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Adoptable Georgia Dogs for January 5, 2016

Aspen Orphan Annie

Aspen is a sweet 2-3 year old mixed breed who is seeking a foster or adoptive home with the help of Orphan Annie Rescue in Atlanta, GA.

Hi my name is Aspen!!! I am a very sweet boy around 2-3 years old. I’m a total lover and I cannot wait to find my forever home. I get along well with other dogs. I am well mannered in the house and I am house trained. I was found as a stray on a very cold and rainy morning. Thankfully I was saved by a Good Samaritan and now I’m ready to find a family that will love me for the rest of my life.

Fosters must be in the Atlanta GA area. For fosters we provide a crate, take care of all medical expenses and can even provide food. If interested in fostering or adopting me please email the rescue at [email protected].

The Barrow County Animal Shelter is waiving all adoption fees on a number of dogs who have been there for a long time. Click here to see the no-fee adoptable.


Ruby is an 8-year old cattle dog mix female who is available for adoption for no fee from Barrow County Animal Control in Winder, GA.


Kyra is a 2-3 year old Pit Bull mix female with an irrepressible smile who is available for adoption for no fee from Barrow County Animal Control in Winder, GA

Barrow Stanford

Sanford is a dignified-looking 5-7 year old Labrador Retriever mix who is available for adoption for no fee from Barrow County Animal Control in Winder, GA


Potter is a young dog who came down with Parvo while in the care of a rescue group and had to spend the holidays at the vets under constant treatment and supervision. Parvo is, unfortunately, all too common in rescues, and my best uneducated guess is that it tends to come in with dogs who were in public animal shelters.

A single dog with Parvo can cost several thousand dollars in vet bills, and for a small rescue, that can be the difference between solvency and insolvency. Country Livin’ Pet Rescue, who rescued Potter needs your help to pay off his vet bills. You can donate online here or phone the vet’s office, Happy Tails at 678-963-5004 and ask to make a donation for Potter and Country Livin’ Pet Rescue.


Georgia Politics, Campaigns, and Elections for January 5, 2016

On January 5, 1734, the Trustees of Georgia ordered the return of 42 Jewish settlers who had come in 1733, primarily from Portugal, without the knowledge or approval of the Trustees. The Brits who sponsored the Jewish settlers refused and Georgia is home to the oldest Jewish settlement in the United States.

On January 5, 1781, traitor Benedict Arnold and 1600 British troops captured Richmond, Virginia.

On January 5, 1978, the British band the Sex Pistols started their American tour at the Great Southeast Music Hall in Atlanta, GA. The AJC has a photo gallery from the show, including the young promoter, Alex Cooley, who would become legendary.

Georgia Politics, Campaigns, and Elections

Mrs. GaPundit nominated as the legislative drama of 2015 the night when the General Assembly continued legislating past midnight. That was a not-entirely unpredictable result of Georgia’s most horrible hallowed legislative tradition, the last-minute sausage grinding sessions. WABE has a squib on the yearly late-night lawmaking,

The last-minute scramble to pass bills is a bipartisan Georgia tradition that some lawmakers say does not allow enough time to review legislation and avoid harming Georgians, let alone assess the potential effects of complicated laws.

Last year, just before midnight on the second-to-last day of the 2015 General Assembly, transportation bill HB 170, which aimed to raise hundreds of millions in tax dollars, appeared before the state Senate for a vote.

It was the most discussed piece of legislation during the session, but the version that passed included a $5 per night tax for hotel customers that was added just hours before the Senate voted to approve it.

That came as a shock to lobbyist Jim Sprouse, who leads the Georgia Hotel and Lodging Association.

“We didn’t have any heads up, any advance warning, no discussion or opportunity to provide data,” Sprouse said.

Republican Sen. Bill Heath of Cedartown called this situation “a disgrace.” Heath said that on that late night at the end of the 2015 session, hotel owners in his district did not have time to tell him what they thought about the transportation bill.

