Smells like Victory – Georgia Politics, Campaigns, and Elections for August 15, 2014

British forces under Maj. Gen. Benjamin Lincoln laid siege to Savannah on August 16, 1779.

On August 15, 1903, Georgia Governor Joseph Terrell signed legislation requiring that Georgia schools teach elementary agriculture and civics. Two days later, on August 17, 1903, the General Assembly condemned the practice of whipping female inmates.

Georgia Tech was designated the State School of Technology on August 17, 1908 by joint resolution of the State Senate and State House.

The Panama Canal opened on August 15, 1914. On September 7, 1977, President Jimmy Carter signed a treaty promising to give the Canal to Panama.

The State Highway Department was created on August 16, 1916 to comply with federal funding requirements, when Georgia Governor Nathaniel Harris signed legislation by the General Assembly.

Georgia Governor Hugh Dorsey signed legislation creating the State Department of Banking on August 16, 1919.

Georgia Governor Thomas Hardwick signed legislation creating the Georgia State Board of Forestry on August 15, 1921.

Georgia Governor Clifford Walker signed legislation changing the method of execution in Georgia from hanging to the electric chair on August 16, 1924.

On August 15, 1969, the Woodstock Festival began in upstate New York.

On August 16, 1974, The Ramones played their first public show at CBGB in New York. The famous awning of the club is on display at the Rock and Roll Museum in Cleveland, Ohio. If you attend the Republican National Convention in 2016, you should visit the Museum, where you can also see Janis Joplin’s Porsche and one of the greatest guitar collections in the world.

Elvis Presley died on August 16, 1977.

Apocalypse Now by Francis Ford Coppolla was released on August 15, 1979.

[Language warning in the second clip.]

Paul Anderson, known for years as the “Strongest Man in the World” for his weightlifting feats, died on August 15, 1994 in Vidalia, Georgia. Anderson was born in 1932 in Toccoa, Georgia. He won an Olympic gold medal in the sport of weightlifting in 1956.

On August 17, 1998, President Bill Clinton testified as the subject of a grand jury investigation.

The testimony came after a four-year investigation into Clinton and his wife Hillary’s alleged involvement in several scandals, including accusations of sexual harassment, potentially illegal real-estate deals and suspected “cronyism” involved in the firing of White House travel-agency personnel. The independent prosecutor, Kenneth Starr, then uncovered an affair between Clinton and a White House intern named Monica Lewinsky. When questioned about the affair, Clinton denied it, which led Starr to charge the president with perjury and obstruction of justice, which in turn prompted his testimony on August 17.


Former Governor and United States Senator Zell Miller endorsed Democrat Michell Nunn for United States Senate in this TV spot:

Jim Galloway notes that Zell Miller also said he would vote to reelect Governor Nathan Deal:

“I’m going to be voting for Nathan for re-election as governor,” said Miller, noting that the Republican had been saddled with serious economic problems when he took office in 2011.

“I respect the manner in which he’s conducted himself addressing those problems,” Miller said. Specifically, Miller cited Deal’s effort to shore up the lottery-funded HOPE scholarship program – which Miller established.

I’m serious when I say that I don’t understand Governor Miller’s endorsement of Michelle Nunn. He says in the ad, “I’m so angry about what’s going on in Washington, partisanship over patriotism – they can’t stop themselves.” It has become clear during her campaign that Michelle Nunn is entirely a creation of the Insider/Consultant class of the Democratic Party, which Miller famously called, “A National Party No More.”

Reminds me of the 1990 election, the first I ever voted in. Sam Nunn was uncontested for United States Senate, and I left the space blank. For Governor, I voted for Johnny Isakson.

Speaking of Johnny Isakson, the American Chemistry Council thinks that Perdue and Isakson would make a swell team in the United States Senate.

I’m not sure if this constitutes a formal endorsement, but after David Perdue won the Primary Runoff, Senator Isakson wrote this on Facebook:

Congratulations to Republican Senate Nominee David Perdue. After a long Primary, now is the time for Georgians to rally behind him, win this seat in November, and fire Harry Reid as Senate Majority Leader. Onwards to victory.

Also jumping into the fray via my mailbox yesterday, the National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action.

Perdue NRA Mail Front Perdue NRA Mail Back

I’m 100% certain the following doesn’t constitute an endorsement, but here it is:

Youre absolutely correct todd 2

Carter on the defensive over education

Increasingly on the defensive over his lack of leadership on his hallmark issue, education, the dynamic duo of California kids over at the Carter campaign released his “plan,” if it can be called that. Via Greg Bluestein at the AJC:

“You see it throughout the government. Everyone knows that it’s there,” said Carter, an Atlanta state senator, after a tour of a DeKalb high school. “We have not done a true top-to-bottom review in years and years and years. And the current administration is not looking for answers into how to make the government more efficient.”

