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As Burrell Ellis sits in court, Lee May proposes a tax cut for DeKalb | Political Insider blog

He hasn’t formally announced yet, but here’s how you run for CEO of DeKalb County. While the man you’ve temporarily replaced, Burrell Ellis, is on trial for the second time, you announce a tax cut. From the press release:

DeKalb Interim CEO Lee May County presented his 2015 mid-year budget recommendations to the Board of Commissioners (BOC) today. The recommendations include a tax rate decrease, which is the first adjustment downward since 2004. Other highlights include an increase in the budgetary reserve, body cameras for police officers, and an increase in funding for firefighters and sheriff deputies.

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DeKalb Interim CEO Lee May recommends first tax cut in eleven years | The Brookhaven Post | Brookhaven, GA

DeKalb County, GA, June 2, 2015 – by The Post Reports – DeKalb County Interim CEO Lee May presented his 2015 mid-year budget recommendations to the Board of Commissioners (BOC) Tuesday morning during the BOC Committee of the Whole meeting. May’s recommendations include a tax rate decrease – the first adjustment downward in eleven years (since 2004).

According to ICEO May, the budget includes an increase in the budgetary reserve, body cameras for police officers, and an increase in funding for firefighters and sheriff deputies.

“An economic recovery is underway in DeKalb County, which has had a positive impact on our tax digest,” said Interim CEO May. “We are in a great position to fund our critical needs in addition to offering relief to the taxpayers of DeKalb County.”

via DeKalb Interim CEO Lee May recommends first tax cut in eleven years | The Brookhaven Post | Brookhaven, GA.


Full interview with Governor Scott Walker in Atlanta


Adoptable Georgia Dogs for June 2, 2015

Currently, the DeKalb County Animal Shelter is under pressure from having too many dogs, and they’re working to get as many out of there as possible and into permanent or foster homes so they don’t have to euthanize for space.

To save as many lives as possible, any dog over 25 pounds and older than 6 months is free to a good home.


Little baby Ellison is not free, as he’s still only four months old, but if you’re looking for a puppy, he’s a winner. The little Lab mix was almost out the door when a physical exam revealed that he has a heart murmur (grade 3-4 out of 6), so his adopters decided not to take him. Now Ellison is fully vetted (neutered and microchipped!) with nowhere to go.


Merci, above and below, is a Pointer mix who has been given the job of office dog, which in most shelters is reserved for a calm, loving dog who does well meeting new people. She loves to cuddle in your lap, roll in freshly cut grass, and take lots of naps. She is a pretty laid back girl who would love to be your new best friend. She has tons of personality that she can’t wait for you to discover.


Here’s a video of this sweet dog.


Hadley is a 3-4 year old purebred Boxer boy who is all wiggles and goofiness. If Hadley’s smushy face and goofy personality don’t win you over immediately, his eagerness to make humans happy surely will! He is a handsome Boxer boy that is always happy to see you! This boy seems to already know his basic manners and would love for you to teach him some fun tricks! Hadley gets along great with other dogs and probably wouldn’t mind having a dog friend in his new home.


Gabriella is a sweet 2-year old Redbone Coonhound who can’t wait to show off her fantastic grin and super cute happy dance to you and your family! She is a wiggly, active girl who would love to become your workout buddy. She dreams of playing fetch in the yard, walking around your neighborhood, and maybe even playing scent games! Gabriella already knows how to sit and takes treats very gently. She’d love to learn more commands! If you think Gabriella is your perfect match, come down to DeKalb Animal Services and meet her!


Georgia Politics, Campaigns, and Elections for June 2, 2015

On June 2, 1774, Britain’s Parliament passed the Quartering Act, the last of the Coercive Acts, meant to punish the American colonies and reassert British control. Eventually, the Third Amendment to the United States Constitution would prohibit the forcible quartering of soldiers in private homes.

Confederate General Edmund Kirby Smith, commanding forces west of the Mississippi, surrendered on June 2, 1865, and this date is generally considered the end of the Civil War.

Queen Elizabeth II was crowned on June 2, 1953.

On June 2, 1962, Georgia-born Ray Charles hit #1 on the charts with “I Can’t Stop Loving You.”

Georgia Politics

Governor Scott Walker Atlanta

Yesterday, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker appeared before a cheering crowd of between 150 and 200 Republican activists to discuss what many in the room hope will be a Presidential campaign.

