Rep. Paul Broun: Opposes Ryan – Murray Budget “Deal”

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Paul Broun

Broun Opposes Ryan-Murray Budget “Deal”

U.S. Congressman Paul Broun, M.D. (GA-10) today released the following statement regarding his opposition to the Ryan-Murray budget deal. The budget deal increases spending by $63 billion over the next two years largely by using a budget mechanism to delay certain sequestration cuts to 2022 and increasing user fees levied on airline passengers. It also continues funding for Obamacare. Tonight, the House passed the budget deal by a vote of 332-94.

“Our nation is currently grappling with over $17 trillion in debt, representing more than $54,000 owed for each American – and yet the Ryan-Murray budget deal does nothing to address this issue.  It simply feeds Washington’s spending addiction,” said Rep. Broun. “Instead of taking the opportunity to enact meaningful spending reform, this deal spends an additional $63 billion over the next two years in exchange for the empty promise of spending cuts in the future – a budget gimmick which is all but certain to be cancelled before any real cuts come to fruition. We must stop spending money we don’t have while kicking the tough decisions down the road. Georgians deserve better – and I refuse to support a bill that would increase spending, raise taxes, and keep Obamacare funds in place. For this reason, I opposed the Ryan-Murray budget, and I urge my colleagues to start working towards solutions that will cut our deficit instead of encouraging Washington’s reckless spending habit.”

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