“Those people were back in their businesses trying to get people settled in for the night,” Heath said. “They weren’t down here looking over the rail at the legislature working.”

Heath voted against the bill, because he said he did not have enough time to review it.

The other most horrible hallowed tradition of the Georgia General Assembly is the yearly fixit bills that undo hasty changes made the previous year after the law of unintended consequences kicks in. It’s a yearly ritual. The hotel-motel fee is the worst of both situation.

If I were king for a day, the first thing I’d do after I got tired of taking hot laps around the track at Porsche’s Atlanta headquarters would be to institute a truly-biennial legislative process. Substantive bills would have to be introduced in the first year of a two-year cycle and would be eligible for passage in the second year, unless they first received a vote designating them at time-sensitive. Time-sensitive bills could compose no more than 5 percent of legislation in any two-year cycle, which would also limit the number of bills that would ultimately pass, while giving ample time for careful consideration of the other 95 percent of bills.Continue Reading..


State Rep. Brett Harrell announces reelection campaign

State Representative Brett Harrell Announces That He Will Seek Re-Election. Exceeds Over $100,000 Cash On Hand for His Campaign.

Brett Harrell_Logo_

State Representative Brett Harrell (R-106) announced today that he will seek re-election to the State House in 2016. District 106 covers parts of Snellville, Grayson, Loganville and Lawrenceville.

The Primary Election will be held on May 24th, 2016. Harrell also announced that he has raised over $100,000 for his re-election campaign.

“It has truly been a pleasure representing the people of District 106 at the state Capitol, and I am grateful for the opportunity they have given me to do so. I am proud of my record of putting taxpayers first, supporting balanced budgets, passing meaningful transportation reform, and championing efforts to curb the tide of illegal immigration.”Continue Reading..


Georgia Politics, Campaigns, and Elections for January 4, 2016

Georgia and American History

On January 1, 1751, the law prohibiting slavery in Georgia was repealed after an act passed by the Georgia Trustees the previous year.

On January 2, 1766, some Sons of Liberty marched on the Royal Governor’s Mansion in Savannah to “discuss” the Stamp Act, which required the use of stamped paper for all printing as a means of taxing the colonies. They were met by a pistol-toting Governor Wright. The next day, January 3, 1766, the Royal Stamp Master arrived at Tybee Island and was taken to the Governor’s Mansion. On that day, Georgia became the first and only colony in which the stamp tax was actually collected.

Georgia became the fourth state to ratify the United States Constitution on January 2, 1788.

Timothy Pickering of Massachusetts became the first United States Senator to be censured by the body on January 2, 1811.

Delaware, technically at the time a slave state, rejected a proposal to secede from the United States on January 3, 1861.

The Emancipation Proclamation by President Abraham Lincoln went into effect in eleven Southern states on January 1, 1863, though parts of Virginia and Louisiana were exempt.

On January 3, 1973, Andrew Young was sworn in as the first African-American Congressman from Georgia since 1871.

Utah was admitted as the 45th state on January 4, 1896. Alaska became the 49th state on January 3, 1959.

Georgia Congressman Newt Gingrich was elected Speaker of the House on January 4, 1995, the third Georgian to wield the gavel. This marked the first time in more than forty years that Republicans controlled the House of Representatives.

On January 4, 1999, in DeKalb County, State Court Judge Al Wong became the first Asian-American judge in Georgia and the Southeast.

Georgia Politics, Campaigns, and Elections

We’re now less than sixty days from the 2016 Presidential Preference Primary here in Georgia, and two candidates have dropped out of the Republican race since Secretary of State Brian Kemp announced the lists of qualified candidates.Continue Reading..


