Adoptable Georgia Dogs for October 21, 2014


Annabelle is a young female flat-coated border collie mix, nicely sized to fit in a comfy chair as pictured.  Her foster family has several children and she is great with them.  Annabelle has lots of puppy energy and loves a good toy.  Border collies are said to be “able to change speed and direction with great agility and is an intense worker. Constantly alert and energetic, the Border Collie thrives with a job to complete and needs lots of exercise. They are also well known for having excellent Frisbee-catching skills.”  The good people of Country Pet Rescue in Monroe, GA are taking care of Annabelle until her forever family comes along.


Ivy is a senior female Viszla mix from our beloved Dixie Dog Rescue in Lawrenceville. She’s a sweet senior girl who’s a great family dog. describes viszlas as “versatile and suited for field, forest or water. Highly trainable, this lively and affectionate dog requires daily exercise and makes an excellent family pet.” She is in the care of Dixie Dog Rescue in Lawrenceville, GA.

Big Ben

Big Ben is a gorgeous chocolate lab/Chesapeake Bay Retriever mix. His foster mom reports that he’s a sweetheart who’s energetic and patient in equal measure. says the Chesapeake Bay Retriever is “…used to facing harsh winds and long, cold swims, this canine still maintains a happy disposition. The Chesapeake Bay Retriever has a protective and affectionate nature and is best suited for an active family. The breed also enjoys close proximity to water.”

Big Ben is in the care of Labrador Friends of the South, Inc. in Cumming, GA.

Adoptable Georgia Dogs for October 20, 2014

Female Boston Terrier

This young female Boston Terrier is available for adoption from Barrow County Animal Shelter in Winder, Ga.

Male Boston Terrier

I suspect this young male Boston Terrier was her companion; he is available for adoption from Barrow County Animal Shelter in Winder, Ga.


Lab 4 month puppy

P.D.Q. is a 4-month old Lab mix puppy who has out-of-state foster arranged, but he needs funds for his vetting and a three-week stay in boarding. To help him, visit his Facebook page and let them know your pledge in the comments.

Litter of 8

This litter of Shepherd/Retriever mix puppies is in urgent need of foster or permanent homes. They are available for adoption from Polk County Animal Control in Cedartown, GA.

Adoptable Georgia Dogs for October 17, 2014

Mack Lab

Mack is a male Lab mix puppy, about 10-11 weeks old who is available for adoption from Furever After Rescue in Macon, GA.

Mack Basset

Mack is an adult male Basset Hound about 7 years old – you can see he was in poor shape when he came into Basset Hound Rescue of Georgia, but with love and veterinary care, he’s about ready to be adopted with a clean bill of health. Mack is available for adoption through Basset Hound Rescue of Georgia, based in Marietta.

Mack Boxer

This Mack is a 6 month old male Boxer mix who loves playing with other dogs, his chew toys & his human family too! He is looking for his forever home, could yours be it?? Mack is available for adoption from You Lucky Dog Rescue in Alpharetta, Ga.


Adoptable Georgia Dogs for October 16, 2014


Roscoe is a 4-year old, 83-pound Bloodhound/Great Dane mix male whose owner turned him in. The shelter staff loves this boy! He instantly grabbed our hearts. He’s a gentle giant lumbering around, standing right at your thigh so you can rub his long, soft ears! His owner said he’s a Dane/Bloodhound mix and has been a great dog. Roscoe is available for adoption from the Walton County Animal Shelter.



Lily is a 4-year old, 50-pound boxer or pit bull mix female.  Lily was “adopted” from a friend who could no longer keep her. They tried to bring Lily in but their current dog was jealous and wouldn’t tolerate Lily.

Her previous owner said she may not be good with smaller animals, but is fine with other dogs her size. She is very sweet with people; she sits, shakes, is great on the leash and is housebroken! “Lily” did fine interacting with a larger male dog in our shelter. She was submissive and allowed sniffing. She was wagging her tail and showed no signs of aggression or growling. Lily is available for adoption from the Walton County Animal Shelter, where she is urgent and may be euthanized for space.




