Georgia Politics, Campaigns, and Elections for October 21, 2014


USS Constitution, named by President George Washington, was launched in Boston Harbor on October 21, 1791.

During the War of 1812, the Constitution won its enduring nickname “Old Ironsides” after defeating the British warship Guerriére in a furious engagement off the coast of Nova Scotia. Witnesses claimed that the British shots merely bounced off the Constitution‘s sides, as if the ship were made of iron rather than wood. The success of the Constitution against the supposedly invincible Royal Navy provided a tremendous morale boost for the young American republic.

Today, Constitution serves as a museum ship, and has sailed under her own power as recently as 2012. Southern live oak, harvested and milled on St. Simons Island, Georgia, is a primary construction material for Constitution.

Dizzy Gillespie was born on this day in 1917 in Cheraw, South Carolina.

President Warren G. Harding spoke in Alabama on October 21, 1921, and publicly condemned the practice of lynching.

Harding was a progressive Republican politician who advocated full civil rights for African Americans and suffrage for women. He supported the Dyer Anti-lynching Bill in 1920. As a presidential candidate that year, he gained support for his views on women’s suffrage, but faced intense opposition on civil rights for blacks. The 1920s was a period of intense racism in the American South, characterized by frequent lynchings. In fact, the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) reported that, in 1920, lynching claimed, on average, the lives of two African Americans every week.

On October 21, 1976, Billy Carter spoke to an audience in Albany, Georgia, about his brother’s campaign for President.

On his brother Jimmy’s drinking habits, Billy said, “Jimmy used to drink liquor. Now he’s running for president he drinks Scotch, and I’ve never trusted a Scotch drinker.” Billy preferred the alcohol choice of his brother’s running mate, Walter Mondale – “I liked him the best of all the ones who came to Plains. He’s from a small town and he’s a beer drinker.”

Today, Billy Carter’s service station is preserved as a museum in Plains, Georgia.

The Atlanta Braves won the first game of the 1995 World Series on October 21, 1995, as Greg Maddux dominated the Cleveland Indians, allowing only two hits. Native American groups protested the names of both teams.

Georgia Politics, Campaigns, and Elections

I was listening to GPB’s “Political Rewind” on the radio on Friday (3-4 PM on 88.5 FM in Atlanta), when Beth Schapiro said about one or another of the current crop of ads, “if you’re going to do an ad that doesn’t match the actual facts, do it late in the campaign.” I’m paraphrasing, and I don’t think she was condoning it, rather pointing out something that happens regularly in the terminal stage of campaigns.

To illustrate, we have Michelle Nunn once again using the photo of her with former President George H.W. Bush (41), against his wishes.

Bush already endorsed Nunn’s Republican opponent, David Perdue, and his office is not happy about Nunn defying his wishes again. (more…)

VIDEO – GA GOP: Jason Carter’s Freudian Slip Is Telling

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From The Georgia Republican Party

Carter Con


During last night’s televised debate hosted by the Atlanta Press Club, liberal Democrat Jason Carter declared that government was responsible for “doling out rights” (23:50) to the people.  In response to Carter’s misguided comments, Georgia Republican Party Chairman John Padgett issued the following statements:

“Jason Carter is wrong about a lot of things – Obamacare, Medicaid Expansion, income caps on HOPE Scholarships, and bigger more expensive government – but his belief that government grants rights and freedoms to the people is unconscionable.

“Our rights and freedoms come from God – not government.  As the Declaration of Independence clearly states, ‘we have been endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.’ (more…)

Sen. Buddy Carter: Questions On The 2014 Ballot

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From Senator Buddy Carter 

Buddy Carter Portrait Sm

Questions on the 2014 Ballot

While most voters are aware of the candidates on the general election ballot November 4th, many are unaware of the three questions also on the ballot.

Two of the questions are constitutional amendments, meaning that, if approved by the majority of voters voting in this election, our state’s constitution will be amended to include these changes.

The other question is a statewide referendum involving a tax exemption that requires approval of a majority of voters voting in this election in order to be implemented.

Here’s a look at the questions and a brief explanation of each.


Gov. Nathan Deal: Acuity Brands To Create 700 Jobs in DeKalb, Rockdale Counties

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From Governor Nathan Deal

20 Oct Jobs

Deal: Acuity Brands to create 700 jobs in DeKalb, Rockdale counties

Georgia-based lighting company will invest $16 million into new engineering and technology center

Gov. Nathan Deal today announced that Acuity Brands, a Georgia-based global leader in lighting solutions for indoor and outdoor applications, will expand its operations, creating 700 jobs and investing more than $16 million into DeKalb and Rockdale counties over the next five years.

