Karen Handel Senate: Endorsed by Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer

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Handel Brewer

From Karen Handel Senate:

Friend –

I am excited to let you know that I am supporting Karen Handel for U.S. Senate in Georgia. I trust Karen Handel to fight for secure borders and to enforce our nation’s immigration laws when elected to the Senate.

We agree that addressing border security is the critical first step in fixing the problem of illegal immigration.

Having worked with Karen when we were both Secretaries of State, I know Karen’s record of implementing photo ID and taking on The Obama Justice Department to ensure only U.S. citizens voted in GA elections. Continue reading

GA 1 – Bob Johnson Congress: Endorsed By Georgia Right To Life

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Bob Johnson Logo

From Bob Johnson Congress:

Georgia Right to Life PAC Endorses Dr. Bob Johnson

Dr. Bob Johnson, practicing Savannah surgeon, medical missionary and former Army Ranger was endorsed by Georgia Right to Life following an interview with Debbie Blackburn, Chairman of the Coastal Empire Chapter for Georgia Right to Life and pledging to protect unborn human life.

Dr. Johnson said the following in response to receiving the endorsement of Georgia Right to Life:

“As a Christian Conservative, I’ve vowed to get RID of ObamaCare Continue reading

GA 1 – Buddy Carter Congress: Leads in Cash on Hand After $171,000 Reported In First Quarter

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Buddy Carter Congress LOgo

From Buddy Carter Congress:

State Senator Buddy Carter, conservative Republican candidate in the First Congressional District of Georgia, has had another solid fundraising quarter. The Carter campaign is reporting $171,487.66 from almost 300 individual donors in total receipts from the first quarter, and has over $460,000 in cash available for the remaining few weeks of the campaign.

“I’m humbled to have the support of almost a thousand donors. We’ve been working hard all over this great district and it’s exciting to see more and more individuals investing in our campaign,” said Senator Buddy Carter.  “Our message of Conservative Principles and Real Solutions continues to resonate with voters as we move into the final weeks of the primary.” Continue reading

Sen. Ross Tolleson: Applauds the Signing of Jekyll Island Legislation

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Sen. Tolleson Applauds the Signing of Jekyll Island Legislation

Sen. Ross Tolleson (R- Perry) applauds the Governor’s recent signing of Senate Bill 296 which sets the maximum acreage of developable land on Jekyll Island.

“After years of work with organizations like the Jekyll-Island State Park Authority, Green Law and the Georgia Conservancy along with the support from the local community, it is a great achievement to see this bill signed into law,” said Sen. Tolleson.  “This bill will protect our coast’s natural resources and prolong recreational opportunities for the people who call Jekyll Island home as well as the millions of tourists visiting the island each year.” Continue reading

Jack Kingston Senate: Endorsed By U.S. Chamber of Commerce

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Jack Chamber

From Jack Kingston Senate:

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Endorses Jack Kingston for U.S. Senate

The world’s largest business federation today has given its backing to Jack Kingston’s bid for United States Senate citing his pro-jobs record and pro-growth vision.

In announcing the endorsement Rob Engstrom, the Chamber’s National Political Director, praised Kingston’s support for America’s job creators.

“Now more than ever we need conservative leaders with a demonstrated record of fighting for Georgia jobs, and that leader is Jack Kingston,” Engstrom said. “As Senator, Jack will help lead America’s comeback and lay the groundwork for more jobs, more growth, and a generation of prosperity.” Continue reading

VIDEO – Jack Kingston Senate: TV Commercial “Work or Welfare”

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Jack Kingston: Work or Welfare

From Jack Kingston Senate:

In the fourth television ad of his bid for U.S. Senate, Jack Kingston highlights his proposals to establish work requirements for able-bodied individuals on public assistance.

The ad, entitled “Work,” features Kingston speaking directly to camera to underscore his belief that a strong work ethic is essential to reigniting America’s economy.

“As Senator, Jack Kingston will work to ensure public assistance programs are a bridge to self-sufficiency and not a permanent entitlement,” said Kingston Campaign Manager Chris Crawford.  “He has led the fight in the House and is ready to get the job done in the Senate.”

Promoting work over welfare is a tenet of Kingston’s six-point plan to unify the country and restore the American Dream.

GA 1 – Buddy Carter Congress: It Is Time For A Balanced Budget And The FairTax

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Buddy Carter Congress LOgo

From Buddy Carter Congress:

It Is Time For A Balanced Budget And The FairTax

This administration is out of control with spending and has used the IRS to force its own political agenda. It is time for a change. As tax day has come and gone, it is time to rethink our outdated tax system. Buddy Carter supports meaningful tax reform. The FairTax and a balanced budget amendment would put America back on track.

“Americans work hard and deserve better than a federal government who uses an activist IRS as its collection agency and watchdog,” said Senator Buddy Carter.  “It is time to abolish the IRS and adopt The FairTax. Continue reading