Walker covered the issue of when an announcement would be forthcoming, saying that his state’s budget year ends at the end of the month and any announcement of a Presidential campaign would come after he signs the new year’s budget.

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Governor Scott Walker in Atlanta

Governor Scott Walker Atlanta


Dave McCleary announces for State House District 48 Special Election

Past Roswell Rotary President and Former Geisinger Grassroots Campaign Co-Chair Dave McCleary Announces Candidacy for House District 48

McCleary Seeks to Fill Seat Vacated Due to the Passing of Representative Geisinger

Roswell, Ga.- Dave McCleary, noted Roswell civic leader and former grassroots co-chair for Representative Harry Geisinger, will run to succeed the recently deceased long term State Representative. Dave and his wife Pam are 25 year residents of Roswell. They are the proud parents of two Roswell High School graduates. They are active members of North Point Community Church. Dave has been a very involved in civic and community service over the years. He became a member of the Roswell Rotary Club in 2002 and served as President in 2010.

“I believe that we are all called to a purpose. For me, my passion is helping others. Whether through being involved in the Roswell Rotary Club’s Roswell Memorial Day Committee or taking WWII veterans on Honor Air trips to DC or working to end human trafficking and advocating for anti-bullying and anti-human trafficking legislation to protect our children, there is no greater way in making a difference than through serving others,” said McCleary.Continue Reading..


Adoptable Georgia Dogs for June 1, 2015

Sarge Releashed

Sarge is a young male Siberian Husky and German Shepherd mix who has some sight problems. he has glaucoma and needs daily drops to keep his pressure down. He is house and crate trained and loves snuggling with his people.

Sarge is available for adoption from Releashed Rescue in Cumming, GA.

Email:[email protected] for more information.

Sarge Madison

Sarge is an adult male German Shepherd mix who is available for adoption from the Humane Society of Morgan County in Madison, GA.

Sarge Mauk

Sarge is an 3-year old male Yellow Labrador Retriever who is available for adoption from Tri-County Animal Rescue Center in Mauk, GA.

Pepper DeKalb

Pepper has the face of an angel and a heart of gold! This precious pittie girl loves to run and play. She has mastered the sit command, and will sit just at the sight of a treat. She seems like a smart girl who would love to learn a few more tricks! Pepper loves to play and hopes she can have a few toys in her forever home. Come meet this cutie today! Her adoption fee includes her spay, vaccinations, microchip, and more!

Pepper is available for adoption from DeKalb County Animal Services.

Pepper Madison

Pepper is a female Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler) & Labrador Retriever puppy who is available for adoption from

Madison Oglethorpe Animal Shelter in Danielsville, GA.

For more information email [email protected].


Georgia Politics, Campaigns, and Elections for June 1, 2015

Benjamin Franklin became Georgia’s agent in England on June 1, 1768, making him also Georgia’s first lobbyist.

On June 1, 1775, Georgia patriots sent a care package to their brethren in Massachusetts comprising 63 barrels of rice and £122 after the battles at Lexington and Concord.

The court martial of Benedict Arnold convened in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on June 1, 1779.

Arnold negotiated his defection to the British and the subversion of West Point over several months. The British already held control of New York City and believed that by taking West Point they could effectively cut off the American’s New England forces from the rest of the fledgling nation.

In August 1780, Sir Henry Clinton offered Arnold £20,000 for delivering West Point and 3,000 troops. Arnold told General Washington that West Point was adequately prepared for an attack even though he was busy making sure that that it really wasn’t. He even tried to set up General Washington’s capture as a bonus. His plan might have been successful but his message was delivered too late and Washington escaped. The West Point surrender was also foiled when an American colonel ignored Arnold’s order not to fire on an approaching British ship.

Arnold’s defection was revealed to the Americans when British officer John André, acting as a messenger, was robbed by AWOL Americans working as pirates in the woods north of New York City. The notes revealing Arnold’s traitorous agreement were stashed in his boots.

Big Ben began telling the time on May 31, 1859 in London, England. When Parliament is in session, a light above Big Ben is illuminated.

On June 1, 1942, a Polish newspaper first published information about the gassing of Jews at Nazi concentration camps in Poland.