“When a successful Georgia operation such as Acuity Brands decides to expand its facility and its employment roster, it’s a win for all concerned, especially for our workforce,” Deal said. “I have no doubt that our top-ranked business climate and cutting-edge logistics sector will continue to support Acuity Brands for many years to come, and we look forward to its continued success.”

As part of a plan to create a workplace that will drive collaboration, innovation and technological advances, Acuity Brands will build a world-class engineering and technology center at a site it owns in Decatur and will also invest in facility upgrades at its complex in Conyers.


David Perdue: Kicks Off Statewide Tour Highlighting “A New Direction” In Washington

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From David Perdue US Senate 

David Perdue

Perdue Kicks Off Statewide Tour Highlighting “A New Direction” In Washington

This week, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, David Perdue, will kick off a ten-day statewide tour highlighting how Washington is not working and why Georgians want a new direction. The tour will start on Thursday, October 23 and include nearly 50 public events across the state. Stops for the first leg of the tour are included below:

Thursday, October 23, 2014

7:30 am – Coweta
Redneck Gourmet
11 North Square
Newnan, GA

9:30 am – Fayette
Broadway Diner
535 Glynn Street South
Fayetteville, GA

11:00 am – Spalding
Southern Pit BBQ
2964 North Express Way
Griffin, GA

VIDEO – Michelle Nunn: No Respect for President Bush – No Respect For Georgia Voters?

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This  statement is From the Office of President George H.W. Bush (via Jim Galloway at the AJC)

“Michelle and her team have been clearly, repeatedly and consistently told that President Bush did not want them to use his photo as part of this campaign. Apparently, the Nunn team feels they can repeatedly disregard the former president’s wishes, which is very disappointing because it’s so disrespectful.”

This is the disrespectful commercial – if Michelle Nunn has no respect for President Bush – does she have any for Georgia voters?

Rep. Lynn Westmoreland: Climate Change a National Security Threat?

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From Congressman Lynn Westmoreland

Cap Corner

Climate Change a National Security Threat?

While the U.S. Department of Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel was attending a conference in Peru earlier this month, he released a report stating the biggest threat is climate change because it “poses immediate risks to U.S. national security.” With all the war and disease going on in the world at this moment, Hagel’s statement once again goes to show how out of touch the Obama Administration is with reality.

ISIL, the West Africa Ebola outbreak, our nation’s debt, the instability in Russia and Ukraine – these are the national security issues that are our biggest threat and what we should be combating – not the climate. (more…)

David Perdue: Commends University Of Georgia’s Ebola Precautions

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From David Perdue US Senate 

David Perdue

Perdue Commends University Of Georgia’s Ebola Precautions

The University of Georgia recently cancelled the visit of a Liberian journalist out of concern for the spread of Ebola. Regarding the University’s decision, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, David Perdue, made the following statement:

“The Ebola crisis continues to be a serious concern here in Georgia. The President’s lack of leadership on the matter is putting American lives at risk. The national response to Ebola must be a comprehensive, well-coordinated effort that includes a travel ban from Ebola-stricken countries. I’m encouraged to see The University of Georgia take additional precautions to prevent the spread of this disease and protect our students and communities. Our federal government must follow their lead and enact a travel ban immediately.” (more…)

Gov. Nathan Deal: Team To Combat Risks of Ebola Should The Need Arise

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From Governor Nathan Deal

Deal Leadership

Deal: Team to combat risks of Ebola should the need arise

Advisory group comprised of leaders in health and research communities, state agencies

Gov. Nathan Deal today named the members of the Georgia Ebola Response Team, which was created by executive order to assess current state health and emergency management procedures and produce necessary recommendations to minimize any potential impact of the disease in Georgia.

“Those that have been chosen to serve on the panel are leaders in their respective fields, and I’m confident that their combined talents and experience will allow them to effectively examine state preparedness and provide all necessary recommendations,” said Deal. “By opening up lines of communication between the private and public sector, Georgia is uniquely positioned to combat the risks of Ebola should the need arise and protect the health of the people of our state. An informed public and a prepared group of first responders and health care professionals can save lives. Let me reiterate: As a state, we are taking every precaution to make certain Georgia stands prepared.”

The Ebola response team will be chaired by Brenda Fitzgerald, commissioner of the Georgia Department of Public Health. A full list of team members below: