Gov. Nathan Deal: Georgia-based TSYS to Create up to 450 Jobs in McDonough

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Deal: Georgia-based TSYS to create up to 450 jobs in McDonough

Gov. Nathan Deal announced today that TSYS, a global payments company headquartered in Columbus, will create up to 450 jobs through a new contact center in Henry County.

“TSYS’s decision to expand in Georgia is a testament to our state’s top-ranked business climate and qualified workforce,” said Deal. “Businesses that choose to locate here are finding it easy to expand here, and I have no doubt that our state will continue to provide this growing company with the necessary resources to remain globally competitive.”

The 62,000-square-foot TSYS facility, located at 3500 Loop Road, will house a new contact center that will provide back-up capabilities for its existing center in Columbus. This expansion will offer customer service, risk and fraud management, collections, dispute and chargeback servicing, back office support and full call center servicing solutions. (more…)

Georgia Election Board to meet on voter registration allegations |

The Georgia Election Board called a special meeting Wednesday to allow Secretary of State Brian Kemp to lay out his case involving dozens of allegedly fraudulent voter registration applications submitted by a Democratic-backed group.

It will be the first time Kemp addresses the scope of an investigation he launched last week, after receiving complaints about the New Georgia Project. Among the problems he listed were applications with inaccurate or false information, applications completed or “forged” after telephone conversations between voters and representatives of the group, and voters being told they were legally required to re-register to vote.

“We’re anxious to be forthcoming and as transparent as possible,” said Jared Thomas, Kemp’s spokesman. “We feel this is the proper venue to do that.”

The board will meet at 3 p.m. in Room 341 of the state Capitol. The board originally expected to take up the case at its regular Oct. 7 meeting — a day after the state’s voter registration deadline.

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President to announce new Ebola aid during visit to Atlanta |

President Barack Obama will announce during a visit Tuesday to the Atlanta-based Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that he plans to send additional medical aid to West Africa as part of the fight against the deadly outbreak of Ebola.

White House press secretary Josh Earnest described the announcement as a “ramping up” of U.S. assistance, but he did not give further details.

Critics have called the U.S. and other countries slow in their response to the outbreak that is overwhelming local health systems and the international aid response. The disease has had its greatest impact in the nations of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, although there are concerns that it is spreading to Nigeria.

The World Health Organization estimates the death toll at around 2,400 people out of 4,784 cases.

The president’s pledge will be in addition to the Defense Department’s announcement last week that it was sending a 25-bed, $22 million hospital to Liberia to care for sickened medical workers there.

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Deal and Carter have testy opening showdown |

The forum on Monday was supposed to focus on education, but Gov. Nathan Deal and Democrat Jason Carter also traded jabs over economic philosophy and taxing policy in a touchy first showdown between the candidates. The governor even took a shot at his opponent’s famous grandfather.

The event, the first time the two rivals have shared the stage this campaign, offered each a showcase to press their education agenda. The governor said he preserved k-12 funding and engineered the largest education funding increase in seven years, while Carter attacked the funding system as a tired “shell game” that hurts students.

The Professional Association of Georgia Educators’ forum wasn’t meant to be a debate, but there was a constant attack-and-volley between the two candidates. They bickered over education funding, a potential charter school expansion and Georgia’s stubborn jobless rate. And they saved some of their harshest words for after the forum.

The brunt of the argument focused on a familiar topic to both candidates: Carter’s pledge to create a separate education budget that he said would ensure a significant boost in classroom funding. Deal called it empty rhetoric and took Carter to task for voting three times for budgets that included education funding cuts he now criticizes.

“Rhetoric without results will never educate a child,” Deal told the crowd of educators. “This campaign is too important to be allowed to be dictated by simple rhetoric and promises. You need to know the hard answers.”

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DeKalb ethics cases advance against Boyer and Lundsten |

The DeKalb County Board of Ethics is moving forward with complaints against former Commissioner Elaine Boyer and her chief of staff, Bob Lundsten.

The board rejected efforts Monday to dismiss the cases and will soon schedule formal hearings.

Both Boyer and Lundsten have been accused by DeKalb resident Tom Owens of abusing their county-issued debit cards for personal benefit.

Boyer has already pleaded guilty to federal charges that she used her purchasing card for personal travel and hotel stays, and that she funneled taxpayer money to her personal bank account.

The ethics complaint against Lundsten, who is still managing Boyer’s office, alleges he used his purchasing card for meals, towing charges and a cable TV bill.

Boyer’s attorney, Anne Lewis, asked the Board of Ethics to dismiss the complaint against her because Boyer is no longer in office. Lundsten’s attorney, Kathryn Zickert, told the board that Lundsten didn’t violate any ethical standards.

The board voted against both of their arguments.

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David Perdue Exaggerates His Father’s Role Desegregating Georgia Schools

WASHINGTON — On March 21, Georgia GOP Senate candidate David Perdue spoke with some GOP students at Morehouse College in Atlanta. In an effort to connect with the young voters at the historically black college, Perdue said his father played a key role in desegregating the Houston County schools in Georgia.

“Segregation was real … My dad was a school superintendent, and actually integrated I think the first — if not the first or second — county school system in Georgia, and he did it before they had to. He did it right after he got elected, and he did it because it was the right thing to do. So in my lifetime, I’ve seen that happen,” Perdue said.

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