Adoptable Georgia Dogs for January 4, 2016


Nala is a pit/dalmatian? mix, about 4-5 months old, albino white with a few brown spots. She is completely deaf but very playful, going through crate and leash training and housebroken( almost),  just needs lots of attention.  Nala is a great pup, getting better on a leash, and is adapting well to crate training.Current on all shots and is negative for heart-worm. She’s in a foster home but needs a new foster home or forever home as soon as possible. If you’re interested in helping her, email me directly and I’ll put you in touch with her foster.

Newnan Coweta Humane

Newnan-Coweta Humane Society is hosting an adoption day and fundraiser for shelter pets on Saturday, January 9, 2016 from 9 AM to Noon at Coweta Animal Control, 91 Selt Rd, Newnan, GA.


Barney is a 40-pound Australian Shepherd/Pointer mix male who is available for adoption from Coweta County Animal Control in Newnan, GA.

“Barney” is such a fun-loving, sweet, playful, and loving young fella! He never, ever meets a stranger and always loves to have a good time! “Barney” would love nothing more than to be with a forever family where he will be a cherished companion pet. Please don’t let “Barney” sit for one more day at the shelter….his time is rapidly running out! Can you open your heart and home and offer him a second chance at life and love. PLEASE HURRY! This pet has been at the shelter since 08/17/15!!


Oscar is a 7-month old Great Dane mix male who already weighs 33 pounds and is available for adoption from Coweta County Animal Control in Newnan, GA.

“Oscar” is the SWEETEST young man despite someone cutting his ears. It looks like someone tried to cut his ears to make them stand up like a Great Dane ……. how can anyone be so horrible to such a precious, loving soul. Just look at his picture and you can see…..just horrible. Please……can you open your heart and home to this precious loving, sweet, playful and charming guy? “Oscar” desperately needs someone to open their heart and home and offer him a second chance at life and love. Sadly, he is rapidly running out of time due to shelter overcrowding. PLEASE HURRY!


Stella is a 5-year old female American Bulldog who is available for adoption from Coweta County Animal Control in Newnan, GA.

Precious….absolutely PRECIOUS!!!! If “Stella” doesn’t melt your heart….you may need to see a doctor. This precious girl was brought in as a stray along with her sibling, “Stevie” (A031614). Just like “Stevie” a very cruel individual cut off her ears. In fact, they cut down to the ear canal. How can anyone be so cruel??? “Stella” is so incredibly sweet, loving, humble and only desires to be loved and safe. We have never seen any aggression and she loved the two little girls that are with her in the video. “Stella” is a little nervous – and rightly so – but she warms up once she knows that you mean her no harm.

Her brother, “Stevie”, is a little more confident but he is a little head shy……hands have not been good to him. “Stella” is not as head shy but when she first meets you, she will need a little time to know that you are kind. It is truly HEARTBREAKING. However, despite people (or person) not being kind to her in the past, she holds no grudges and loves everyone she meets. “Stella” desperately needs a safe and loving home and quickly…her time is rapidly running out. Can you open your heart and home and offer her a second chance at life and love. Please….please don’t overlook this precious, loving, sweet, kind and humble soul. PLEASE HURRY!


2015 Georgia Politics in Review

Presidential Candidates 2016 Calendar GaPundit


Senator David Perdue: Reflecting On My First Year In The Senate

David Perdue Flags

By U.S. Senator David Perdue

Dear friends,

Almost a year ago, I stood next to my wife Bonnie, put my hand on my Father’s Bible, and swore to uphold the Constitution and represent the people of Georgia in the United States Senate. This is a role I never imagined, but one I take very seriously.

To emphasize the magnitude of this responsibility, I held my first staff meeting at the National Archives—home of the Declaration of Independence, the United States Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. We reflected deeply on the role of our federal government and the need to hold it accountable to the people we represent.

I came to the Senate with a sense of urgency to make a difference. In my first weeks, I sponsored three bills that would help put in place a system that is more representative of Georgia’s priorities, including a constitutional amendment to balance the budget, a Fair Tax system, and term limits legislation. But as a businessman with no political experience, it immediately became clear to me that Washington’s budget process is broken. It has only worked four times in the last forty years. In the real world, this would have been fixed long ago. Continue Reading..


