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From Bob Johnson Congress:

Retired Army Ranger Dr. Bob Johnson Releases GA01 Veterans Coalition

Over 100 Local Veterans Raise Their Hands To Vote for Fellow Vet Dr. Bob Johnson

Conservative Dr. Bob Johnson, retired Army Ranger, Savannah surgeon and Christian medical missionary today released his Veterans Coalition list as part of his campaign for the First Congressional District. The list of  over 100 Veterans from across the First District indicates Dr. Bob’s strong connection with his fellow Veterans.  Dr. Bob has made Veterans and military one of the three main policy platforms of his campaign.

“My campaign is about turning my lifetime of service into conservative action for the people of Georgia.  As a surgeon who has seen over 13,000 patients out of my Savannah practice, I know how destructive ObamaCare is and I want to get rid of it. As a Christian missionary, I’ve been touched by my faith to defend our value of life.   Continue reading

Larry Sabato suggests Hank Johnson vulnerable to primary loss

Note especially the last sentence in this quote:

In Georgia, none of the Republican Senate candidates is likely to clear the 50% threshold to avoid a runoff. Businessman David Perdue (R) has led all recent polling, with Rep. Jack Kingston (R, GA-1) and former Secretary of State Karen Handel (R) fighting for second place. The key point here is that outspoken social conservative Reps. Paul Broun (R, GA-10) and Phil Gingrey (R, GA-11) consistently lag in fourth and fifth place. These are the candidates that likely Democratic nominee Michelle Nunn would prefer to face.

One House incumbent to watch here is Rep. Hank Johnson (D, GA-4) in a heavily Democratic seat. He faces a stern challenge from former DeKalb County Sheriff Tom Brown (D). For all the talk of primary challenges to Republican incumbents, the first incumbent to lose a primary this year might be a Democrat.

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Turn Out – Jackie Gingrich Cushman –

Many of the polls so far have been based on total population or on registered voters, but they may not give an accurate picture of what will happen. That’s because, in off-season elections, the opinion of those who bother to go to the polls may not reflect the opinion of the universe of voters who are eligible to do so.

This is true not only in Georgia but across the country.

President Obama is not up for reelection, but his approval/ disapproval ratings will have an effect on those running on the Democratic ticket. The Republicans in the House are expected to retain the majority and more than likely pick up seats.

The real excitement this year is on the national Senate race. The Senate is currently held by the Democratic Party. There is a very good chance that the Republicans will take over the Senate in the fall. Based on Real Clear Politics rankings, there are 45 safe (or not up) Democratic Seats, 46 safe (or not up) Republican seats and nine seats that are in the toss-up category. Only two of those seats — Kentucky and Georgia — are currently held by Republicans. The toss-up seats in the other states — Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Iowa, Louisiana, Michigan and North Carolina — are all held by Democrats.

The races in these nine states are going to garner national attention, both from the news media and from donors. As is the case in Georgia, Iowa and Michigan are open races.

Here’s what a Gallup poll released Monday has concluded: “A majority of U.S. registered voters, 53 percent, say they are less enthusiastic about voting than in previous elections, while 35 percent are more enthusiastic.” (April 24-30, 1,336 registered voters, 95 percent confidence level, sampling error plus or minus 3 points.)

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Early Voting Nears End | WABE 90.1 FM

Kemp said comparing early voting numbers and turnout in general this year will have a twist, because this is the first time Georgia has held its primary in May rather than July.

“We really don’t know what to expect. We haven’t had a May primary before, so it’s going to be interesting to see you know how that affects turnout, if it does at all. It may being very similar to what we’ve seen in the past. We’ll just have to wait and compare those numbers when we’re finished.”

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Early voting numbers still low; primary election May 20 – Rome News-Tribune: Local

A total of 639 people had cast ballots during early voting in Floyd County through Monday evening.

Billups said that is a low number considering the total number of registered voters in the county, which was 43,224 as of Nov. 26 last year according to the Secretary of State’s election division.

“The primary does not seem to be the flavor for Floyd County,” Billups said, adding that some voters don’t like having to pick either the Republican or Democrat ballot and want to choose candidates from both.

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The Blackshear Times | Blackshear, Pierce County, Ga. > Archives > News > Have you made up your mind?

Decision time is here.

Pierce County voters will go to the polls next Tuesday to make their choices for commission chairman, two district commissioners and a number of state and federal offices in the primary election.

Polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday, May 20. The NFC gym on College Avenue in Blackshear will be the polling site for the Alabaha, Blackshear, Hacklebarney/Cason, Mershon, St. Johns and Sunset/Sweat precincts. Voters in the Patterson and Otter Creek precincts will go to the Eagle Station municipal complex in Patterson.

