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Here’s a look at three unique areas in which Gillespie’s digital strategy made a major impact, as first reported by Darren Samuelsohn of POLITICO.

1. Facebook targeting of Buffalo Wild Wings Republicans.

Gillespie’s campaign used the digital consulting firm Engage to create an internal Facebook app, building an algorithm to find potential supporter that haven’t necessarily “liked” a political page, by mining other business and people users may have “liked.”

For example, Gillespie’s camp found out that the restaurant chain Buffalo Wild Wings was the second most common shared “like” among conservative leaning independents in Virginia. So Gillespie made an appearance at Wild Wings, and posted a photo of himself sitting in the establishment to Facebook. His campaign then spent $100 for a targeted Facebook promotion, ensuring it showed up at the top of the newsfeed for 25,000 Virginians who were fans of the restaurant.

2. Having Twitter surrogates tweet out the campaign’s message.

Gillespie’s campaign made a point to pre-craft tweets to respond to any number of things Warner could criticize the Republican on. This way, whenever Warner or his campaign said anything, Gillespie’s campaign could immediately fire back on Twitter.

Popular Republicans in the state such as state Senator Mark Obenshain, Representative Bob Goodlatte and former Marriott CEO Fred Malek were also recruited to blast tweets from their own Twitter accounts praising Gillespie’s performance in the debates, which contributed to #VaSenDebate becoming the top trending hashtag in the Virginia and Washington markets.

Twitter was used constantly as a first line of defense for the campaign, and even on election day Gillespie was able to make a splash in encouraging voters to turn out, by highlighting how close the race was expected to be according to the exit polls.

3. Developing a mobile app for targeted canvassing.

Gillespie’s campaign built out a mobile app called Advantage, which drew on the RNC’s massive database of Republican leaning and undecided voters. Built by the Arlington-based firm Advantage Inc., Republicans paid $3,000 a month to use the app in order to more efficiently reach out to potential voters, skipping Democratic households and focusing on building report with independent voters.

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They Like Me, They Really Like Me – Darren Samuelsohn – POLITICO Magazine

As he campaigned with frenzied energy along the Virginia coast on the Sunday before Election Day, with a growing sense that an historic upset was in reach, Ed Gillespie made a curious stop — at a Virginia Beach branch of Buffalo Wild Wings, the sports-bar chain.

The Republican Senate candidate wasn’t there to cheer on the Washington Redskins. He was there, amid the framed jerseys of NFL greats and giant-screen TVs, for the sake of Buffalo Wild Wings itself. His digital adviser had crunched the numbers: Buffalo Wild Wings was the second most common Facebook “like” for conservative-leaning independents within his social network — the same kinds of people whom Gillespie desperately needed to get to the polls.

So Gillespie’s campaign posted a picture of him sitting among fans, gazing up at the football game, for his Facebook page. The campaign then paid $100 to ensure the image rose to the top of the Facebook newsfeeds of more than 25,000 carefully selected Virginians — a big-league bang for only a few bucks.

“It made perfect sense to me,” Gillespie said of the decision to spend precious last-minute time staging a Facebook posting in an exclusive post-election interview.

Just two years ago, Republican candidates, by all accounts, lagged behind Democrats in the use of social media and real-time data to reach undecided voters. For an uber-strategist and veteran of the George W. Bush and Mitt Romney campaigns like Gillespie, the lesson was clear: Get serious about data-driven campaigning.

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Savannah approves short-term rental rules | savannahnow.com

The Savannah City Council unanimously approved new requirements to regulate homeowners who rent their properties to vacationers although Thursday’s vote did not address all the mayor’s and aldermen’s concerns about the growing trend.

The ordinance establishes a definition for the renting of one’s home for 30 days or less and restricts the operations to designated zoning districts in an effort to avoid mostly residential areas.

In addition, the ordinance requires the homeowners to go through a certification process and obtain a business license to operate. Renters are subject to fines and the revocation of their license for violations such as exceeding capacity limits.

As part of the vote, the mayor and aldermen included a stipulation that the impact of such rentals on communities be reviewed after 90 days.

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Busy 2015 Senate agenda ahead for Isakson, Perdue | savannahnow.com

ATLANTA — When the Senate convenes in January, Georgia’s two senators expect fast movement on key bills like the Keystone oil pipeline, as well as potential showdowns with President Barack Obama.

Sen. Johnny Isakson and Sen.-elect David Perdue — who will be part of the new Republican majority in the chamber — spoke this week with The Associated Press in wide-ranging interviews about key issues they are likely to face in the first few months of the next congressional session.

Both said they want the Keystone pipeline to be among the first votes the Senate takes and plan to support it. Perdue said the pipeline “never should have been a partisan issue,” adding it will create jobs and help the economy.

With Democratic losses in the Senate, opposition to the project is now smaller. Both Perdue and Isakson said they hoped the president wouldn’t veto the bill, but said they felt confident there would be enough bipartisan support to override a veto if needed.