The governor in 2010 pledged to move the state toward a “zero-based budget” program designed to bring more accountability to state spending, but the roll-out of that program is still in the works. Carter said it wasn’t moving fast enough.

“There’s a giant amount of waste out their still that we can take from non-education budgets and move them over to education, or the other types of investments that we all know we need for our economy and our future like transportation,” said Carter.

That’s the kind of lightweight and light-on-substance pablum you’d expect from a rookie candidate for Georgia General Assembly, not a credible candidate for Governor. Here are a couple of suggestions for Senator Carter on how to find all that waste that he hasn’t bothered looking for or hasn’t identified in his four years in the State Senate.

1. Costco Cards for every school District!

Costco Card

At just $50 for each school district, and an extra for the State Department of Education, we’re talking just $8,000 for discounts on toilet paper, Michelle Obama-approved “healthy snacks,” and printer paper that will surely total millions of dollars without raising taxes.

2. Turn down for what? Turn the heating and air conditioning down for massive savings.

Jimmy Carter SweaterJust like his grandfather and chief fundraiser President Jimmy Carter famously proposed in 1977, Georgia school systems could save tons of cash by allowing children to swelter in summer and shiver in winter.

In fact, we can take part of President Carter’s speech and simply rewrite it for his grandson:

Because we are now running out of gas and oil [and President Obama has promised to make electricity more expensive], we must prepare quickly for a third change, to strict conservation and to the use of coal and permanent renewable energy sources, like solar power.

There. Now Jason Carter has not only education savings, but an energy policy.

3. Sham savings through solar power

It’s just the kind of two-fer that Democrats love. Put taxpayer money in the pockets of your pals in the solar industry, while fleecing taxpayers with fake savings through Enron-style accounting. Perfect.

On what planet does is make bottom-line sense to pay $300,000 in financing costs for a solar system that “saves” $100,000 per year? Only in government accounting does this make any sense.


Marietta City Councilman indicted in RICO charges involving false statements – Marietta Daily Journal.

Jason Carter tours charter school seeking “innovation,” also a coherent education platform – Augusta Chronicle.

Event Calendar

Happy Birthday – Congressman Doug Collins

August 16

Happy Birthday – Congressman Doug Collins

Find out more »

Bulloch County GOP: Brooklet Peanut Festival Parade

August 16 @ 8:30 AM – 10:30 AM

Brooklet Peanut Festival Parade  Looking for volunteers to carry GOP candidate signs and to walk in the parade

Find out more »

Commissioner Gary-Black: Volunteer Kick-Off with David Perdue

August 16 @ 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Lane Southern Orchards,

50 Lane Rd, Ft. Valley , GA 31030

+ Google Map

Gary Black welcomes you to attend our volunteer meet and greet for sign and material distribution and of course, Lane Orchards’ famous peach ice cream! Gary will also welcome special guest, David Perdue for U.S. Senate. We hope to see you there!

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GA College Republicans: 4th Annual Braves Game With The Governor

August 16 @ 4:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Turner Field,

755 Hank Aaron Dr, Atlanta , GA 30315

+ Google Map

Please join The Georgia Association of College Republicans and Governor Nathan Deal for The 4th Annual Braves Game With The Governor. Pre-Game Events from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm Game Begins at 7:00 pm Confirmed Special Guests Include: Governor Deal David Perdue Attorney General Sam Olens Secretary of State Brian Kemp Invited Guests: Lieutenant Governor – Casey Cagle Commissioner of Agriculture – Gary W. Black Speaker of the House David Ralston And others. Student Tickets $15.00 Student Tickets and Parking Pass $25.00…

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August 16 @ 5:30 PM – 9:00 PM
Savannah Sand Gnats,

1401 E Victory Dr, Savannah , GA 31404

+ Google Map

Chatham County Republican Party – Republicans in the Park  with the Savannah Sand Gnats Chatham GOP event at the Sand Gnats Game. This will be a Republican Rally for all ages with Elected Officials, CCRP and other Republican organizations throughout the area in attendance. We will be inviting a crowd! Congressman – Elect Buddy Carter will attend You must buy your ticket at: Contact: Nick Blosser 912.308.5056 [email protected]

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August 17 @ 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Hammond Glen Senior Community Center,

