Gov. Nathan Deal: Jason Carter and ‘A Gilded List of Hollywood-types’

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From Governor Nathan Deal

Deal: Jason Carter and ‘A Gilded List of Hollywood-types’

What they’re saying


AJC: Jason Carter’s out-of-state donors a ‘gilded list of Hollywood types’

 The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported today that nearly one-third of Senator Jason Carter’s donations came from out-of-state donors, including contributions from a “gilded list of connected Hollywood-types.”

“Senator Carter has a lot in common with his donors; they’re all very liberal and all out of step with Georgia values,” said Jen Talaber, Deal for Governor spokeswoman. “California donors comprise 10 percent of Carter’s donors. If any Georgia voters envy the high-tax, high-regulation model that’s driving businesses out of California, then they have a champion in Jason Carter. On the other hand, Georgia voters who wants a pro-jobs agenda that made our state the No. 1 state in the nation in which to do business have a champion in Gov. Nathan Deal.”

They include liberal mega-donors such as:

“I don’t think the rank-and-file Georgia voters have a lot in common with Steven Spielberg and George Soros,” said Jerry Keen, a former state House Republican leader who is now a Capitol lobbyist. [AJC, Sep. 2]

Fundraising off his famous family name

Carter also relies on his President Jimmy Carter, his “fundraiser-in-chief” to rake in out-of-state money, (more…)

Rep. Lynn Westmoreland: GAO: Obama Ignored the Law, Again

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From Congressman Lynn Westmoreland

Capitol Corner: GAO: Obama Ignored the Law, Again

This past June, the Department of Defense (DoD) authorized the release of five dangerous Taliban terrorists from Guantanamo Bay in exchange for Sergeant Bowe Bergdhal. The Taliban Five were reportedly sent to Qatar, whose government weakly assured they would remain in the country and whose wealthy Sunnis are being suspected of helping finance ISIS. It was a risky trade from the start, and one that shouldn’t have been made hastily. Not only did the Obama Administration enter into negotiations with terrorists, but they knowingly broke the law.
The FY2014 National Defense Authorization Act (which the president signed into law himself) stated that there must be at least a 30 days’ notice of a prisoner release from Guantanamo. President Obama, the DoD, and all others involved failed to give the required 30 day notice to Congress, as well as any notice at all. To top it off, the trade cost almost $1 million taxpayer dollars that were not previously appropriated or authorized by Congress. The DoD scrambled to provide reasons but failed to provide adequate evidence to Congress to legitimize the trade. This caused many of us to question the reasons behind the release of these prisoners, and sparked an investigation into the trade.
The non-partisan Government Accountability Office (GAO) announced that after investigating, they came to the decision that the Department of Defense violated the law when they authorized the release. The GAO’s decision confirms what many members of congress, including myself, have been saying about President Obama all along: if he doesn’t like a law, he doesn’t follow it.


Economist Rajeev Dhawan: ‘Peach State Job Engine Is Indeed Humming’

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From Governor Nathan Deal

Economist: ‘Peach State job engine is indeed humming’

Since taking office, Gov. Nathan Deal has budgeted conservatively, downsized state government, implemented real tax reform and created nearly 300,000 private-sector jobs as Georgia rebounded from the Great Recession. A prediction from a Georgia State University economist in today’s Atlanta Journal-Constitution suggests the governor’s policies are working. Director of the Georgia State Economic Forecasting Center Rajeev Dhawan tells the AJC that Georgia’s economic growth will be solid in the coming years.

“This prediction, alongside several other positive economic indicators and a top-ranked business climate, proves we are moving in the right direction,” said Deal. “I’ve made it my priority to create jobs for Georgia citizens (more…)

Gov. Nathan Deal: 13 Georgia Cities Awarded for Outstanding Achievement

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From Governor Nathan Deal

Deal: 13 Georgia Cities Awarded for Outstanding Achievement

Gov. Nathan Deal announced today that 13 Georgia cities were recently awarded for outstanding achievement in urban design, economic development, organizational projects and downtown promotions at the annual Georgia Downtown Conference Awards of Excellence ceremony. The ceremony, held Aug. 21 in Decatur, was the culmination of a week-long conference for the state’s downtown developers.