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Adoptable Georgia Dogs for November 12, 2014


Charlie is a happy Lab mix puppy who was previously adopted, and then returned. He’s still a young dog with energy, but knows how to sit, shake and lay down. He is neutered and housebroken too. Charlie is available for adoption from Walton County Animal Shelter in Monroe, Ga. Here’s a video of Charlie:


Chloe is a sweet mixed breed Chihuahua-sized female puppy who was given up by her owner and is available for adoption from Walton County Animal Shelter in Monroe, Ga.



Chloe is a gorgeous young Shepherd mix female who is sweet, happy, and playful, and was surrendered by her owner. Chloe is available for adoption from Walton County Animal Shelter in Monroe, Ga. Chloe comes with a certificate for a free spay.

Georgia Politics, Campaigns, and Elections for November 12, 2014

General William Tecumseh Sherman ordered the destruction of railroad and telegraph lines between Atlanta and Northwest Georgia on November 12, 1864. Sherman also burned the railroad bridge over the Chattahoochee, cutting his own supply line from Chattanooga.

In what looks to me like a surprisingly progressive move for the 19th century, Governor John B. Gordon signed legislation on November 12, 1889 opening the University of Georgia to white women.

On November 12, 1918, Atlanta held a victory parade to celebrate the Armistice with Germany.

On November 12, 1944, the Atlanta Constitution released a poll of Georgia legislators indicating that most wanted more local rule for cities and counties in the new Constitution being drafted.

President Jimmy Carter ordered an end to oil imports from Iran on November 12, 1979.

Tim Berners-Lee published a Proposal for a HyperText Project, laying the foundation for the World Wide Web, on November 12, 1990.

HyperText is a way to link and access information of various kinds as a web of nodes in which the user can browse at will. Potentially, HyperText provides a single user-interface to many large classes of stored information such as reports, notes, data-bases, computer documentation and on-line systems help.

A program which provides access to the hypertext world we call a browser. A hypertext page has pieces of text which refer to other texts. Such references are highlighted and can be selected with a mouse. When you select a reference, the browser presents you with the text which is referenced.

The texts are linked together in a way that one can go from one concept to another to find the information one wants. The network of links is called a web.

Georgia Politics, Campaigns, and Elections

The race to replace State Rep. Lynne Riley in House District 50 is taking shape as Riley prepares to be sworn in as Commissioner of Revenue. Earlier this week, John Creek City Council member Kelly Stewart announced she would run for the seat, and yesterday, her fellow Council member Brad Raffensperger threw his hat in the ring. (more…)

Cell phone in shirt pocket stops knife attack to the heart – CBS46 News

Jerry Scriver said it is a good thing he keeps his cell phone in his front pocket because it may have saved his life during an attack.

Scriver showed CBS46 News the shirt with a slice through the front pocket. Scriver said the blade was roughly 12 inches and sliced the shirt open from the top of his chest down to the pocket.

“He just made a swipe at me and when he swiped you could see he swiped other times and then went this way, and you could see where it stopped is right where my cell phone was. I was pretty lucky.”

Once the knife was deflected from the cell phone, a GalaxyS2 in an Otter Box, the suspect and Scriver were face to face.

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Sen. Johnny Isakson To Formally Announce Re-Election Bid

Georgia Sen. Johnny Isakson says he’ll be announcing plans to run for a third term with a special event at the state Capitol next week.

Isakson, a Republican who will turn 70 next month, has said all along he plans to run for re-election, telling reporters his 2016 bumper stickers were already printed. Word of the campaign kick-off came in an email to supporters Monday evening.

Isakson remains a popular figure among Republicans and easily won re-election in 2010 over Democrat Michael Thurmond, a former state labor commissioner. It remains to be seen who among the Democrats will seek to challenge Isakson.

Democrats had hoped Michelle Nunn would have claimed Georgia’s other Senate seat this year, but she lost by nearly 8 percentage points to Republican businessman David Perdue.

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Georgia’s Isakson readies run for third Senate term — and… | www.myajc.com

U.S. Sen. Johnny Isakson plans to formally announce next week that he’s running for re-election, putting to rest rumors that he won’t seek a third term in the upper chamber.

Georgia’s soon-to-be senior senator, who has said for weeks that he is readying another campaign, plans to outline his plans Monday at a statehouse event. The Cobb County Republican’s aides expect Gov. Nathan Deal, Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle and state House Speaker David Ralston to be on hand in a show of GOP unity.

“If he can stay healthy, active and visible across the state, and put up good fundraising numbers, he shouldn’t be challenged in the Republican primary,” said Todd Rehm, a GOP strategist. “Johnny Isakson’s appeal to Georgia voters transcends party, ideology and normal voting patterns. He’s an icon.”

Isakson said in an interview that he has hired key campaign staff and is prepared for the long road ahead. He already has at least $2.2 million in the bank, and his aides said he’s lining up fundraising events to add to his campaign fund.

“Georgia’s been good to me,” Isakson said. “And I’ve tried to be good to Georgia.”

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