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Georgia Politics, Campaigns, and Elections for July 8, 2015

On July 8, 1776, the bell now known as the Liberty Bell rang in the tower of the Pennsylvania State House, now called Independence Hall, to announce the first public reading of the Declaration of Independence.

Rung to call the Pennsylvania Assembly together and to summon people for special announcements and events, it was also rung on important occasions, such as King George III’s 1761 ascension to the British throne and, in 1765, to call the people together to discuss Parliament’s controversial Stamp Act. With the outbreak of the American Revolution in April 1775, the bell was rung to announce the battles of Lexington and Concord. Its most famous tolling, however, was on July 8, 1776, when it summoned Philadelphia citizens for the first reading of the Declaration of Independence.

The Liberty Bell inscription includes a reference to Leviticus 25:10, “Proclaim Liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof.”

The first of General William Tecumseh Sherman’s troops, under Major General Schofield, crossed the Chattahoochee River between Powers Ferry and Johnson Ferry on July 8, 1864.

Former United States Senator from Texas Phil Gramm (R) was born on July 8, 1942 in Columbus, Georgia, where his father was stationed at Fort Benning.

On July 8, 1975, President Gerald Ford announced his candidacy for President in the 1976 elections.

Georgia Politics, Campaigns, and Elections

Click here for appointments to Georgia state legislative study committees that will be working between now and the next Session.

DeKalb County CEO Burrell Ellis is due to be sentenced today after being convicted of perjury, attempted theft by extortion.

If you thought the runoff elections are pretty calm, you should see what’s going on in Forsyth County, where Sheri Gilligan and David Van Sant are trading blows. Sheri Gilligan, the candidate who led in the Special Election and came within two votes of winning outright says her credentials as a former CIA analyst have been questioned. Van Sant admitted to voting in Democratic primaries and donating to Democrat Michelle Nunn last year.Continue Reading..


House District 146 candidates line up on most issues | Elections |

As at other forums, candidates were asked about repealing the 6 cent gas price increase that went into effect July 1 as part of a $1 billion transportation plan.

[Kelly] Burke, 56, an attorney and a former Houston County district attorney, previously said he’d work to repeal the tax. He said Tuesday there are better ways to fund the state Department of Transportation than a tax increase.

Larry Walker III, 50, an insurance agency owner, said that repeal of the tax sounds good but noted the Georgia House of Representatives has many lawmakers. He said thinks most are interested in education, job creation, family values and issues other than the gas tax.

[Shaw] Blackmon, 42, president and CEO of National Bank Products, said he wouldn’t have voted for the tax but said it amounts to about $6 a month for the average Georgia driver.

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Adoptable Georgia Dogs for July 8, 2015

Griffin Mud Dogs

The Griffin Mud Dogs are 37 dogs living in muddy pens – it sounds like the owner became overwhelmed and the dogs are living in less-than-ideal conditions. A rescue group is coordinating finding homes, veterinary care, and supplies to improve their conditions until they can be adopted and fostered. Click here to find out what you can do to help by donating food and supplies, time and effort, or money.


Gus is chocolate male Pit mix and 4 years old. Gus is people friendly, but his status with dogs is unknown.

He is currently not neutered, nor up to date on vaccines. Gus is current on his rabies vaccine, however. His HW status is unknown at this time.

Funds are being raised to have Gus and all other dogs HW tested and fixed. If you are interested in sponsoring Gus’ vetting, please donate here.

If you are a rescue and are interested in taking Gus in or if you can foster Gus until a rescue or permanent home is found, please email [email protected].

Tater is a chocolate male with white markings, a Pit/Weimaraner mix about 4 years old. Tater is people friendly and dog-friendly.

As you can see in the photos, Tater has some sort of skin condition on his back end. We are unsure of the cause yet, but it is isolated to Tater and his pen partner TJ. We believe it may be one of 3 causes: 1. Demodectic Mange, 2. Flea or another Environmental allergy, 3. Irritation from constant scraping on the buckets used for shelter. Tater will need to be evaluated by a vet.

He is currently not neutered, nor up to date on vaccines. Tater is current on his rabies vaccine, however. His HW status is unknown at this time.


Susie is a grey female Weimaraner mix with white markings about 4 years old. Susie is great with people and other dogs!

