Rep. Lynn Westmoreland: On Release of ISIS Video

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From Congressman Lynn Westmoreland 


Congressman Westmoreland issued a statement on the release of the video showing the beheading of American journalist, James Foley, by the terrorist group ISIS:

“We need to be taking these threats from ISIS very seriously,” stated Westmoreland. “The execution of James Foley is tragic and incredibly concerning to the other innocent American journalists who are being held captive. (more…)

Gov. Nathan Deal: Jason Carter’s Jobs Argument Cut To Ribbons

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From Governor Nathan Deal

Carter’s jobs argument cut to ribbons

Yesterday, Senator Jason Carter dismissed the Department of Economic Development’s record of job growth and expansion as “political,” responsible only for “setting up ribbon cuttings.”

“Public-private partnerships spur growth and opportunity,” said Gov. Nathan Deal. “Economic Development works with private companies, local development authorities and elected officials to help create jobs and economic investment.

“But I can understand why Jason Carter thinks ‘setting up ribbon cutting’ is all the 230 department employees and I do. That’s all he’s ever attended.”

Since January 2011, the department has helped bring 1,397 company expansions or location announcements that generated $17.7B in investment (more…)

GA GOP: Jason Carter’s Plan to Fund Education in Georgia

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From The Georgia Republican Party


For months, liberal gubernatorial candidate Jason Carter has stated that if elected, he would add $1 billion to Georgia’s education budget.  His bold policy initiative drew the attention of many in the media but he refused to elaborate on where the additional funding would come from – taxes or cuts.

Last week, Jason Carter finally came out of hiding to declare that the additional billion dollars for education will come from cutting the “giant amount of waste” in state government. (more…)

State House District 98 candidate Michael Brown has died | Political Insider blog

State Rep.-elect Michael Brown, a Republican who won his Gwinnett County seat in the May 20 primary, has died, reports Seth Weathers, who managed that campaign. Cause of the sudden death has not been determined.

Brown won 61 percent of the vote in his primary contest against David Hancock. A third potential candidate, Suwanee businessman James Sanford, deferred to Brown’s candidacy.

via Mitch McConnell — and David Perdue — promise a confrontational GOP Senate | Political Insider blog.

Adoptable Georgia Dogs for August 20, 2014


Tucker might be the world’s cutest puppy at 2-3 months old and weighing twelve pounds. Tucker is available for adoption from the Walton County Animal Control shelter in Monroe, Ga.


Carlie is a sweet adult female Yellow Lab mix – she may need to be an only dog. Carlie is available for adoption from the Walton County Animal Control shelter in Monroe, Ga.

Dixie Walton

Dixie is a sweet adult Red Tick Coonhound who was adopted out from the shelter but returned after she and the other dog in the house didn’t get along.  Dixie is available for adoption from the Walton County Animal Control shelter in Monroe, Ga.

Georgia Politics, Campaigns, and Elections for August 20, 2014

On August 20, 1781, General George Washington sent Continental troops from New York toward Yorktown, Virginia to engage British troops under Gen. Cornwallis.

On August 20, 1906, Gov. Joseph Terrell signed legislation to build a statue of Georgia founding father James Oglethorpe in Savannah and a bill to build a statue of former Confederate General and Georgia Governor John B. Gordon at the State Capitol.

The other day we mistakenly identified Solon Borglum as the designer of both the Stone Mountain carving and the Gordon equestrian statue; he did design the Gordon piece, but his brother Gutzon Borglum designed the Stone Mountain monument.

The Georgia Department of Archives and History was created by legislation signed by Georgia Governor Hugh Dorsey on August 20, 1918.

On August 20, 1920, the American Professional Football Association, which would later be renamed the National Football League, was formed in Akron, Ohio. If you go to the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland, the Professional Football Hall of Fame is about an hour away in Canton, Ohio.

On August 20, 1923, Georgia Governor Clifford Walker signed legislation requiring state schools teach the United States and Georgia Constitutions and students pass an exam on the documents before being allowed to graduate.

On August 20, 1965, “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” by the Rolling Stones was released in the UK.

On August 20, 1974, President Gerald Ford nominated Nelson Rockefeller as Vice President of the United States.

Does your local government have military gear?

Georgia Military Gear Counties

The New York Times Upshot column has a fascinating interactive map that allows you to see what military hardware a county has procured from the military through the 1033 program that has been in the news recently.

A ballot vacancy to be filled

The Republican nominee in a State House seat not being contested by Democrats has died, but as his name is not yet public, I’m withholding it for the moment. You’ll hear later today or tomorrow, I’m sure.

If I’m reading it correctly, under Georgia Code §21-2-134(b)(1)(B),

the nomination may remain vacant or may be filled at the decision of the state executive committee of the party. The decision whether to fill such vacancy shall be made by the state executive committee by 4:00 P.M. on the next business day following the actual knowledge of the death or disqualification of the candidate.

Because no Democratic candidate qualified, the new Republican nominee will take office in January.

Gov. Nathan Deal: Total Quality Logistics to Create 75 Jobs in Fulton County

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From Governor Nathan Deal

Governor Nathan Deal: Total Quality Logistics to create 75 jobs in Fulton County

One of North America’s largest freight brokerage firms to invest $1 million into Atlanta facility

Gov. Nathan Deal today announced that Total Quality Logistics (TQL), a leading freight brokerage company, will create 75 new jobs and invest $1 million into an Atlanta facility over the next three years.

“Our state is absolutely the right choice for innovative companies such as this one to find success and remain competitive,” said Deal. “Total Quality Logistics will benefit not only from our business-friendly environment and top-ranked workforce, but also our widely recognized logistics infrastructure. We welcome TQL to Atlanta and look forward to a great partnership.”

The company will rent office space in midtown Atlanta and the 75 jobs created will primarily be sales positions. The new TQL office represents the company’s first presence in Georgia. (more…)

David Perdue for Senate: Announces Statewide County Chairs & Co-Chairs

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David Perdue  for Senate: Announces Statewide County Chairs & Co-Chairs

Read the entire list here:

Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, David Perdue, today announced his statewide organization including chairs and co-chairs for all 159 counties who will help lead his campaign:

“I’m both honored and excited to announce my chairs and co-chairs for all 159 counties who will help move our campaign and party forward. Georgians deserve a fresh perspective in Washington to tackle the tough challenges we face as a country. But I can’t do this without the help of dedicated grassroots volunteers and supporters throughout our state and communities. We must stand united behind bold ideas and commonsense conservative solutions to help change Washington. Together, we must motivate our friends, family, and neighbors one door, one phone call, one postcard, and one personal contact at a time. That’s how we will take our country back,” said David Perdue.

Here’s what they’re saying about our campaign:

• “I’m standing with David in this campaign because he’s opposed to amnesty and will fight to secure our borders.” – Paul Hamilton, Berrien County

• “We’re on David’s team because we trust him to fight for our family and future generations to make sure they have the opportunity to live the American dream.” – Jan & Sen. Burt Jones, Butts County (more…)