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Police officials in the beautiful and historic South Carolina city of Charleston have identified a major new public safety menace requiring their immediate attention. This latest threat — being met by the authorities with an aggressive public awareness campaign and “sting” operations coupled with hefty fines in excess of $1,000 — is not drugs, gangs, or illegal immigration. The threat posed the good citizens of Charleston is: Uber!

Uber is a fast-growing, popular digital app for smart phones that provides consumers in Charleston and many cities across the country and around the world with an alternative to traditional taxi services. It is just one of many new digitally-based innovations having a major impact in the marketplace — entrepreneurial-based businesses creating new options for consumers in everything from online commerce (Bitcoin), to how you get around (Lyft), to where to stay on vacation (Airbnb). Even food trucks, a mobile spin on the concept of street food, have exploded with the formation of digital communities and communications.

So why is Uber seen as a public-safety threat rather than a benefit to consumers and businesses? Simple. Uber challenges the establishment; it is a threat to the status quo; it must be . . . regulated and controlled. And what better way to do this than through police power; in this particular case, the police power of the City of Charleston.

Welcome to the brave, new world that the Land once of the Free has become. Products and services like Uber are revolutionizing markets and marketing; shifting power long-dominated by large and powerful corporations and cartels, to individual entrepreneurs and start-up businesses. They are challenging the most powerful force in the universe – the force of the status quo.

Consumers are embracing these new technologies with open arms and open wallets; ready and willing to pay for new products and services that offer what they want, when they need it. But, in the same way that automobile manufacturers and dealers are fighting to keep upstart Tesla from competing against them on a level marketing playing field, government-empowered regulators whose mission is to protect the taxi industry from competition, are fighting Uber, and enlisting the support of the police to aid them.

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Media Relations Policy and Procedures | Forsyth County Republican Party

It is the policy of GaPundit.com to ignore the existence of the Forsyth County Republican Party and not to cover anything it does, says, or publishes after this time.

The FCGOP defines Journalist as the following:

1) Any individual employee who is compensated to represent a recognized media organization as defined above.

2) Any independent individual who is retained or compensated for articles submitted and published by a recognized media organization as defined above.

3) Any independent individual who has applied for recognition by the FCGOP as a member of the media, not falling into either of the previous definition, and complies with the established policy of the organization.

Requesting Media Credentials

The FCGOP may grant any organization that requests Media Credentials upon receiving and reviewing written request provided the following information is provided to the FCGOP at time of request:

1) Name of Organization

2) Circulation coverage area and Subscriber/Reader statistics

3) Names of individual(s) representing the organization

4) Written acknowledgement and agreement to comply with the rules of the organization as they relate to the following:

a)Non-Participation of representatives

b)Non-interference with activities of the organization

c)Acknowledgement of published Industry Ethics Standards

Furthermore, due to the evolving Social Media environment, credentials will be necessary and considered for any individual not affiliated with a recognized media organization as defined above as Social Media members based on the following criteria:

1) Name of Individual

2) County of Residency with proof (e.g. Property Tax Bill and Driver’s License or Voter Registration Card and Driver’s License)

3) Purpose of request

4) Publication location and subscriber/reader distribution or statistics (Statistics must include duration of existence and should show growth and demographics).

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Georgia Politics, Campaigns, and Elections for August 29, 2014

General Robert E. Lee’s Confederates met General John Pope’s federal forces at the Second Battle of Manassas on August 29, 1862.

Union General William T. Sherman’s forces tore up 12 miles of railroad between Red Oak and Fairburn on August 29, 1864.

The United States Air Force Academy moved to its permanent home in Colorado Springs on August 29, 1958

The Beatles played their final concert at San Francisco’s Candlestick Park on August 29, 1966.

On August 29, 1971, Hank Aaron broke the National League record for most seasons with 100 or more RBI, as he drove in his 100th run to make 11 seasons hitting that mark.

On August 29, 1977, Lou Brock stole his 893d base, to surpass the record set by Georgia-born Ty Cobb.

Georgia Politics

A State Senate Study Committee met yesterday to hear about disciplinary issues in Georgia schools.

In Milledgeville, two years ago, a kindergartner was handcuffed at school. Last year in DeKalb County, a child was beaten at middle school. A few months ago, a child was confronted by another child with a knife in Newton County.

In each case, it wasn’t just the just the incident, but how the school handled it that angered parents. Either over-reaction – or no punishment at all.

Now, the state Senate committee is looking into criticism that the disparities and discipline across the state are harmful to certain kids.

There are five more public hearings planned across the state in the coming months.

The Study Committee is chaired by Sen. Emanuel Jones and includes Senators Hardie Davis (D-Augusta), Bill Heath (R-Bremen), Lindsey Tippins (R-Marietta) and John Wilkinson, (R-Toccoa). (more…)

The Marietta Daily Journal – Construction time uncertain for Georgia nuclear plant

ATLANTA (AP) — Georgia Power said its $6.7 billion budget to build a new nuclear plant is holding steady, but it reported Thursday that builders face “challenges” sticking to the construction schedule and costs could change in the future.

The Southern Co. subsidiary and its co-owners are building two additional nuclear reactors at Plant Vogtle, southeast of Augusta. That plant and a sister facility under construction in South Carolina are the first in a new generation of nuclear plants built in the United States.

Georgia Power has so far spent $2.8 billion on the project, according to company filings. The other owners, Oglethorpe Power Corp., the Municipal Electric Authority of Georgia and the city of Dalton, do not report their spending to the Public Service Commission.

The latest cost estimates are uncertain.

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