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Adoptable Georgia Dogs for February 6, 2015

Ronald and Nancy Reagan owned several dogs during their years in the White House, including Lucky, a Bouvier de Flandres, Victory, a Golden Retriever, and Scottish Terriers named Scotch and Soda. For Christmas 1985, Ronald gave Nancy a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel she named Rex.

Here’s President Reagan traveling with Lucky.

Reagan Lucky

Gwinnett County Jail Dog Bandit needs your help today.


This poor boy had severe complications immediately following his heartworm treatment and is currently paralyzed in his back legs. The vets believe that inflammation at the site of he injection has affected his spinal cord function. This has been going on for several weeks now. The hope is that Bandit will improve over time as the inflammation disappears. In the mean time, his vet bills are well over $1,000 (and climbing).

Bandit’s team of inmate handlers have been wonderful in providing the round the clock care he needs, including manually expressing his bladder for him. The inmates have been taught to do physical therapy on Bandit to help him regain use of his legs, and they have diligently completed every task the vets have asked of them. Everyone is working together to help Bandit get back on his feet again. If you can help us with a contribution to Bandit’s ever-growing vet bills, you can donate at Click “Support Us” and note that your donation is for Jaildog Bandit. Thank you!


Number 43753 is a female baby Chihuahua who is friendly and will be available for adoption from Gwinnett County Animal Shelter beginning on February 8, 2015.


Number 43542 is an adult Basset Hound mix who may be a senior, who was found stray and is available for adoption from Gwinnett County Animal Shelter.


Number 43729 is a young terrier mix male who looks kind of like a mini-Boxer. He is friendly and was surrendered by his owner and is available for adoption from Gwinnett County Animal Shelter.


Sen. Johnny Isakson: Defends Middle Class Americans, Small Business Owners Against Administration’s Overreach

Your Washington Desk

From Senator Johnny Isakson

Isakson Defends Middle Class Americans, Small Business Owners against Administration’s Overreach

Isakson on federal labor board decision: ‘If you take away …incentives for corporations to franchise, or in other words, opportunity to middle America, you’re going to make the big guys bigger and the small guys are going to be out of business.’

U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson, R-Ga., today said a federal labor board’s proposal to change the definition of “joint-employer” could destroy a well-established business model that has allowed middle class Americans to live the dream of business ownership, including the 700,000 U.S. small businesses supporting more than 17 million jobs.

Isakson blasted the proposal by the  National Labor Relations Board, or NLRB, to change the joint employer standard, saying it could “make franchising almost impossible because it would take away the benefits of a small entrepreneur being able to start a small business and grow it using a brand name that was established by a major corporation.”

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Rep. Tom Graves: Votes to Free Small Businesses from Unnecessary Government

Your Washington – Ga 14 – Desk

From Congressman Tom Graves 

Tom Graves 2

Rep. Tom Graves Votes to Free Small Businesses from Unnecessary Government

Rep. Tom Graves (R-GA-14) voted this week in favor of two bills that would reduce the regulatory burden on small businesses: the Small Business Regulatory Flexibility Improvements Act of 2015 (H.R. 527) and the Unfunded Mandates Information and Transparency Act (H.R. 50).

H.R. 527 would give Americans employed by small businesses a voice in the government regulatory process, eliminate loopholes the IRS uses to avoid interacting with small businesses, and require agencies to consider the indirect economic effects of regulations. H.R. 527 passed the House by a vote of 260 to 163.

H.R. 50 would require the federal government to consider the impact of unfunded mandates before passing them to state and local governments or the private sector, bringing more transparency to the costs of these mandates. H.R. 50 passed the House by a vote of 250 to 173.

“Millions of people across the country support their families by working at a small business,” said Rep. Tom Graves. “But these small businesses are suffocating under the weight of federal regulations, which currently cost them a whopping $11,000 per employee. By reducing this regulatory burden, we will free small businesses to hire, grow and invest.”

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Rep. Lynn Westmoreland: Increasing Government Transparency for Small Businesses

Your Washington – GA 3 – Desk

From Congressman Lynn Westmoreland



Increasing Government Transparency for Small Businesses

Today, the House passed H.R. 527, the Small Business Regulatory Flexibility Improvements Act of 2015. The bill requires federal agencies to consider the economic effects of regulations on small business before imposing extremely burdensome mandates that hinder growth and job creation. Congressman Westmoreland supported this bill.

“As a former small business owner, I know first-hand the important role that small businesses play in our economy and their responsibility for almost all new net job growth in this country,” stated Westmoreland. “During these tough economic times, it is in our nation’s best interest to ensure that small businesses flourish. Washington should be here to work for the people, not against them.

“I will always support legislation that puts freedom, choice, and control back into the hands of small business owners and out of the hands of the federal government. This bill requires federal agencies to receive small businesses’ input before implementing rules, and to examine the cost of new regulations on the owners. I will continue to fight for legislation that removes costly regulations, increases transparency, and cuts through the bureaucratic red tape to help grow small businesses and our nation’s economy.”

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Senators Form Atlanta Delegation: Orrock & Tate Are Co-Chairs

Your Georgia Desk

From The Senate Press Office 

nan Sen Tate


Senators Form Atlanta Delegation

Orrock, Tate to serve as co-chairs

Seven state Senators, concerned about the lack of representation of in-town constituency needs, have formed the Atlanta Senate Delegation.

In their first order of business, the delegation elected Sens. Nan Orrock (D – Atlanta) and Horacena Tate (D – Atlanta) as Co-Chairs and Sen. Elena Parent (D – Atlanta) as Secretary.