She is currently not spayed, nor up to date on vaccines. Susie is current on her rabies vaccine, however. Her HW status is unknown at this time.

Funds are being raised to have Susie and all other dogs HW tested and fixed. If you are interested in sponsoring Susie’s vetting, please donate here.

Chester Hot Dog

In Columbus, Georgia, Nicole Elliott is caring for a terminally-ill dog named Chester and making sure his final days are filled with love and hot dogs.

Meet Nicole Elliott, the 24-year-old mom and animal foster parent who is caring for Chester. She picked him up from Animal Ark, a nonprofit animal rescue, where they told her of his fate.

“He wasn’t in the best shape. They bathed him and shaved away all of the matted, dirty hair. They found a very large tumor on his side, and had it removed. Since then they have shown up all over his body,” Elliott said.

Elliott says Chester’s history is mostly unknown before April 2015, when Animal Ark rescued him from a high-kill shelter in Columbus after his owners dropped him off there. Chester is a senior dog, about 13 or 14 years old.

“I was scrolling through, and saw a post with a before and after picture, and ‘hospice needed’ as the title. I had to think hard about if I could handle this since I have a young daughter, and my Grandma just passed away,” Elliott said. “I slept on it, and woke up knowing it was the right thing to do. I knew that it would be my responsibility to make his final days the best I could, to mine and his ability. I arrived before the shelter opened, and they let me in to get him. I fell in love the moment I saw him.”

“I am taking it a day at a time and trying to give him normal doggy experiences that he may have never had the chance to do before, and a ton of spoiling. So far he took a ride with the windows down, he had a famous Nathans hot dog, he had a doggie sundae, he had a milk and oatmeal bath (spa day), he went on a shopping spree where he got a cozy bed, bandannas, lots of treats, and toys. Out of all of that his favorite part has been any of the food and treats – he still has a HUGE appetite!”

She has other plans for Chester that include a dinner at a nice restaurant, a day at the beach and a birthday party at the animal rescue with his four-legged friends.


Atlanta Fed might ditch Stone Mountain for conference, amid Confederate concerns | Political Insider blog

Stone Mountain Park may lose a big meeting in the wake of its decision to continue displaying Rebel flags.

The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta is reconsidering whether it will hold its annual conference at the park amid threats of boycotts to the park for its prominent display of the Confederate war emblems.

Said spokeswoman Jean Tate:

“The Atlanta Fed is committed to diversity and is sensitive to the concerns raised surrounding the display of confederate flags at Stone Mountain State Park. Each year, the Bank evaluates potential venues for the Financial Markets Conference, taking into consideration costs and other criteria. With that in mind, the concerns raised by the display of the flags will be a part of the evaluation process moving forward.”

via Atlanta Fed might ditch Stone Mountain for conference, amid Confederate concerns | Political Insider blog.


$140 million contract awarded for I-85 HOT lane extension | Route 666

And the winner is… C.W. Matthews. (Oh, and thousands of Northeast Atlanta commuters.)

A contract for $139.6 million was awarded Tuesday to the Marietta-based road contractor to design and build a 10-mile extension of the existing I-85 HOT lane in Gwinnett County, the Georgia Department of Transportation announced. That means drivers will be able to bypass congestion on the heavily traveled northeast Atlanta corridor for a far longer stretch.

The project involves construction of a single toll lane in each direction between Old Peachtree Road and Hamilton Mill Road.

via $140 million contract awarded for I-85 HOT lane extension | Route 666.


A Georgia-led ‘SEC primary’ is becoming a reality |

What was once a gleam in the eye of Georgia’s top elections official has become reality in recent months, as most of the South has aligned for a blockbuster March 1, 2016, presidential primary.

Voters in Georgia, where Secretary of State Brian Kemp has been the loudest cheerleader for the college athletics-themed “SEC primary,” will be joined by those in Alabama, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia for the regional vote that could shape what looks to be a drawn-out Republican race. North Carolina also could still move in.

Presidential hopefuls are taking notice, particularly on a Republican side that seems to gain a candidate per day. U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, is making four stops in Georgia this holiday weekend. U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., was among three candidates who showed up in Athens in May for the Georgia GOP convention.

