Speaker David Ralston: Elected SLC Chairman

Your Georgia Desk:

From Speaker David Ralston:

Speaker David Ralston Elected SLC Chairman

Georgia Speaker of the House David Ralston (R-Blue Ridge) was unanimously elected Chairman of the Southern Legislative Conference (SLC) at the organization’s 68th annual meeting held in Little Rock, Arkansas.

“This is not only an incredible honor for me, but also for the members of the Georgia General Assembly,” said House Speaker David Ralston.  “It demonstrates that our colleagues from surrounding states recognize that we take our legislative responsibilities seriously in Georgia.”

As SLC chair, Speaker Ralston will preside over the Conference and guide its major policy deliberations.  (more…)

Gov. Nathan Deal: Awarded 60 Plus top honor for tax cut leadership

Your Georgia Desk:

From Governor Nathan Deal:

Deal awarded 60 Plus top honor for tax cut leadership

Gov. Nathan Deal today received the Benjamin Franklin award from the 60 Plus Association, the nation’s largest conservative seniors organization with more than 7.2 million senior supporters, for his longtime leadership on tax reform.

“Since taking office, I have worked tirelessly to boost job creation and enhance Georgia’s business climate,” said Deal. “This hard work has paid off – Georgia is now the No. 1 state for business. An essential component to this success was the Georgia Competitiveness Initiative, which I launched in 2011 to create a plan for long-term economic development and job growth. Delivering on the recommendation of that initiative, I signed into law a pro-jobs, pro-family tax reform package. This reform cut taxes for all Georgians and increased the state’s competitiveness.   (more…)

GA GOP: Chairman John Padgett Responds To Leaked Nunn Playbook

Your Georgia Desk:

From the Georgia Republican Party:

GA GOP: Chairman John Padgett Responds To Leaked Nunn Playbook

“What we learned yesterday from Michelle Nunn’s campaign playbook should come as no surprise to Georgia voters,” said Georgia Republican Party Chairman John Padgett.  “Michelle Nunn is willing to say and do anything to get elected.

“From rehearsed rhetoric to staged photo ops, high dollar out-of-state fundraisers to contrived political stunts for media attention, Michelle Nunn has every intention to hide her deep-seeded liberal agenda, cover up her questionable tenure at Points of Light, and disguise her affiliations and allegiances all in the name of political expediency. (more…)

SOS Brian Kemp: Announces Recount for GOP State School Superintendent Candidates

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From Secretary of State Brian Kemp:

Secretary of State Kemp Announces Recount for Republican State School Superintendent Candidates

Notice of Recount Request

Michael L. “Mike” Buck, a Republican candidate for State School Superintendent, has requested a recount of all votes in the Republican Primary Runoff held on July 22, 2014.

Pursuant to O.C.G.A. § 21-2-495(c), the Secretary of State has notified all county election superintendents of Mr. Buck’s request and further directed that such superintendents conduct a recount of all votes cast in the Republican Primary Runoff for State School Superintendent.

Such recount is to be held and completed no later than 12:00 noon on Thursday, July 31, 2014. (more…)

GA GOP: Reviews Are In: Jason Carter Has An Ethics Problem

Your Georgia Desk:

From the GA GOP:

  Reviews Are In:  Jason Carter Has An Ethics Problem

On Friday, the Carter for Governor Campaign was buried under a series of ethics allegations filed by former State Senator and Newton County Commissioner John Douglas.  While the campaign tried to deflect, their on camera performance was overwhelmingly lackluster with many critics agreeing that Jason Carter has an ethics problem. (more…)

Gov. Nathan Deal: Definition of the day: “fiscal conservative”

Your Georgia Desk:

From Governor Nathan Deal:

Definition of the day: “fiscal conservative”

Deal’s track record is one of fiscal responsibility; Carter’s shows just the opposite

In a recent interview, President Jimmy Carter said his grandson is a “fiscal conservative.” Given Senator Jason Carter’s record, we decided to take a closer look.