Adoptable Georgia Dogs for December 30, 2015

Barrow County is trying to clear out its Animal Shelter to begin the New Year right. Today and tomorrow, adoptions are only $15.

Pittie Mama

This beautiful mama is an adult female Pibble who was bred (intentionally or negligently) several times before her owners took her too the shelter because they can’t afford to feed her. She is available for adoption at Barrow County Animal Shelter for $15, fully vetted.


Serena is a 1-year old female Yellow Lab mix who weighs 49 pounds and is available for adoption at Barrow County Animal Shelter for $15, fully vetted.


Kudzu is a 1-year old, 60-pound Black Lab mix male who is available for adoption at Barrow County Animal Shelter for $15, fully vetted.


Sheba is a friendly 2-year old Terrier mix female who is available for adoption at Barrow County Animal Shelter for $15, fully vetted.

Cherokee County Animal Shelter received a certificate from the United States Department of Agriculture after three shelter dogs were accepted into the  Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service’s National Detector Dog Training Center.

Dogs allocated to the program, which is based in Newnan, are put through rigorous testing and assessments to qualify as training candidates. The dogs admitted must possess the following characteristics: self-confidence, soundness, high food drive, sociability and adaptability.

The USDA accepts shelter dogs who fit the specific behavior profile to create a large group of detector dog candidates. The dogs accepted into the program are trained to detect pests and diseases on agricultural products.

Former Cherokee animal shelter dogs Bo and Kirby, both beagles, and Dutton, a chocolate lab, are all waiting for handlers/trainers to be assigned to them to carry out their official duties


Georgia Politics, Campaigns, and Elections for December 30, 2015

Georgia and American History

Georgia Governor George Towns signed a constitutional amendment that removed the requirement that governors own at least 500 acres real estate and other property valued at least $4000 on December 30, 1847. At the time, an amendment to the state constitution had to be passed twice by the General Assembly in subsequent sessions, but did not require voter approval.

The Gadsden Purchase, establishing the southern border of the United States with Mexico, was signed on December 30, 1853.

The USS Monitor, the first federal ironclad steamship, sank on December 30, 1862 off Cape Hatteras, North Carolina.

The American Political Science Association was formed on December 30, 1903, and has been misunderstood ever since.

The first live recording of Led Zeppelin was made at Gonzaga University on December 30, 1968.

Lockheed received the contract to produce 50 C-5B cargo aircraft for the federal government on December 30, 1982.

Georgia Politics, Campaigns, and Elections

Batten down the hatches, as more rain is expected beginning today. In Gordon County, a local state of emergency has been issued and a 64-year old man was found drowned in his car, presumably after he bypassed a barricade to drive on a flooded road.

Residents in many areas are being warned against drinking water from flooded wells or springs.

“We don’t advise cooking with the water, showering or bathing,” said Raymond King, Director of Environmental Health at the North Georgia Health District in Dalton.

Unlike public water systems, wells are easily contaminated.

“Bacteria, viruses, chemicals, even manure from farms. When (wells) are covered with flood waters, most of them get contaminated, one way or another,” King explained.

While homeowners with contaminated flooded wells can still flush their toilets, King advises them to buy their drinking water. Any food touched by flood waters should also be tossed in the trash.

Homeowners with flooded wells should use bleach to disinfect it, and wait at least 8 hours before flushing the system. Water samples should then be dropped off at a public health lab for testing to determine if the well is safe to drink.

“We’re not saying everybody who drinks a contaminated well is going to get sick, but we’re especially concerned about small children and people with compromised immune systems,” King said.

In Catoosa County, the public water system was overwhelmed by flood waters and residents are asked to conserve water.

All of the recent rain is responsible for the low water supply and shutting off the water pumps.