“Ensuring the interests of in-town Atlanta citizens are well represented is critical. The creation of the Atlanta Delegation will allow those of us who represent districts within the City of Atlanta to focus on and address the specialized of our urban citizens,” said Sen. Orrock.  “Atlanta is the economic engine of the state and we’ll be engaged in upholding the best interests of Atlanta under the Gold Dome.”

“The formation of this delegation provides us an opportunity to share good ideas and work collaboratively with Senate and House colleagues on local issues. It provides us an additional opportunity to talk through proposed legislation with a specific lens of Atlanta,” said Sen. Tate.

The delegation’s next meeting will be held on Tuesday, February 10 with the Atlanta House Delegation.

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Port of Brunswick: International Auto Processing Handles 5 millionth Vehicle

Your Georgia Desk

From The Georgia Ports Authority

Port 5 Million

International Auto Processing handles 5 millionth vehicle
Milestone reached after 28 years of service at Port of Brunswick

A silver Hyundai Genesis rolling down the ramp of the Wallenius Wilhelmsen vessel Isolde became the 5 millionth vehicle handled by International Auto Processing at the Port of Brunswick.

“On behalf of the GPA, I would like to congratulate IAP, a long-time partner at the Port of Brunswick,” said Georgia Ports Authority Executive Director Curtis Foltz. “This important milestone exemplifies IAP’s reliability and the trust automakers have in their service.”

International Auto Processing began its Colonel’s Island operation in 1986, with its first shipment of 567 Yugos (all in red).

“Over the years, more and more carmakers have seen the value in using Colonel’s Island as a gateway to the Southeastern U.S. market, helping IAP and the Port of Brunswick to achieve phenomenal growth over three decades as a ro/ro facility,” said Robert Miller, president and CEO of International Auto Processing.

Having grown to employ 250 full-time workers and up to 100 in flexible staffing, IAP now serves Audi, Bentley, General Motors, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota and Volkswagen. In addition to receiving and storing new vehicles, IAP acts as an extension of the factory floor. The company performs quality checks, installs over 100 various accessories, and washes and prepares the vehicles for transportation to dealers.

“In 2014, we handled more than 450,000 vehicles,” Miller said. “Most of the import vehicles handled by IAP are delivered to the six-state Southeast area, although some customers serve dealerships as far west as Texas and as far north as the mid-Atlantic states.”

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Sen. Bruce Thompson: Unanimous Votes in Support of Children

Your Georgia Desk

From Senator Bruce Thompson

Senator Bruce Thompson


Unanimous Votes in Support of Children

The second week of business in the state Senate concluded with a unanimous, bi-partisan vote. Senate Bill 1, sponsored by Senator Charlie Bethel helps children with autism get health insurance coverage. This bill is an important step in the battle for health insurance for children with conditions on the autism spectrum disorder.

SB 1 is a top priority for the Senate Majority Caucus this legislative session because autism is affecting more and more Georgians. The most recent estimates say as many as 1 in 64 children are diagnosed on the autism spectrum. The treatment these children need is expensive for their families, crucial to the development and important for the health of our society.

Children with autism who are unable to get treatment, speech therapy and social development often fall behind in school, require special attention and have trouble interacting with other kids. Brilliant, beautiful young minds with abilities to great work for years to come need a little help to make sure that they can have a happy childhood and embrace what makes them special as individuals.

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Sen. Bill Cowsert: Senate Unanimously Passes 10th Grade-to-College Bill

Your Georgia Desk

From Senator Bill Cowsert


Senate Unanimously Passes 10th Grade-to-College Bill

In today’s society, those who haven’t achieved a technical school certificate or earned a college degree have a hard time finding a career path that would easily allow them to raise a family and prosper. Those without a high school diploma are all but left out of the running for any job that could be construed as a “career.” This week, Senate Republicans continued the pursuit of our legislative agenda by passing Senate Bill 2, the Lieutenant Governor’s initiative that encourages education and job readiness by removing obstacles to attaining a high school diploma, the first prerequisite to finding a good job.

Senate Bill 2, the second item on the Republican’s 2015 agenda, was passed unanimously by all 56 Senators, with every Republican and Democrat united in support. It helps eliminate barriers for high school students who are ready to take college level classes or technical college classes.

The measure pertains to students who are at least 16 years old, have finished the 10th grade, and have completed two English courses, two math courses, two science courses, two social studies courses, and health and physical fitness requirements – typical core courses for the first two years of high school. If these high school students can pass college entrance examinations, they can begin taking courses towards an associate’s degree or technical diploma/certificate. Once they achieve their degree or certificate, their high school requirements will have been fulfilled. In effect, they will have graduated both college and high school on the same day.

This bill is a true win-win. High school students who are ready for college can get a jump start on their education. High school students who are not suited for traditional college can pursue a skilled trade or technical program and gain the training and education that will help them thrive in the workplace. In turn, Georgia gains a skilled workforce of graduates who can fill positions as welders, machinists, medical technicians, wildlife managers, and many more important functions needed in our economy.

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AUDIO – Sen. Josh McKoon: From GA Faith & Freedom Coalition on Religious Freedom

Your Georgia Desk

Interview Senator Josh McKoon

Your Ga Pundit correspondent spoke with Senator Josh McKoon at the Georgia Faith and Freedom Coalition lunch regarding the status of the religious freedom legislation:


Elaine Boyer’s sentencing rescheduled again |

Elaine Boyer’s sentencing has been rescheduled again, this time to March 20, according to Bob Page, spokesman for the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Atlanta.

The delay could stem from the time federal prosecutors need to establish if Boyer has provided “substantial assistance” in exchange for their recommendation of a lighter sentence, a condition of her plea agreement.

via Elaine Boyer’s sentencing rescheduled again |