Todd Rehm is a Republican political consultant and pollster based in Atlanta and editor of, the most-read political newsletter in Georgia, which focuses on Republican politics, state and local government, and elections. He is a graduate of Emory University and veteran of 20 years of political campaigns,

He previously wrote for, a blog about Georgia politics. Todd’s writing has appeared in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Gainesville (GA) Times, Macon Telegraph, Marietta Daily Journal, and other local periodicals. His photography has appeared in the United Methodist Reporter.

Currently, he writes most weekdays for, one of Georgia’s first websites to focus on politics, polling, and up-to-the-minute news. He is Associate Publisher of James magazine the sister publication to InsiderAdvantage.

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  1. Dear Sir; The following is my beloved wife’s latest column for the Sylvania Telephone Newspaper.

    Brown Bagging

    Dear folks, I would like to share some “tips” with you. Brown Bagging is the way to go, not for lunch, oh’ well, I suppose in a way it is. I sat every night in front of the TV, (Dish Network/Fox News Channel) and listened to the Republican National Convention. It was very inspiring, each elected official and speaker including Congressman Paul Ryan (The Beaver) and Governor Mitt Romney (Mr. Ward Cleaver) making courageous statements and hitting us with the truth. Can we as a people handle the truth? Clint Eastwood made my day!

    Last week I determined to do the same with the Democratic National Convention. That’s where the brown bags came in – for barfing! The bags are cheap and disposable. I used them several times as I heard the DNC chairwoman lie to our faces. The shock came when the DNC took God out of their platform and denied Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel.

    Then President Obama called up and ordered them to reinstate the wording back into the platform because of the votes he desperately needs. It was already decided and written on the TelePrompTer BEFORE they took the vote in the hall. So much for your vote counting! It was the most shocking thing I’ve seen in my lifetime, politically speaking. Imagine, they took God out of the Democratic party platform, then reinstated Him for a vote of the delegates on the floor. I sat in stunned silence as people booed God Almighty! I then watched in amazement as “Reverend” Jesse Jackson proclaimed that the Constitution and the laws take precedence over God and His Commandments. Are you kidding me!? A preacher said this!? What has happened to our country!?

    The DNC had the audacity to put a “college girl” before the nation on prime time TV to tell us “We the People” should pay for her birth control pills! Have we lost our minds!? Then President Barack Husein Obama stood before us with the big rock star attitude and stretched the truth down to the Ogeechee. Vice President Joe Biden did the same.

    The DNC, in desperation, used a dead man, Ted Kennedy, and an impeached ex-President to try and convince us to vote for them again. Are you serious!? I have just one question for the fake Indian, Elizabeth Warren (Democratic candidate for Senate in Massachusetts): Do you know who the Dog Soldiers are?

    Here’s the most important thing you need to know. These speakers don’t write their own speeches. They hire someone to write lofty lies and they practice for weeks to learn to say these words, sell these sentences, but they didn’t compose them. It’s marketing, pure and simple.

    Well here’s some more truth for you. We are all to blame for this mess. We, each as an individual, must face the truth of our actions and take responsibility for hiring these people as our “political employees”.

    Tip 1: Get yourself a Bible, the Truth will set you free, and Tip 2: Pay $20 a month for access to Fox News for the truth, if you can handle it. God Almighty created you not a political party!

    Meanwhile, we got blocked again Friday night by the Iron Dragon of Norfolk Southern Railroad and cars were lined up to the Ogeechee River with folks madder than hell, kids disappointed, dads and moms angry and cursing. Moms, no doubt, were having a difficult time explaining about the vulgar graffiti spray-painted on the parked rail cars and most disgusting for me and other folks the word “rape”. How dare Norfolk Southern make us look at such filth? No “political employees” have stepped forward to help “We the People”.

    Yes, I later repented for losing my temper with the NS Chief Dispatcher (Ben) in Atlanta who I called after nearly an hour of blockage. It seems that another dispatcher had “mis-routed” two trains in our direction. Of course we had to suffer because of it! That’s the same excuse the big shot, NS Governmental Affairs dude, Joel Harrell, gave me last November in his “apology” for a two-hour plus blocking. Damn! They must be hiring the “anal derivatives” if they can’t learn the ropes in nearly a year. That’s scary, considering it’s a TRAIN they are running through us!

    You all have a chance Thursday (Tonight!), September 13, 2012 at 5:30 p.m. to let your “political employees” know how you feel and hear your voice at the Fish Fry at the Pathway Center on Hwy. 301 south. Go there!

    We the people have just 57 days to change our country. That newborn baby in your arms is $52,000 in debt already and he hasn’t even learned to control his bowels. There may be a lot of that before this election day.

    “Let us put our minds together and see what kind of life we can make for our children.”

    Sitting Bull – Lakota Chief

    God Loves All Y’all

    In the Spirit,

    Greta Newton

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