“I’m excited about the SEC primary and being an active participant,” Rubio told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution at that meeting. “And you should be excited, too. You’re going to get a lot of people visiting.”

via A Georgia-led ‘SEC primary’ is becoming a reality |


Georgia Politics, Campaigns, and Elections for July 7, 2015

On July 7, 1742, General James Oglethorpe was victorious over the Spanish at the Battle of Bloody Marsh and the Battle of Gully Hole Creek; a week later Gov. Montiano would call off the invasion of Georgia from Florida, leaving Georgia to develop as a British colony.

Sliced bread was invented on July 7, 1928 at the Chillicothe Baking Company in Chillicothe, Missouri.

On July 7, 1958, President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed the Alaska Statehood Act.

The first female cadets enrolled at West Point on July 7, 1976.

Sandra Day O’Connor was nominated to the United States Supreme Court by President Ronald Reagan on July 7, 1981.

Georgia Politics, Campaigns, and Elections

The Georgia Low THC Cannabis Oil registry is now online, according to an Op-Ed by Dr. Brenda Fitzgeral, Commissioner of the Georgia Department of Public Health.

As one might imagine, setting up the registry was no simple task. First the Department of Public Health (DPH) had to address the requirement in HB 1, or the “Haleigh’s Hope Act,” that physicians certify their patients suffer from one of eight conditions. Working closely with the Georgia Composite Medical Board — which created a waiver for patients to sign (acknowledging this product is not FDA approved) and a certification form for physicians to fill out — we developed an electronic system that allows doctors to input patient information quickly and securely through an online portal.

All of this leads, of course, to the question: “How do I get a card?” The basic steps to obtaining one are as follows:

1. Patients and caregivers of patients who believe they may be eligible should consult with their physician about the possibility of obtaining a card allowing them to possess up to 20 fluid ounces of low THC oil within the state of Georgia.

2. If approved by the physician, the patient or patient’s caregivers’ information will be entered into DPH’s secure “Low THC Oil Registry” and a card(s) will be issued.

3. Patients and caregivers will be notified when the cards are ready for pickup (within 15 business days) from one of several public health offices geographically spread around the state.

“Low THC Oil Registry” cards cost $25 – the standard fee for obtaining a vital record in Georgia – and will be valid for two years from the date issued. After that time, cardholders will need to again consult with their physician about their continued eligibility and to request that they update and confirm their information into the registry. You can learn much more on our website:

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Adoptable Georgia Dogs for July 7, 2015


Stoli (above) is a 2-year old male Husky who weighs 37 pounds and is heartworm positive and will begin his treatment soon.

Stoli’s sister, Misha, (below), is a 2-year old Husky female weighing 38 pounds who is also hearworm positive and will retrieve treatment.

The bonded pair are both very sweet and have lived together since birth. They cry when kept separate and would be great if they are adopted together. Stoli and Misha are available for adoption from Clayton County Humane Society in Jonesboro, GA.



Meeko is a 10-month old male Siberian Husky mix puppy who is available for adoption from Dekalb County Animal Services in Decatur, GA. Meeko is probably eligible for the $17.76 July adoption special at DeKalb County Animal Services.


Wolfie, a young 2-year old, 58-pound adult male Siberian Husky mix is available for adoption from Doggie Harmony in Atlanta, GA.

Wolfie is beautiful and gets interest from any and everyone, but he is not for everyone. He needs an experienced dog owner that can let him be an alpha dog in a state of submission. He is a very smart and alert dog. He is friendly if he trusts you, but reserved and on guard if not. He is a FABULOUS guard dog.

Wolfie is fun to play fetch with and a good workout partner when hiking. He loves to splash in creeks. He curls up tiny at my feet to sleep and sprawls on his back overnight. He is not a trash thief, but food left out is tempting. He is very protective and loyal to the one he attaches to and will be kind and tolerant of those in ‘his person’s’ circle. Older children (10+) are good with him if they are confident and calm; he prefers women, but some men have earned his trust.


Senator Ted Cruz on Why the Simpsons Matter for Politics

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Onstage at Rock Springs Church, Milner, Georgia on July 5, 2015

Huckabee Milner

David Perdue Milner GA

Ted Cruz Onstage Milner