Georgia Politics, Campaigns, and Elections for August 25, 2014

On August 25, 325, the Council of Nicea adopted the Nicene Creed.

On August 25, 1864, Union troops stopped artillery bombardment of Atlanta and withdrew from fortifications around the city. On the same day, in Virginia, Confederate forces attacked Federals under Gen. Grant at Ream’s Station.

On August 25, 1877, delegates to the state Constitutional Convention approved a new post-Reconstruction state Constitution, the seventh in state history, to be submitted to the voters on December 5, 1877.

The all-time highest score in a professional baseball game was recorded on August 25, 1922, as the Chicago Cubs beat the Philadelphia Phillies by 26-23.

Paris was liberated from German army control on August 25, 1944.

On August 25, 1950, President Harry S. Truman ordered the seizure of the nation’s private railroads by executive order.

Our photo selections from Gould Hagler show two different shots of the same monument, the state’s second oldest Confederate monument in Griffin, Georgia. Here’s what it looked like before a cleaning and restoration.

Gould Hagler

And after cleaning and restoration:

Gould Hagler Griffin2

Gould’s book, Georgia’s Confederate Monuments: In Honor of a Fallen Nation, is available for ordering online from Mercer University Press. We receive no compensation for running these, and paid for our own copy.



Happy Birthday to Georgia Governor Nathan Deal

I didn’t get you anything, but you have my support and on November 4, 2014, I’ll vote to re-elect Governor Deal.

Nydia Tisdale arrested at Dawsonville GOP Rally

Nydia Tisdale is a Forsyth County political activist who has made a name of herself by shooting video at public meetings and political events and posting them on YouTube.

She’s not always welcomed. In 2012, Cumming Mayor H. Ford Gravitt had her removed from a meeting of the Cumming City Council.

Attorney General Sam Olens disagreed with the City’s video policy.

Olens filed suit in Forsyth County Superior Court against the city of Cumming and Mayor H. Ford Gravitt for the alleged violation of Georgia open meetings law on June 5, 2012.

On the same day of the alleged [2012] violations, Gov. Nathan Deal signed into law the updated version of Georgia’s Sunshine Law.

The law says that a person is allowed to make visual and audio recordings at a public meeting. The new law, which went into effect the same day, provides for visual and sound recordings of public meetings and authorizes the attorney general to sue violators and seek penalties.

This past Saturday, Tisdale uploaded to YouTube a video she shot of Gov. Nathan Deal, Senate candidate David Perdue and others at the North Fulton Victory 2014 Rally held earlier this month. (more…)

Adoptable Georgia Dogs for August 25, 2014

Little Bear

I call this one “Little Bear,” but her ID number is 23601019 and she’s listed as a mix of Australian Cattle Dog and Chesapeake Bay Retriever. She is available for adoption from Polk County Animal Control in Cedartown, GA, where she is on the urgent list for euthanasia.


23601586 is a male Dachshund & Terrier Mix puppy who is available for adoption from Polk County Animal Control in Cedartown, GA.

Floyd Lab Puppies 5

Floyd County Animal Shelter has five Black Labrador Retriever puppies, numbers 1491, 1492, 1493, 1495, and 1496 who are available for adoption.

Floyd 11 Puppies Comp

The Floyd County Animal Shelter also has this litter of eleven puppies, listed as Hounds, but there’s no such thing as a black Hound dog, so they’ve got to have something like a Black Lab as an unknown in their background. So beautiful, but being so young in the pound is a tragedy, as they get sick easily, and sick dogs are the first put down. Please consider saving one or more by adopting or fostering today.


Jacob is a senior Yellow Lab whose owner works actively in dog rescue, specializing in Labs. Jacob has recently required knee surgery, and complications kept him in the hospital for several days. He needs financial support to help pay his vet bills. People who help rescue dogs often do so at significant personal cost, and helping us pay for Jacob’s surgery is a way to payback the service they give, and help them save more dogs.

Click here to make an online donation toward Jacob’s more than $3000 in vet bills.

Gang activity decline continues in Gwinnett County Schools | Gwinnett Daily Post

SUWANEE — Each year when James A. Taylor presents discipline facts and figures about the previous school year to the Gwinnett County Board of Education, he has a favorite statistic.

On Thursday during a workshop meeting at the Instructional Support Center, the number was 99.2 percent.

For Taylor, executive director of academic support for Gwinnett County Public Schools, that represented the percent of students who last school year did not participate in a discipline hearing. And that’s why he added there is “no reason for alarm” despite there being 1,285 hearings and 13 expulsions.

Another favorite figure for Taylor was what he called the “dinosaur chart” when he referred to declining incidents of gang activity. Last school year, there were 37 referrals for gang activity, a number that continues a trend. The year before there were 62 incidents and two years ago there were 88.

“We’re not seeing as much,” Taylor said. “Administrators are trained. They have a keen eye and recognize gang signs and behavior and address it immediately.”

via Gang activity decline continues in Gwinnett County Schools | Gwinnett Daily Post.