A run-off election, if necessary, would be held July 22. General election will be Nov. 4

Early voting will continue from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. daily through Friday, May 16. Early voting takes place at the Board of Elections and Registration office on Nichols Street. Saturday voting occurred this past weekend.

Advanced voting, long popular with voters, continues to be strong — except for this year’s Saturday voting. The lone Saturday set aside for early voting saw a poor turnout as only 30 residents cast ballots during the seven hours. So far, however, a total of 741 ballots had been cast early in person as of press time– or about nine percent of registered voters so far. A total of 110 absentee ballots have also been cast. Those numbers are on track with 2010, which also featured a chairman’s race and the same commissioner posts up for grabs. However, they are much lower than the almost 2,500 early votes cast during the hotly contested sheriff’s race in 2012.

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GOP governor candidates Barge, Pennington debate without Deal – Northwest Georgia News: Politics

ATLANTA — Gubernatorial candidates John Barge of Floyd County and David Pennington of Dalton debated each other about education spending and Republican credentials Wednesday night, but they mostly they took turns attacking the absent incumbent, Nathan Deal.

“Nathan, why, as leader of our state and leader of our party, did you decline or were too scare to come to this debate and defend your record,” Pennington asked the empty lectern reserved to Deal. “I know the answer. He doesn’t want to defend his record.”

The Atlanta Press Club organized the debate as part of its series in advance of the Tuesday primary. Deal is only the second candidate — and first incumbent — to miss one of the club’s debates this year.

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Georgia’s 12th Congressional District: John Barrow Prepares to Fight

GLENNVILLE, Ga. — At a law enforcement appreciation cookout last month, just within Georgia’s 12th District line, Democratic Rep. John Barrow back-slapped with the best of them as he made his way through a Republican-heavy crowd.

Barrow better be comfortable among GOP faithful, because his district is filled with them. After opting against a Senate bid last year, Barrow, a regular top target of national Republicans, is awaiting the conclusion of a GOP primary filled with candidates sure they should be able to pick off a district that President Barack Obama lost by 12 points in 2012.

And the incumbent is unlikely to find out his Republican opponent on Tuesday — two from the five-candidate primary field are expected to be forced into a July runoff, with no candidate likely to surpass the 50 percent threshold needed to win the nomination outright. This is the only district in the state that has the chance to flip party control.

In a mid-April interview outside a pond house with more than 1,000 potential voters filling the sprawling lawn and munching on barbecue, CQ Roll Call asked Barrow if a Democrat could win a Senate race in Georgia. His answer delved into his own race and explained how he’s held on for five terms in such a challenging district.

“If you reflect the kind of values that our parents did and are prepared to stand up for those kinds of issues, and vote for what’s in the best interests of the state and the district you represent,” Barrow said, “there’s no reason why someone can’t win no matter what brand that they run under.”

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Poll shows Hardie Davis leading Augusta mayor’s race | The Augusta Chronicle

Hardie Davis is the frontrunner in the Augusta mayoral race, according to a poll conducted for The Augusta Chronicle.

Thirty-six percent of voters polled by Atlanta polling firm InsiderAdvantage said they plan to vote for the state senator in the May 20 election. Nearest to Davis was businesswoman Helen Blocker-Adams, who 16 percent of the 449 people polled said they’d vote for.

With 27 percent saying they were still undecided and a 4 percent margin of error, the poll results indicate Davis could win the five-way race outright, or head into a July runoff with Blocker-Adams, said InsiderAdvantage CEO Matt Towery.

“When you see someone at 36 percent and 27 percent still outstanding,” Towery said, “those are pretty hefty numbers for one candidate to have.”

via Poll shows Hardie Davis leading Augusta mayor’s race | The Augusta Chronicle.

Augusta mayoral candidate Helen Blocker-Adams had multiple eviction notices, records show | The Augusta Chronicle

Even more financial baggage surfaced Wednesday on Augusta mayoral candidate Helen Blocker-Adams.

Richmond County Marshal’s Office records show that between June 2007 and January 2013 Blocker-Adams was served with eviction or dispossessory notices more than 40 times at two Augusta apartment complexes.

The pro-business candidate, for whom former presidential candidate Herman Cain headlined a February fundraiser, acknowledged Tuesday that she was far behind on payments on three Aiken County court judgments totaling more than $70,000.

Blocker-Adams said Tuesday that she thought the debts were paid off because creditors stopped corresponding for several years. One of the creditors said he contacted her last week, and a court notice showed she was informed of a $12,000 debt last year.

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