Now, [the county] is asking all customers to conserve water — so the county doesn’t run out.

“The pumps were first turned off on Wednesday of this week and we got them up and running yesterday, Sunday,” said Randall Crawford, Vice-Chairman of the Catoosa Utility District Authority.

That water comes from a local spring, which is now flooded, forcing the utility company to shut down its pumps to avoid contaminated water.

“When that run-off can not flow then we have to stop pumping so we don’t take the chance of getting bad water into the system,” Crawford said.

The potential failure of an Oconee County dam led county officials to ask residents below the dam to evacuate, according to the Athens Banner Herald.

Oconee County officials were asking people along Briar Lakes Court to evacuate their homes Tuesday evening due to the possibility of a dam failing on one of three lakes in the subdivision located off Mars Hill Road near Georgia Highway 316.

If the dam fails, it will cut off access to homes along the dead-end street, according to Oconee County Fire Rescue and the county’s public works department. There are approximately nine homes along the street.

“Residents on Briar Lakes Court are encouraged to leave now or risk being trapped in their homes,” the Oconee County Sheriff’s Office posted on its Facebook page. Other homes in the subdivision are not in any danger, according to the post.

Yesterday, Gov. Nathan Deal swore in three new judges to the Georgia Court of Appeals.Continue Reading..


Adoptable Georgia Dogs for December 29, 2015

The good folks at Country Livin’ Pet Rescue have found themselves in a bit of a financial pickle, with veterinary bills piling up. A dog who has come down with Parvo is expensive, whether it be for a rescue group or a family. There are three ways you can help this fine organization:

1. Donate online via this link;

2. If you’d prefer to send a check, please email the rescue group; or

3. Phone the vet, Happy Tails, at 678-963-5004 and make a credit card payment to donate toward the bills of Country Livin’.

Folks are sometimes surprised at what seems like high fees to adopt a mutt through a rescue group. But you’re not just paying for “a dog,” you’re paying to support the rescue that gave their blood, sweat, tears, and money to save the dog who suddenly broke with parvo or the dog who came into a public shelter with a broken leg and had no one else to save their lives. This is especially true with smaller rescue groups.

Veterinarians often offer credit and reduced rates to rescue groups, but the bills can pile up fast, and a single canine illness can threaten a group’s ability to continue its mission. It’s not too late to be a Christmas miracle for someone.


Coco is a sweet little (6lb) Chihuahua who found herself being taken to a kill shelter after becoming pregnant. It wasn’t Coco’s fault her family didn’t have her spayed, yet she almost paid the ultimate price. Coco is housebroken, crate trained and gets along with other dogs. Cats – not so much :-) Like many Chihuahua’s, Coco has a slight heart murmur but that doesn’t keep her down. Her favorites things to do are to sit in your lap, go for rides in the car and go for long walks. Coco is estimated at 2 – 3 years old and she is available for adoption from Country Livin’ Pet Rescue in Metro Atlanta.


Gunnar is a beautiful 1-year old blue merle male aussie. He is young and playful, but can be shy meeting new people. Gunnar is great with other dogs, good with kids and good with cats. He is a very cool dude that is looking for his own family. Gunnar doesn’t understand why he doesn’t have his own family and is hoping someone will adopt him soon so he can bond with them and have someone to go on walks with, play ball with, etc. Could you be that person? Gunnar is available for adoption from Country Livin’ Pet Rescue in Metro Atlanta.


Lola is a super fun-loving 10-12 month old German Shepherd Dog mix girl. She is crate trained, housebroke, and tons of fun! She knows sit, down, shake and is working on other commands. She loves to play with other dogs or people, likes toys, and gives kisses. She has a scar on one side of her face that we aren’t quite sure how she got, but it is all healed up now. She is a sweet young girl that needs a chance! Lola is available for adoption from Country Livin’ Pet Rescue in Metro Atlanta.