Developer announces partner for Gwinnett movie studio campus | Gwinnett Daily Post

The Los Angeles-based management and production company behind movies such as Marvel’s “Iron Man 2,” “Captain America 2,” “The Avengers” and the next three “Avatar” sequels has been selected by Jacoby Development to market, lease and manage the Atlanta Media Campus, a 114-acre mixed-use development in Norcross expected to open in 2015.

MBS3 includes the MBS Media Campus and MBS Equipment Company. In addition to their major movie work, MBS Media Campus is also home to ABC’s “America’s Funniest Home Videos” and “Revenge” as well as CBS’ upcoming new series “Scorpion.”

“We are fortunate to be teaming with one of the most experienced owners and managers of independent studios and accompanying production service providers in the country,” said Jacoby Development Chairman Jim Jacoby in a press release. “MBS brings valuable expertise and extensive industry relationships and connections that promise to continue to attract major film productions to the Atlanta Media Campus and Studios.”

via Developer announces partner for Gwinnett movie studio campus | Gwinnett Daily Post.

DeKalb commissioner sues over ethics complaint |

DeKalb County Commissioner Jeff Rader has filed a libel lawsuit against a resident who brought an ethics complaint against him, and the resident has responded with a new ethics complaint alleging retaliation.

Rader’s lawsuit said DeKalb resident Timothy Brantley made false and defamatory statements by accusing Rader of using his elected position to benefit himself and his former employer, which has won contracts from the county. The suit is seeking at least $100,000 in damages.

The Board of Ethics on Aug. 14 rejected the complaint against Rader because it lacked claims about any specific unethical action he took that could be investigated. Similar accusations were brought this week against Rader as part of another complaint.

“I feel like that type of allegation can’t go unanswered,” said Rader, who has recused himself from voting on matters related to Jacobs Engineering, which was his employer until last year. “My purpose in (filing suit) was not to retaliate against him; it was to try and clear my name against these accusations.”

via DeKalb commissioner sues over ethics complaint |

The Marietta Daily Journal – Sounding off on Lee Officials give their take on recent allegations against the BoC Chairman

MARIETTA — Members of the Cobb Board of Commissioners have taken different positions on the allegation Chairman Tim Lee acted inappropriately when he engaged an attorney to do preliminary work on the deal to bring the Atlanta Braves to the county.

A story published Sunday by the Atlanta media describes attorney Dan McRae’s involvement in the deal between the county and the ballclub to build a new $672 million stadium in the Cumberland area. The story alleges Lee acted inappropriately by working with McRae from July through November 2013 without knowledge or approval from the rest of the board or county attorney Deborah Dance.

“The essence of the story is … that I worked with Dan McRae, who is the attorney for the Cobb County Development Authority. I worked with him at no cost to the county to help figure out what financial opportunities were available to the county as far as the Braves deal,” Lee told the Marietta Daily Journal earlier this month.

Dance told the MDJ on Thursday she has “authority and discretion to hire attorneys to work on behalf of Cobb County, Georgia.”

She said because McRae was not paid, she considers his work a public service.

“Because there was no attorney contract and no money exchanged hands relative to Dan McRae’s services on behalf of the county, my professional opinion is that he provided those services to the county pro bono as a public service,” she wrote in an email.

via The Marietta Daily Journal – Sounding off on Lee Officials give their take on recent allegations against the BoC Chairman.

Public hearing on Common Core to be conducted at Northside High | Education | Columbus Ledger Enquirer

If you have something to say about the state’s public education system, especially the controversial Common Core, and don’t want to schlep to Atlanta to speak to the Georgia Board of Education, then you might want to take advantage of a local opportunity next week.

Each of the state school board’s 14 members has scheduled a public hearing for their congressional district.

Helen Rice, the board’s representative for the 3rd Congressional District, which comprises part of Columbus, will host Monday’s public hearing, starting at 7 p.m., in the Northside High School auditorium, 2002 American Way.

The public hearing for the 2nd Congressional District, which also comprises part of Columbus, will be conducted Sept. 4, starting at 7 p.m., in Crisp County Middle School, 1116 E. 24th Ave., Cordele. That board seat is vacant, so former board member Wanda Barrs will be the host.

via Public hearing on Common Core to be conducted at Northside High | Education | Columbus Ledger Enquirer.

At 64, Judge Bill Rumer finds satisfaction and joy calling high school football games | Latest News | Columbus Ledger Enquirer

Friday nights were made for Bill Rumer.

He loves the smell of tailgating and concession stand hamburgers on the grill. He loves the sound of high school bands marching into a stadium and football players getting ready for the game.

“It is all like a festival,” he said. “It is beautiful. Man, I love it. I just love it.”

He loves it enough to stay in the game at 64 years old.

The former Jordan High School cornerback is still a part of it, and tonight when high school football kicks off across Georgia and Alabama, Rumer will be officiating the Kendrick-Stewart County game at A.J. McClung Memorial Stadium.

He’s a Muscogee County Superior Court judge by day and a side judge by night. While his day job is important, it is football officiating that gets him excited.

via At 64, Judge Bill Rumer finds satisfaction and joy calling high school football games | Latest News | Columbus Ledger Enquirer.