Election 2014: Georgia Governor – Rasmussen Reports™

Republican Governor Nathan Deal is holding on to a six-point lead over Democratic challenger Jason Carter in the final week of his reelection campaign in Georgia and leads by the same margin in a hypothetical runoff contest.

Deal now picks up 49% of the vote to Carter’s 43% in the latest Rasmussen Reports statewide telephone survey of Likely Georgia Voters. Two percent (2%) prefer some other candidate in the race, while six percent (6%) are undecided.

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Campaigning like it’s 2004: Outsourcing re-emerges as election-year issue | Al Jazeera America

Todd Rehm, a Georgia-based Republican political consultant, said the line of attacks fits neatly into Democrats’ messaging that the GOP is out of touch with voters’ needs and favors corporations profiting off of the woes of Americans workers. Rehm noted that Republican candidates around the country could do a better job of communicating their economic policies in a way that resonates with the middle class.

“You can talk about how when a company is faced with low cost imports decimating its market, how outsourcing can be a way to keep some of the jobs,” Rehm said. “That is absolutely a weak spot among a lot of Republicans that come from a business background — they speak about creating a favorable business environment in a way that doesn’t connect with the likes of a lot of people, especially wage workers.”

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Democratic hopes run high in Georgia’s tossup Senate race | MSNBC

The story of Nunn’s competitive position is as much a story of Georgia’s changing demographics as it is about the candidate. Republicans have known for some time that the state’s population, which is rapidly becoming less white, is a problem for them. What they didn’t expect was how quickly the threat would arrive, especially in an off-year election without an African American candidate on the top of the ticket. The GOP easily swept its elections in 2010 thanks in part to a large drop in Democratic turnout.

“The competitiveness really caught a lot of folks by surprise,” Todd Rehm, a Republican consultant in the state, told msnbc. “Normally if you said you were going a state to win by turning out people who don’t normally vote you’d be laughed out of the room.”

The race could have implications nationally as a result. One of the biggest questions in politics for 2016 and beyond is whether the ascendant coalition of minority voters, women, and young people that President Obama built can survive beyond his presidency.

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Adoptable Georgia Dogs for October 29, 2014

Last night, the Dawson County Republican Party passed the hat at their monthly meeting and raised $80 to donate to the Dawson County Humane Society. My thanks to the members for their generosity. Is this a good thing for local political organizations to do?


Bows is an adult male Hound mix who weighs 60 pounds, and loves his leash walks, behaves beautifully and is easy to handle. Bows is available for adoption from the Dawson County Humane Society in Dawsonville, Georgia.

Alabama Dog

Alabama is a middle-aged, mid-sized male Terrier mix. He suffers from the aches and pains that come with age and would probably do well with someone who is older and understands those things. He loves a nice leash walk and might be a candidate for a little pain medication for his senior years but a little pampering would go a long way toward making him happy.

I can tell you from experience that there’s nothing better than an older dog.

Alabama is available for adoption from the Dawson County Humane Society in Dawsonville, Georgia.


Mami, also called “The Dolly Mama” is a spayed female American Staffordshire Terrier & Bull Terrier Mix. She lives to play fetch and run. She is very energetic. She is house trained and crate trained . She does well with cats but should be a one dog household.

Mami is available for adoption from the Dawson County Humane Society in Dawsonville, Georgia.

Georgia Politics, Campaigns, and Elections for October 29, 2014

Sir Walter Raleigh, founder of the first permanent English settlement in America, was beheaded on October 29, 1618 for conspiring against King James I.

Georgia’s first Royal Governor, John Reynolds, arrived at Savannah on October 29, 1754.

John Hancock resigned as President of the Continental Congress on October 29, 1777.

Duane Allman died in a motorcycle accident in Macon, Georgia on October 29, 1971.

The New York Stock Exchange crashed on October 29, 1929, beginning the spiral to the Great Depression.

The first ballpoint pen went on sale at Gimbel’s Department Store on October 29, 1945.

On October 29, 1998, at 77 years of age, John Glenn became the oldest human to travel in space, on the shuttle Discovery.

More on Democratic GOTV efforts

Dexter Sharper is a Democratic State Representative from Valdosta, and he offered his thoughts via Facebook on why you should vote.

Dexter Sharper Facebook

Hat tip to GaUnfiltered, who noted that:

According to the federal government, more than 46 million Americans receive food stamps as of June 2014. 43% of those getting food stamps are white, 33% are African-American, 19% are Hispanic, 2% are Asian, and 2% are Native American.

Section 8 is a federal rent assistance program administer by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). As of 30 September 2014, 49% of [Section 8 recipients are] white and 46% [are] black….



AG Sam Olens: Announces Settlement with Drug Manufacturer Organon

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From Attorney General Sam Olens 

Sam Olens

Attorney General Olens Announces Settlement with Drug Manufacturer Organon

Attorney General Sam Olens announced today that Georgia has joined with other states and the federal government to settle allegations that drug manufacturer Organon underpaid rebates to Georgia’s Medicaid program, offered improper financial incentives to nursing home pharmacy companies, promoted its anti-depressants for unapproved uses and misrepresented its drug prices to Georgia’s Medicaid program.

“This settlement holds Organaon accountable for falsely billing our Medicaid program and marketing drugs for off-label uses,” said Olens. “There are already too many excess prescription drugs in our communities. Promoting drugs for uses that are not approved by the FDA is unacceptable and only adds to the prescription drug abuse problem we face.”

Organon was headquartered in Oss, Netherlands and the company’s assets are now owned by Merck.  The total value of the settlement is $31 million, of which Georgia received $413,444.48 in restitution and other recoveries. The settlement resulted from two whistleblower lawsuits filed in the United States District Court for the District Massachusetts and the United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas, and resolves four separate allegations. (more…)

David Perdue: Surges Ahead In Latest Poll

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From David Perdue US Senate 

28 Oct Poll


David Perdue Surges Ahead In Latest Poll

A new WXIA-TV poll conducted by SurveyUSA shows that Georgians are excited for a new direction in Washington. With a “5-point right turn in one of the nation’s most high-visibility contests,”David Perdue now leads 48-45 over his liberal opponent.

Speaking about the results of the new poll, Perdue spokesman Mark Bednar said: “Our campaign continues to gain momentum because Georgians know that David Perdue has the right experience and vision to get our country back on track. Like so many Georgians, David knows Washington has gotten us into this mess, and it will take a true outsider to get us headed in the right direction. That’s why he will go to Washington to grow our economy and create jobs, repeal and replace Obamacare, and create more opportunity for all Georgians. (more…)