important Tea Party versus establishment clash next year.

via Meet The Tea Party’s New Favorite Candidate | Georgia Public Broadcasting.


Deal nominates Roberts for DOT planning director

Gov. Nathan Deal nominated Jay Roberts as planning director of the Georgia Department of Transportation. Roberts begins in his new role on May 15. The House and Senate Transportation committees must confirm his appointment. 


“Rep. Roberts is a subject matter expert and a statewide leader on transportation issues,” Deal said. “He’s earned the trust of his colleagues on the two transportation committees, and I look forward to their confirmation of his nomination.”



Why I think we’ll see a June 16 Special Election in DeKalb

iCEO Lee May is set to announce his resignation from the District Five County Commission seat at 10 AM today, though we don’t know the date on which he’ll vacate the seat. For now, we’ll assume that his resignation will be effective within the next few days.

Two requirements of Georgia law determine the date of a Special Election. The first requirement is that a Special Election be held at least 29 days and no more than 90 days after a vacancy occurs. (OCGA §21-2-540(b)). The second requirement is that odd year special elections be held on the third Tuesday in March, June, or September or the Tuesday following the first Monday in November. (OCGA §21-2-540(c)(1)(A)).

The combination of the 29-90 day window for holding a Special Election, plus the availability of the June 16th date, which is 39 days from now will dictate a Special Election on June 16, unless I’m missing something, or unless Lee May’s resignation goes into effect late enough to throw the Special Election into September.

If a candidate begins campaigning today, that means a 39-day campaign for District 5, which contains a sizable electorate. Such a short campaign window will favor politicians currently in office representing part of the south DeKalb Commission district.


Georgia Politics, Campaigns, and Elections for May 8, 2015

Congress passed the second part of the Militia Act on May 8, 1792, requiring all able-bodied white male citizens to be enrolled in the militia.

Coca-Cola was first served at Jacobs’ Pharmacy in Atlanta on May 8, 1886.

A Constitutional Convention convened on May 8, 1798 in Louisville, Georgia to rewrite the state Constitution after the Yazoo Land Fraud.

The Southern Baptist Convention was formed in Augusta, Georgia on May 8, 1845.

On May 8, 1864, Union forces under Sherman continued to engage Confederates at the Battle of Rocky Face Ridge four miles west of Dalton, Georgia.

Elsewhere on the same day, the Army of the Potomac under Grant reached Spotsylvania Court House in Virginia and found that Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia had beaten them there from the Battle of the Wilderness.

On May 8, 1977, the Grateful Dead played at Cornell University’s Barton Hall, years later the show is widely considered to be their best ever. Here’s the best song from the best show.

Governor Sonny Perdue signed legislation designating the current state flag on May 8, 2003.

The first phase of the Savannah Harbor Expansion Project is paying historial dividends as divers recover artifacts from the Civil War ironclad CSS Georgia.

Built in 1862, the ironclad was originally intended to be a gunboat but was too heavy to maneuver offensively against the Savannah River’s strong currents, according to Steve James of Panamerican Consultants, the Memphis firm conducting field work on the recovery.

So the Georgia was subsequently anchored in the river to help protect Fort Jackson and Savannah. She was intentionally scuttled by Confederate troops in 1864 rather than surrender her to the rapidly advancing forces of Union Gen. William T. Sherman.

The wreck was discovered during a 1968 dredging operation. A small-scale recovery effort in the 1980s removed two cannons, a few cannonballs and other artifacts. The site was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1987.
The latest recovery work will remove the entire remains of the vessel to make way for the Corps to deepen in that area.

Georgia Politics

Former State Senator Joey Brush was killed in a motorcycle accident yesterday.Continue Reading..


Adoptable Georgia Dogs for May 8, 2015


Krystal is a very pretty Chocolate Lab. She is about 3 years old. Krystal was picked up as a stray and has recently had a litter of puppies. Krystal is available for adoption from the Carroll County Animal Shelter in Carrollton, GA.
Diego is a gorgeous boy. He is a Labrador Retriever-mix but smaller and more compact than a full-blooded Lab. He is full grown at 2 years of age. His coat is charcoal gray with a silver sheen. He does have some white in his coat – but only on the very tips of his feet. Diego is available for adoption from the Carroll County Animal Shelter in Carrollton, GA.

Suzie is a pretty little Terrier. She is between small and medium sized and has a coat that is coarse textured and reddish-gold in color. Suzie is about 4 years old so has already been trained to walk on a leash. Suzie is available for adoption from the Carroll County Animal Shelter in Carrollton, GA.

In Augusta, a subcommittee looking at animal ordinances has recommended a $100 fee for unaltered pets, according to the Augusta Chronicle.

Though they stopped short of making pet spaying and neutering mandatory, an Augusta subcommittee agreed Thursday to impose a relatively steep licensing fee for owners of unaltered pets.