335 Hammond Drive , Atlanta , GA 30328

+ Google Map

The Atlanta Chapter of the Republican Jewish Coalition A Meet and Greet with Governor Nathan Deal. RSVP is Requested Please RSVP by calling Lynne Schultz at 770-438-0376 or email her at [email protected]

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Rep. Doug Collins: Jefferson – Town Hall

August 18 @ 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM
Jefferson Station Municipal Complex,

1000 Washington Street, Jefferson , GA 30549

+ Google Map

Congressman Doug Collins will hold three public town hall meetings in August.  All residents of Georgia’s 9thCongressional District are invited to attend

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Conservative GOP Women of North Atlanta Meeting

August 18 @ 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Magnolia Cafe,

5175 South Old Peachtree Road, Norcross, GA 30092

+ Google Map

Speakers: Annual Salad Supper

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Cobb Regional Republican Women community forum with Sheriff Neil Warren

August 19 @ 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM
Cobb County GOP HQ,
799 Roswell Street, Marietta, GA 30060

Sheriff Neil Warren has been a law enforcement professional in Cobb County for over thirty five years. He was elected to his first four year term as Sheriff in November of 2004 and was sworn in as the 42nd Sheriff of Cobb County January 1, 2004. He was re-elected to another four year term in 2008 and 2012. He currently serves on the Georgia Sheriffs’ Association Legislative Committee and was appointed by Lt. Governor Casey Cagle to the Public Safety…

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Adoptable Georgia Dogs for August 15, 2014

Last night, when I spoke to The Georgia Tea Party on “Seven Things I Learned from the 2014 Primary Elections, I mentioned that many days there is a theme to the dog selection. Some days, like yesterday, it’s explicit, with Black Dogs. Other days, it’s more subtle. Today’s theme was chosen by Mrs. GaPundit, who helped with the dog selection, but I don’t think she realized there’s a theme.


Jax is a happy pointer/hound mix. He is about 40 pounds right now and will probably top out between 50 and 60.

He is still learning housebreaking but is already crate trained. He doesn’t really know how to give signals yet, so he will need to be kept on a good schedule by his new family to finish up his training.

Jax lives with other dogs and is wonderful with all of them! Since he is still young, his amount of energy can sometimes be annoying to the other dogs. He would do best with another dog that would want to play a lot – or at a dog park where everyone is there to play! He doesn’t quite get that some dogs might not want to play all the time. He could get annoying to the ones that want to take a rest. We have not really seen him with cats, but our guess is that he would want to play and chase them.

Just like with dogs, Jax loves all people too! He will run right up to say hi and will give as many kisses as you can stand. We are teaching him that not everyone is ready for kisses. It’s a hard lesson for him to learn! He does great with kids of all sizes too! He just loves everyone! He doesn’t quite know is own size and might be a bit exuberant for really small kids, but it’s just because he’s so happy to see them and love on them.
Jax would love to be a running partner for someone!

Jax is available for adoption from Athens Canine Rescue in Athens, GA.


AJ is a little dachshund mix that weighs about 12 pounds and he won’t get any bigger! His little legs are here to stay! AJ is both housebroken and crate trained and that will really help his transition into a new home.

AJ lives with other small dogs and he loves to play with them. One of his favorite things to do is run around in the backyard and play with his puppy friends! When he meets a new dog, he likes to make sure that everyone is still friendly and wants to play and then he is good to go!

AJ has meet people of all sizes and does well with them. At our adoption days, he is happy to be petted and get belly rubs from anyone!

Being close to a year old, AJ still has a little bit of puppy energy but he seems to do well with just some short walks and playtime. He really does love to run and wrestle with the other dogs! The short walks are enough since his little legs have to work twice as hard! Once he has had his playtime, he does like some quiet time too.

AJ is available for adoption from Athens Canine Rescue in Athens, GA.


Gemma is a goofy and sweet shih tzu mix who is about 5 years old. She’s 10 pounds of love and fun and ready to be spoiled by her forever family!

Gemma is available for adoption from Athens Canine Rescue in Athens, GA.

Hall County GOP: Stands for Religious Freedom at Chestatee High

Your Georgia Desk

From The Hall County Republican Party 

Hall County GOP: Stands for Religious Freedom at Chestatee High


The Hall County Republican Party stands with athletes and coaches at Chestatee High School who choose to pray together and to acknowledge the wisdom of Bible passages as motivation during athletic training.

The founders of our Nation appealed to God for help, at the request of Benjamin Franklin, as they formed the Constitution, which underpins our system of laws. President George Washington, in his proclamation for a national day of “public thanksgiving and prayer” in 1789 stated, “It is the duty of all nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God, to obey His will, to be grateful for His benefits, and humbly to implore His protection and favor.”