The Beatles released Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band on June 1, 1967. The album is listed as #1 on the Rolling Stone top 500 Greatest Albums of All Time list.

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band is the most important rock & roll album ever made, an unsurpassed adventure in concept, sound, songwriting, cover art and studio technology by the greatest rock & roll group of all time. From the title song’s regal blasts of brass and fuzz guitar to the orchestral seizure and long, dying piano chord at the end of “A Day in the Life,” the 13 tracks on Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band are the pinnacle of the Beatles’ eight years as recording artists. John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr were never more fearless and unified in their pursuit of magic and transcendence.

Issued in Britain on June 1st, 1967, and a day later in America, Sgt. Pepper is also rock’s ultimate declaration of change. For the Beatles, it was a decisive goodbye to matching suits, world tours and assembly-line record-making. “We were fed up with being Beatles,” McCartney said decades later, in Many Years From Now, Barry Miles’ McCartney biography. “We were not boys, we were men… artists rather than performers.

“It was a peak,” Lennon told Rolling Stone in 1970, describing both the album and his collaborative relationship with McCartney. “Paul and I were definitely working together,” Lennon said….
Rolling Stone should stick to writing about music.

A summit between President Ronald Reagan and Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev ended on May 31, 1988. Four years later, in 1992, Gorbachev was dancing for dollars in the United States, including the keynote address at Emory University’s graduation.

Georgia Politics, Campaigns, and Elections

Yesterday, the Cobb County Republican Party sent an email stating that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker will be having an event in Buckhead this afternoon. The AJC Political Insider also is reporting the Governor’s trip.

According to the Republican’s campaign-in-waiting, Walker will “will meet with local elected officials, party leaders and activists,” today before heading to Florida for Tuesday’s candidate cattle call in Orlando. This likely will include fundraising discussions.

This appears to be Walker’s second Georgia trip of the election cycle. He also stopped by Sea Island in March for the ultra-private American Enterprise Institute World Forum. Walker will be back in August for the RedState Gathering in Atlanta.

In early May, Walker said he would not make an announcement of whether he’s running for President until after signing his state budget, which is due in late June or early July.

Also early last month, Walker visited South Carolina, where he previewed some themes that might emerge in a Presidential campaign.

In his address to the Freedom Summit here sponsored by Citizens United, Mr. Walker ran through an extended list of his accomplishments as governor of Wisconsin. “We did some pretty big things,” he said.

He recalled how he survived a recall election, lowered his state’s unemployment rate, and passed gun-friendly legislation and voter identification laws. And he spoke often of his wife and children.

“The reason I tell you that all here is not to brag — well not much,” he joked, before making the case that his actions in Wisconsin could translate to national stage.

But he seemed to really capture the crowd when he spoke about national security, or, as Mr. Walker described it, “safety.”

“National security is something you hear about,” Mr. Walker said. “Safety is something you feel.”

He framed the debate in personal terms, describing a fear that “it is not a matter of if” but when another “attempt is made on American soil.” And then he launched into the line that got him his biggest standing ovation of the day: “I want a leader who is willing to take the fight to them before they take the fight to us.”

If you had the opportunity to ask Scott Walker a question today, what would you ask?Continue Reading..


Adoptable Georgia Dogs for May 29, 2015


Waldo (above) and Emerson (bel0w) are 6-week old male mixed breed puppies, weighing about 8 pounds each, who are available for adoption from Walton County Animal Shelter in Monroe, GA.



Their sister, Liberty, is also available for adoption.


Buzz is a 3-year old Golden Retriever mix who will be available for adoption Monday from Walton County Animal Shelter in Monroe, GA.


Jase is a two-year old Black Labrador Retriever mix who is available for adoption at Walton County Animal Shelter in Monroe, GA.
Found Dachshund

This female Dachshund was found running loose along Haynes Bridge Road in Alpharetta, Georgia yesterday by a Good Samaritan. He was checked for a microchip and doesn’t have one. The person who found her said she was terrified and because of that, she took her home overnight rather than taking her to a shelter. If you recognize this dog, please help her get home. Because of the jean jacket, I wonder if someone should ask Sen. David Perdue if he’s missing a dog.

Suwanee Animal Hospital

This black lab (white spot on chest) was found at Peachtree Park in Suwanee and is staying with a local vet until it’s home can be found. If you recognize the dog, please call Rosa at 770-316-6286.