A fiscal conservative is defined as an “advocate the avoidance of deficit spending, the reduction of overall government spending and national debt, and ensuring balanced budgets.”

*   But Senator Jason Carter wants to grow government spending, not cut it.

*   He voted against Deal’s balanced budget this year.

*   Carter advocates an Arkansas-style Medicaid expansion, leaving Georgia taxpayers on the hook for costly overruns.

*   He wants to increase education spending by $1 billion, but won’t say where the money would come from.

*   He didn’t stand up for Georgians when he took a walk on the income tax cap. (more…)

Gov. Nathan Deal: Carter using the exact same playbook as Nunn

Your Georgia Desk:

Carter using the exact same playbook as Nunn

From Governor Nathan Deal:

Yesterday’s Michelle Nunn memo leak suggests she shares a strategy ghost writer with Senator Jason Carter.

“Nunn and Carter are running on a shared platform of ‘Hey, Look At My Last Name and Don’t Ask Any Questions,’ said Deal for Governor spokesperson Jen Talaber. “As ticket mates and experts in ‘Dodge, Duck, and Redirect’ political communications, the Nunn and Carter camps share joint custody of the campaign playbook. “When it comes to talking about serious issues, they would just rather not. They can’t tell the truth about their liberal positions and liberal records, so they contort, twist and turn more than a Cirque du Soleil acrobat.

“The Nunn memo makes an observation that should win the ‘Pointing Out the Obvious Award’: ‘There will emerge issues on which the candidate will have to comment or take a position.’ Yet Senator Carter doesn’t seem to take this basic advice seriously. He can’t take a stand because on every major issue he has to choose between alienating his liberal Democratic base or the more conservative independents all statewide candidates need to win. On issue after issue, Carter tries to have it both ways. (more…)

Gov. Nathan Deal: Latvian-based manufacturer to create 150 jobs in Dublin

Your Georgia Desk:

Deal: Latvian-based manufacturer to create 150 jobs in Dublin

Valmiera Glass to establish its first U.S.-based headquarters in Laurens County, invest $20 million

Gov. Nathan Deal announced today that Valmiera Glass, a Latvian-based manufacturer of fiberglass products, will locate to Dublin, creating 150 jobs and investing $20 million within five years into its first U.S.-based headquarters and manufacturing facility.

“It is no surprise that Valmiera Glass would select Georgia for its first U.S. headquarters,” said Deal. “This project represents the first substantial investment from the former Soviet Union, which underscores the fact that Georgia’s thriving automotive and aerospace industries are gaining attention in the international marketplace. Valmiera Glass will set the stage for other companies in that region to locate to Georgia.”

Valmiera Glass will locate on 40 acres in an industrial park on I-16 in Dublin. (more…)

Congressman-elect Buddy Carter: Yet Another Blow for Obamacare

Your Washington – GA 1 – Desk:

From Congressman-elect Buddy Carter:

Since its inception, the Affordable Care Act (ACA), or Obamacare as it is commonly referred to as, has been dying a slow death.

Last week that death process may have sped up.

In two separate rulings, federal appellate courts in the 4th and DC Circuits handed down conflicting rulings on whether the government can issue subsidies for health insurance premiums to those people participating in exchanges set up by the federal government.

Exchanges are websites, or marketplaces if you will, where Americans can shop for health insurance plans that are offered through Obamacare.  The plans on the website meet the minimum standards of Obamacare and give consumers the opportunity to compare the plans and calculate the federal subsidies that would be available to help pay for each particular plan.

States were given the option of setting up their own exchanges or having the federal government set up the exchanges for them.  (more…)

“Roast” Lynn Westmoreland

Your Washington – GA 3 – Desk:

“Roast” Lynn Westmoreland 

Congressman Lynn Westmoreland is one of the good guys. – JB

9 August, 2014

Fayette Event Center - 174 N. Glynn Street,Fayetteville, GA  30214


Doors open at 7:00 pm

Catered dinner from Broadway Diner

 will be served at 7:30 pm

Roast begins at 8:00 pm (more…)