Coupled with a discounted $10 lifetime fee for spayed and neutered animals, a $100 annual license fee allowing pets to remain able to breed would “discourage the backyard breeders, the indiscriminate breeders,” said veterinarian David Tribby, a member of the panel.

“Totally mandatory spay and neuter is going to be a very tough sell,” said Commissioner Sammie Sias, a subcommittee member who moderated the meeting.

Committee members and several rescue group members in the audience debated nuances of the policy – whether to charge the fee annually, or every three years with a rabies shot, whether required microchip services tend to expire, and whether to allow a first litter or impose a “litter limit” on animals – for more than an hour, but eventually agreed on charging the fees for altered and unaltered animals.

The $10 lifetime rate for altered animals is fair and tells animal owners “the county is on their side,” while the $100 fee for unaltered pets will serve as “a deterrent that also will help prevent more litters,” said Lorna Barrett, who has a rescue group.


Brian Donegan on Mike Huckabee’s Presidential Kickoff

Brian Donegan of Lawrenceville traveled to Arkansas for the Presidential campaign kickoff of former Governor Mike Huckabee and sent in this report.

I was honored and proud to travel to Hope Arkansas the other day to attend what was billed as Mike Huckabee’s big announcement.  Ever since he told the world he would make an announcement on May 5th during an interview with Fox News last month an online community of Huckabee supporters has been alive with excitement.  Several of us made plans to go.

I’d estimate that there were 50-75 of us that made the trip.  We came from as far away as California, Iowa, Florida, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut.  Most of us were supporters the first time and active on a (now dormant) forum and called ourselves “Huck’s Army”  We were all new to the political game and had no experience and it showed.  However what was a ragtag bunch of greenhorns did everything possible to help Mike get as far as he did in 2008.

Since then we have grown up, worked on numerous campaigns, suffered the heartbreak of a declined 2012 bid for President, and have left the message boards for Facebook.

As for his announcement  You can read about it from his hometown newspaper  and you can watch the speech.

Continue Reading..


Commissioner Nancy Jester: DeKalb County – A Broken Government In Disarray | The Brookhaven Post | Brookhaven, GA

A broken government in disarray.

That is not just the perception, it is our reality. It is time for both elected and appointed officials in DeKalb County to accept this, admit this, and demonstrate we have the will to change this.

Those who say the perception is worse than the reality are part of the problem – not the positive solution.

In just the past few days DeKalb County taxpayers have witnessed media reports highlighting the following:

Federal prosecutors issuing a subpoena to DeKalb County seeking records on Zoning Board of Appeals Chairman Darryl Jennings, Sr. and a pool hall at the center of a bribery scandal.

A former DeKalb County police officer indicted on charges that he violated his oath of office by taking bribes.

Media reports that of the 11 officials and vendors mentioned in the blockbuster Special Purpose Grand Jury report, in addition to Burrell Ellis, none has come to criminal prosecution and there is a possibility the statute of limitations will expire.

And, the issue of the now infamous $4,000 payment from a DeKalb County vendor, which could have been graft, theft – or a setup to embarrass a high-ranking official.

J. Tom Morgan, a former DeKalb County District Attorney has stated, “This is just the tip of an iceberg, is my best guess.”

I fear Mr. Morgan may be correct. The true victims of our broken government in disarray are the taxpayers – the working men and women of DeKalb County who love our county, love their families, and try to do the right thing by going to work, obeying the law, and paying the very taxes that fund DeKalb County government.

Others are breaking what they are building – and it must stop.

I told WSB TV and the Atlanta Journal: “We can’t just keep depending on reform by scandal and reform by indictment.”

via Commissioner Jester: DeKalb County – A Broken Government In Disarray | The Brookhaven Post | Brookhaven, GA.


Lee May to resign from DeKalb commission seat |

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — Channel 2 Action News has learned that Lee May will announce Friday that he is resigning his commission seat which has been vacant since Gov. Nathan Deal appointed him interim CEO nearly two years ago.

May will serve as interim CEO as long as Burrell Ellis is suspended while awaiting trial on corruption charges.  The information comes to Channel 2′s Richard Belcher from a well-placed source familiar with May’s intentions.

The vacancy in May’s District 5 seat on the DeKalb County Commission has made it difficult for the remaining six members to pass numerous pieces of legislation.

The impasse has also stymied efforts for the commission to appoint a temporary replacement for May in District 5.

via Lee May to resign from DeKalb commission seat |


Former St. Senator Joey Brush killed in accident – NBC 26, Augusta-Aiken, Here for You

GROVETOWN, Ga. – Former Georgia State Senator Joey Brush was killed Thursday morning in a car accident. According to the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office, the accident happened around 8:30 am at the intersection of Columbia and Louisville Roads.

via Former St. Senator Joey Brush killed in accident – NBC 26, Augusta-Aiken, Here for You.