Since our founding, Americans have freely and openly called on God for help and protection in their various endeavors. Throughout our history, political leaders and church leaders alike have openly and regularly called on God on behalf of the People, not only during our National Day of Prayer, but also during times of war and crisis.

The Supreme Court recently upheld public prayers in Town of Greece v. Galloway, a ruling which upheld the town’s right to open municipal meetings with prayer. (more…)

GPA: State ports continue record pace – Atlanta Business Chronicle

The Georgia Ports Authority (GPA) moved an all-time high of 293,889 twenty-foot equivalent (TEU) container units in July.

The GPA surpassed its previous TEU record set in May by 3,453 units. The July TEU performance was up 47,237 TEUs compared to July 2013. Since January, the Port of Savannah has averaged 269,688 TEUs per month.

“Improved confidence among U.S. retailers, newly added port customers, and shifting cargo from U.S. West to East Coast are all fueling the growing cargo volumes at Georgia’s deepwater ports,” said GPA Executive Director Curtis Foltz, in a statement. “Savannah has the space to more than double its throughput as more shippers choose East Coast ports to serve the fast-growing Southeastern U.S.”

via GPA: State ports continue record pace – Atlanta Business Chronicle.

Cherokee Tribune – Former Nelson mayor says man called him slur

A former Nelson mayor now vying for a seat on the Nelson City Council was allegedly assaulted while at the Pickens County Board of Elections Office to qualify to run.

According to a police report filed with the Pickens County Sheriff’s Office, David Leister was filling out the necessary paperwork to qualify to run for the City Council seat on July 30 when he heard someone call him an offensive slur.

“While he was filling out paperwork with the assistance of an employee, he (Leister) heard a voice come from behind him say what sounded like the person saying, ‘Who’s that f—–!’ Albert (Leister) said he knew the voice to be that of the suspect, Mr. William McNiff, whom he has had trouble with in the past while Albert was acting as mayor for the city of Nelson,” the police report states.

McNiff, a member of the Canton Tea Party, ran for a Nelson City Council seat in 2012, but lost. Leister filed a police report with the Nelson Police Department in 2012 after he received threatening phone calls from McNiff.

via Cherokee Tribune – Former Nelson mayor says man called him slur.

City schools see ‘surge’ in enrollment – Times-Georgian: News

Carrollton City Schools saw a significant uptick in its enrollment on its first day of school this week, the system’s superintendent said Tuesday.

Dr. Kent Edwards said during the Board of Education meeting that between 150-200 more students showed up for the first day of school on Monday than in 2013, representing what he quantified as a 3.5 percent increase.

via City schools see ‘surge’ in enrollment – Times-Georgian: News.

The Daily Tribune News – Adairsville council considers millage rollback

The Adairsville City Council met in a work session last night to discuss a full agenda of items to be presented at Thursday’s regular meeting.

Foremost among the items was a projected rollback in the city’s millage rate to 3.631 mills from 3.640 in 2013.

“We had a slight increase in property taxes,” City Manager Pam Madison said. “So we rolled back the millage rate to offset the property values.”

The council will vote Thursday night whether to authorize the rollback.

via The Daily Tribune News – Adairsville council considers millage rollback.

The Brunswick News – Local

The problems Glynn County Police Chief Matt Doering’s officers encountered with door-to-door solicitors in the past were not always with the salesmen themselves.

The problem was the lack of an ordinance that spelled out how to deal with them.

Doering is confident a new law will remedy that.

“This should help a lot,” Doering said of the ordinance designed largely to weed out potential scam artists.

The new ordinance requires door-to-door salesmen to acquire a permit from the Glynn County Finance Department. Solicitors are required to carry it with them when making door-to-door sales pitches.

To get a permit, businesses must pay $30 to cover a background check and $20 for an annual license.

via The Brunswick News – Local.

The marijuana legalization movement loses Pat Robertson – The Washington Post

Oh, well: televangelist Pat Robertson has apparently changed his mind on the subject of legal marijuana.

Just two years after Robertson said that he thinks the U.S. should “treat marijuana the way we treat beverage alcohol,” he and his 700 Club network went hard against Colorado’s legalization of the drug this week.

“The little kids are getting high,” Robertson said of the children of Colorado on his Wednesday show. He went on: “Do you want your little 8th grader to be stoned when he goes to school? Well, welcome to Colorado, where pot is legal.”

via The marijuana legalization movement loses Pat Robertson – The Washington Post.