Casper is a one-year old, 55-pound male yellow lab mix who was found stray. He’s very friendly and knows how to sit on command. Casper is available for adoption from the Walton County Animal Shelter.

Adoptable Georgia Dogs for October 15, 2014


Loki was taken to a local veterinarian after he was hit by a car and no one has claimed him. Forgotten Paws Rescue has stepped up to help Loki, but they need money to cover his veterinary expenses. Loki is a sweet Pit/Lab mix who is sweet and loving and even tried to make friends with a cat. To help with his vet expenses, you can donate via Facebook (look for the donate button under the cover photo) or visit Forgotten Paws’ website and donate online.


Cecily is a 4-year old, 58-pound Lab mix who has entropion, which means her eyelashes turn inward, and she needs corrective surgery and a new home. If she doesn’t have a foster or adoptive home by Friday at 5 PM she will be euthanized. Cecily is friendly and gets along with other dogs, and she is available for foster or adoption from DeKalb County Animal Services.


Laurie is a 5-month old female Labrador Retriever mix who is available for adoption from Walton County Animal Control in Monroe, Ga.


Donald is a one-year old Hound mix who weighs 47 pounds and is in urgent need of a new home at Walton County Animal Control in Monroe, GA.


Mimi is a sweet little 8-10 month old Lab mix who weighs about 40 pounds and was surrendered by her owner to Walton County Animal Control in Monroe, GA, where she waits for her new family.


Foots is a small, 5-month old, 20-pound mixed breed puppy who is available for adoption from Walton County Animal Control in Monroe, GA.


Adoptable Georgia Dogs for October 14, 2014

Winnie Lab Mix
Winnie is a female Yellow Lab/German Shepherd mix who is available for adoption from the Humane Society of Terrell County in Dawson, GA.

Winnie is one of a family of dogs that was rescued by one of our foster homes from an elderly woman whose kids were using her home to sell drugs. Despite their auspicious beginnings, Winnie and her family are very sweet, good dogs-it is a true testament that most canines can live in the moment and over come most anything with a little TLC. She looks like a small yellow lab mixed with a little shepherd/weighs around 30-35 pounds.

Winnie loves all people and is great with kids but she can be a bit bossy with other dogs (she either needs to be an only dog or go to a home with another submissive dog that will allow her to be in charge). Winnie is active and likes to play-she is outgoing and just all around fun loving. Winnie absolutely adores to play fetch-she will retrieve as many times as you want to throw a tennis ball to her-she is a great dog and will be a great pet in the right home.

Tigger is a young male Plott Hound and Lab mix who is available for adoption from Special Touch Animal Rescue in Ellijay, GA.

Tigger is absolutely beautiful, with his chiseled facial features and deep orange brindle stripes, looks like tiger stripes. He got his name partly for his tiger stripes but also because he reminds me of the character Tigger in Winnie the poo stories in that he bounced around when he first came. Tigger has a strong lean body and he is only around 1 year. I think he would be a good hiking, lake dog, probably could do agility trials. He is very affectionate, and would be a great addition to your family.


Kanga (above and below) is a little female Beagle/Shepherd mix puppy who is available for adoption from Companion Animal Rescue Inc. in Madison, GA.

She has been fostered in a busy, active family with lots of kids, other dogs and cats, neighbor kids and anyone else that wants to come and play! Kanga is crate trained, house trained and has some great puppy manners and basic obedience skills.



Roo is a young female Cattle Dog & Labrador Retriever Mix who is available for adoption from Heart of Georgia Humane Society in Macon, GA.

She has the most adorable ears and knub tail and can jump around like a little kangaroo when she’s excited. She is about 5 months old and will probably be 40 lbs or less full grown.


Sebastian is a large American Bulldog or Terrier mix, but I just like the google-eyed look on his face in this photo. He came to DeKalb County Animal Services at 35 pounds, emaciated, and part of an animal cruelty case. He’s now a healthy 70-pounder who is friendly and sweet. Because of his size and looks, he needs a new home very soon or he may be euthanized.