“Our downtowns are the heart of our communities, and these award-winning cities set the standard for downtowns across the state and nation,” said Deal. “A vibrant, economically robust downtown is a sign of an actively engaged community committed to enhancing its economic competitiveness and its quality of life.”

The Georgia Downtown Conference promotes downtown and economic development through public awareness, governmental relations and education. Co-sponsored by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs’ Office of Downtown Development and the Georgia Downtown Association, the awards and the conference provide (more…)

Rep. Allen Peake: Comments on First Meeting of the Medical Cannabis Study Committee

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From Representative Allen Peake

State Representative Allen Peake (R-Macon)  released the following  statement on the first meeting of the Prescription of Medical Cannabis for Serious Medical Conditions Joint Study Committee:

“I am very pleased with the turnout and support we received at today’s meeting.  It is imperative that we, as lawmakers, do everything within our means to study medical cannabis, so that we can help those families who are suffering from terminal illnesses here in Georgia find a solution – one that will not require them to travel outside of our state, thus becoming “medical refugees.”  We have clear evidence that our legislature and Georgians desire legislation that would allow this treatment to be legal in our state, and we need to act now.

“We heard testimony from individuals who have firsthand experience with cannabis oil, and who have researched and made it their mission to advocate for this type of legislation.  These testimonies provided an in-depth analysis of regulation and cultivation models that other states have successfully implemented (more…)

David Perdue: Announces Desire To Serve On Senate Armed Services Committee

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From David Perdue for US Senate 


Perdue: A Strong Military Requires A Strong Economy

 Announces Desire To Serve On Senate Armed Services Committee

Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, David Perdue, recently met with the 21st Century Partnership in Warner Robins to discuss the public-private partnerships that support Robins Air Force Base. Perdue also expressed his interest in serving on the U.S. Senate Committee on Armed Services if elected:
“Providing a strong national defense is one the most important roles of the federal government. Georgia has much to be proud of in Robins Air Force Base and our other military installations. In order to have a strong military, we must have a strong economy to finance it. Right now, I am worried that Washington’s inability to balance its budget gravely threatens our military’s capabilities. When I spoke with four former Secretaries of Defense, they said the number one national security threat we face is (more…)

Georgia Politics, Campaigns, and Elections for September 2, 2014

On August 31, 1864, Confederates charged Union forces at the Battle of Jonesboro, in which the CSA suffered more than 1400 casualties in one hour.

Atlanta Mayor James Calhoun surrendered the city to federal forces on September 2, 1864.

Calhoun’s two-sentence letter, directed to Brig.-Gen. William Ward stated:

“Sir: The fortune of war has placed Atlanta in your hands. As mayor of the city I ask protection of non-combatants and private property.”

The cornerstone of the Georgia State Capitol was laid on September 2, 1885.

The last hanging in Atlanta took place on September 1, 1922 outside the Fulton County jail.

Author John Ronald Reuel Tolkien died on September 2, 1973.

On September 1, 2004, United States Senator Zell Miller, a Democrat, spoke at the Republican National Convention. (more…)

Adoptable Georgia Dogs for September 2, 2014


Frodo is a sweet, young Great Pyrenees boy who found himself in a shelter, all dirty and a mess..but Great Pyrenees Rescue of Atlanta stepped up and took him in! Now he is a clean boy, who has a big smile on his face because now he is on the road to finding my family! He does need some help with his leash manners as he still pulls a little bit. Frodo is young and can act puppy-like but is smart and eager to learn. He is good with other dogs and is housebroken. Frodo is available for adoption from Great Pyrenees Rescue of Atlanta in Atlanta, GA.

Bilbo Baggins

Bilbo Baggins is a young male Hound mix who is available for adoption from the City of Lyons Animal Shelter in Lyons, GA.

Bilbo Baggins2


Hobbit is a sweet little (under 35 pounds) mixed breed female dog looking for a loving home. She is a little shy when she first meets new people, but once she warms up to you she’s very friendly and sweet. She gets along great with other dogs. Hobbit is currently living in a foster home. If you would like to meet her, please email [email protected] to arrange a visit. Hobbit is available for adoption from Dekalb County Animal Services Decatur, GA.